Butterfly Knife (Balisong)

A "Balisong" or butterfly knife is uniquely designed so that when the knife is closed, the handles of the knife completely cover the blade. To open, you unlock the blade and use a wrist flipping motion to "unsheath" the blade. Originally from the Phillipines, butterfly knives were brought back by American soldiers during WWII and have been popular ever since. 

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Butterfly Knives continue to be very popular items in the United States. We've tested many and have decided that the standard butterfly knife is the best overall.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Epoxy Coated Finished Handle
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Overall Length: 9"
  • Folded Length: 5"

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Customer Reviews

Good quality 440 steel nice design
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
I been looking at a number of Butterfly Knifes and none are of this quality. The handles at tight and finish is smooth.I like how it's blade is tapered to an even point in the middle of the blade where other I seen have the typical knife blade flat on the top and blade on the opposite side.
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
Locks very well, nicely weighted, and sharp, I recommend it
Has nice weight and blade
Review by Anastasia
Verified Buyer
I was not expecting this product to have the weight it has, which is a good thing. The locking mechanism is also extremely secure. You have to squeeze the blades handles with a good amount of force, and flip the little metal bar into place to lock, and it is a strong lock. Also, the fact that it comes with a holster so you can attach it to your pants is a bonus. If you don't want to use the holster, the backside of one of the knives handles hooks onto the pockets of your pants. This offers you 2 ways to carry it, with the holster attached to you, or attached to your pocket without the holster.

The side of the blade that runs the entire length of the knife has a nice edge, and could be even better if you want to sharpen it. The side of the blade that runs about halfway through the knife could be sharper, but again this is not a problem with a little knife sharpening stone. Quality stainless steel. Another great product from KS
Review by Tad Bit
Verified Buyer
just got 2 of these in the mail today. nice smooth knife wit a sharp blade.

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