Cammenga SKS EasyLoader

Say goodbye to sore thumbs, bent feed lips and slow loading times, and say hello to the new Cammenga SKS EasyLoader. Manufactured by long-time military supplier, Cammenga, the patented Cammenga SKS EasyLoader is a magazine loading device that allows shooters to quickly and easily load their high-capacity magazines in a mere fraction of the time required by traditional loading. Never load your magazines one by one again, and avoid the frustration and fatigue typical of hand loading with the newest speed loading platform on the market.

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Originally founded in 1992 to produce the M-1950 3H lensatic compass for the United States Military as per an exclusive contract with the Department of Defense, Cammenga operates today as an outdoor products manufacturer.

Based in Holland, Michigan, Cammenga has built a reputation for quality manufacturing by not only adhering to the demanding MIL-PRF-10436N specification during production of their lensatic compasses, but also by achieving ISO 9001 certification. As such, it comes as no surprise that the company continues to develop, manufacture and distribute an ever-increasing lineup of products to military, law enforcement and commercial markets the world over. Outside of their world-famous 3H tritium compasses, one of the company's crowning achievements has been their innovative line of EasyLoaders.

The Cammenga EasyLoader is a custom magazine loader used by fighting forces and sport shooters all over the world. Featuring an innovative design that allows users to quickly and easily load their high-capacity magazines, the Cammenga EasyLoader is loaded to capacity in a fraction of the time required by hand loading. Moreover, using the Cammenga EasyLoader relieves all frustration and fatigue that may be associated with traditional loading methods. Prospective buyers will be pleased to hear that Cammenga offers their innovative line of EasyLoaders in a variety of options regarding caliber and magazine type, including the new Cammenga SKS EasyLoader.  

The Cammenga SKS EasyLoader is a magazine loading device designed to aid shooters in loading 7.62x39mm cartridges into your standard SKS magazines. Like all Cammenga EasyLoaders, the Cammenga SKS EasyLoader benefits from superior quality, and is produced using an impact-resistant nylon fiberglass material that is capable of resistant extreme temperatures, rust, corrosion and other abuse it may withstand in the field.

Perhaps the best thing about the Cammenga SKS EasyLoader is the fact that all Cammenga EasyLoaders include a lifetime warranty. For more information regarding the lifetime warranty offered by Cammenga, please contact Cammenga.

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Overall Rating
Handy Loader
Review by RemMax
These are neat loader with only one major flaw
DON'T make the mistake and load your speed loader like the one pictured!!! LOL

These work great and I have several for different calibers and mags
These have the cut out in the front to accept the SKS duckbill mags

There one design flaw is the lack of a spring to pull the handle back automatically
Don't make the mistake shown in the photo and put the bullets into the loader with the charge handle in front of the bullets!!! LOL

Ask me how I know that obviously! I'm sure they didn't even notice it when they took the pic but its easy to do
If you forget to pull charge handle back before filling with bullets you will have to dump them out and start over
Otherwise these are handy to keep sitting ready with rounds loaded in them so if you want or need your rifle in a hurry you can stuff 2- rounds into it in a couple of seconds
This is a much better option than leaving your mags loaded all the time, especially if you have a mag with plastic feed lips

Overall a handy item to have in your range box


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