Canteen for Gas Masks - Contains Hydration Cap

Canteen for Gas Masks

This canteen is equipped with a new hydration cap, allowing you to drink from the canteen while wearing your drinking-tube equipped gas mask. You can also use it as a normal canteen by unscrewing the cap if you are not wearing a gas mask. This canteen is a great accessory for our Israeli Gas Mask.

Description / Canteen for Gas Masks

Canteen Size: 1 Quart
Condition: New

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Manufacturer US Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

decent canteen
Review by Michael
I was caught off guard by the fact it just had a hole in the cap top. studying designs further, I found that that indeed is the gist of what the canteen top has. mostly, I was expecting some sort of system that would only allow water flow if a specialized drinking tube like that found on the Czech m10 was inserted. I really is decent quality, but just wasn't what I was expecting.
Perfect fit for the drinking tube
Review by Dan
Works fantastic with the gas mask drinking tubes sold here too. Canteen is made of thin plastic, allowing you to fold it a little so it takes up less space in a bag. While that is a positive, I'm a little wary of the longevity of this product because of that fact. If it were full of water and fell on a sharp rock, it could certainly puncture. Other than that, excellent product.
Cool Product
Review by Dominic
You can put this in a regular canteen holder and use it like that or attach it to a gas mask. I think they're really cool and you don't see them too often. I picked a couple up because they are pretty good price for the quality.
Review by Anon
Works great, also can be used as a regular canteen. The hole in the top is the perfect size for the gas mask drinking tube
Great product
Review by Kenny
I'm so glad I got this. I love wearing my gas mask simply because it looks cool, but I get thirsty in there. This along with the drinking tube has solved that problem!
Review by Mo
The canteen is brand new, un used condition and works perfectly as expected, great deal, great product, shipped out right away.

Great canteen!!
Review by Jacob
Thick and durable!! Love these I have two!!
Review by J.
Another must have. Excellent price and excellent quality.
you have to drink
Review by Mike
I got enough for every mask and a few extras and make sure and get the drinking tubes to go with them. These canteens are light weight and fit in standard canteen covers. If you do not have canteens with drinking tubes that are compatible with your mask, you will not be able to safely drink. The canteen can be used for regular camping activities with our the tube.
Great buy.
Review by Brian
If you have ever worn a gas mask for any length of time, you know how important it is to stay hydrated. These were invented for a reason and this is one of the best prices I've found. I bought one for each mask we have.
All around great buy
Review by Jay
This canteen is not only strong, affordable, and simple, but it can also be used with my israeli gas mask. It is also a great canteen for hiking and fits on most bikes.
Review by Anastasia
I always need my Israeli civilian gas mask to clean my girlfriend's entire property and garage after parties. I don't bother cleaning without it, as strange as it makes me look. I wound up in the ER last time because I am an asthmatic, and was pushing piles of spent ash and a lot of dust together. Now that I have this accessory, I don't even have to take my mask off to take a drink of whatever it is I want. (Though the canteen comes labeled, "for water use only.") All you have to do is squeeze the valve in the middle of the connector tube when you want the water to flow, and stop squeezing when you want it to stop flowing. I also find this accessory extremely helpful if you are into mixing your own pigments/inks/paints. I no longer have to sit here and breathe in bits of Aluminum when making my silver inks/paints.
Must-have item
Review by kepiblanc
Not only is this canteen perfect for usage with the drinking tube of an Israeli M15 mask, but you can also use it as an everyday conventional military canteen with your ALICE or MOLLE canteen carriers and military canteen cups. This canteen is collapsible too, so after you drain it, you could roll it up for storage in a pack or bag that is already jammed full of your other gear.
must have for an m15 mask
Review by dave
got this to go with my m15 mask. it's soft plastic so im guessing it might be more durable and not crack if dropped or left in the sun. i just need to see if my other military type canteen cover will fit. gas masks can get hot so a canteen is a must.
Review by Former NBC Officer
Don't get an Israeli mask with out this. You have to drink when you're masked. If you break the seal to drink, that defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in a contaminated environment. The seal & plug are not mechanical, so there's less to break.

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