Cell Phone Signal Blocking Anti-Tracking Case

Cell Phone Signal Blocking Anti-Tracking Case

Your phone is tracking you, listening when not being used, and is being used to generate marketing profiles on you and your family. Defeat all of these invasions of your privacy with this simple cell phone signal blocking anti-tracking case. With two pockets, the rear being a complete all-signal blocking pocket with the front pocket shielding your body from any cell phone radiation yet still allowing your phone to receive calls.


Description / Cell Phone Signal Blocking Anti-Tracking Case

Virtually all devices in today's era act as a communication device. From your car's key fob to your smart phone, your devices and life are open to spying, tracking, eavesdropping, and invasions of privacy. Does your phone still listen when you aren't using it?  Yes. Can thieves read the data from your keyless entry car fob? Absolutely. Can you be tracked using your phone? Unfortunately.  All of these threats can be eliminated by putting your phone or car keys into the rear pocket of this signal blocking anti-tracking case.


  • Proven Industrial Security and Privacy - Faraday Shield Case
  • Discreet - No Markings or Tell Tale Signs Showing Blocking Ability
  • Two Pockets Inside Case - Front Protects You From Cell Phone Radiation, Back Blocks All Signals
  • When Phone is in Rear - All 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS Signals are Blocked 100% Privacy Protection
  • When Phone is in Front - Your Body Shielded From Cell Phone Radiation
  • Fits Large Smartphones and Other Devices
  • Velcro Sealed
  • Dimensions: 4" x 8" (closed) 

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

I stand Corrected!
Review by Bryan
The response from "Keep Shooting" is correct. It was a matter of operator error. It does work as designed. My respectful apology to Keep Shooting.
10 Stars if I could give it
Review by paulntony3zro
Have an IPhone X. Put it in the bag and nothing worked!!!! No Cell Service, No GPS, No NFC!!! Product is amazing I will be buying more! Could not receive calls but callers phone rang like my phone was on. Find my iPhone couldn’t find my device. Tried using Apple Pay through the bad and could my read it. Definitely something I will be using.
Does "NOT" Work!!!
Review by Bryan
It does not appear to work. Inside the case it does receive calls (rings) and texts (beeps). If it was signal blocking it would not be able to do that. Don't waste your money!
Overly large, no belt loop
Review by Reviewer
Bigger than needs to be for most phones. Nothing on the outside for attaching to your belt. Is the user supposed to put this huge pouch into their pocket?

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