Chemical Protective Hood

The chemical protective hood is an authentic United States Military surplus item designed for enhanced protection from chemical and biological hazards presented to the face, head and neck of the wearer.

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The chemical protective hood boasts a durable vinyl construction that is designed for use in concert with a full-sized gas mask. To provide a fit that is both comfortable and snug, the chemical protective hood also features a cinch cord in the neck as well as Velcro® adjustable straps that are designed to anchor the hood underneath the arms of the wearer. The hood itself features two eye and two air inlets as well as a speech diaphragm outlet valve. When used alongside the M17 protective mask or the Czech M10 gas mask, the chemical protective hood provides enhanced protection from chemical and biological hazards that a gas mask will not provide on its own.

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Overall Rating
Review by Jonathan
Comes sealed in a bag, it's well adjustable and fits well with the czech m10 gas mask, would definitely recommend and for any preppers it's a must have should you want maximum head and face protection
Overall Rating
Great Buy
Review by Tim
Fits great on the Czech m 10 gas mask. Also works we'll with other types. Does the job and fits great.
Overall Rating
Brand new sealeed in factory bag since 1991
Review by rodney
You never know when you will need a chemical hood. Well, you really don't, hopefully never. I live near a railroad track which hauls 100's of tanker cars of chemicals within a mile of my house everyday. I have (3) M10 gas masks and (3) Israeli gas masks which will work with this hood. Bought 3 hoods. Opened one up to see what it looked like. It was covered with what looked like baby powder. Now I know what all that powder is that comes on old gas masks, baby powder. Like with rubber gloves, the powder helps keep the material from sticking together and so you can get on quickly. It makes a mess. I will tell you this, you think the gas mask by it's self looks scary, wait till you you put this on with it. Left the other 2 sealed, will use the opened one to train with.
Judging from the size, made to wear under a helmet, not over top of it. Top part fits snug around the top of your head.
Overall Rating
Chemical Hood
Review by Richard
Not really a great fit for the Israeli civilian mask, but good enough. Obviously intended for the Czech M10. Construction quality looks good and durable. There was a rubbery film coating the inside of the hood that is apparently used in the packing process. It took some effort to fully open the hood in order to make it usable. Not really a issue from a functional perspective, but something to be aware of.
Overall Rating
Pair with Czech M10M gas mask
Review by Logan
I bought this with the Czech M10M gas mask and the two go together perfectly. The price of the hood and M10M is a bargain, Looked around and can't find this combo anywhere close to this price.
Overall Rating
very useful
Review by Jonathan
Fits pretty well on the Czech M10M gas mask, and also worked pretty well with my other gas masks, it's adjustable so it can fit tightly around your head and any mask. It came in a tightly sealed small package, and it was packed tight, but it came out pretty nicely and I was later able to pack it down and put it back in the package to store it in one of my gas mask bags. Would definitely recommend it, especially at this price.
Overall Rating
threw one in my last order
Review by Robert
Threw one in for the heck of it to add to the ones I already have. These work great. I keep all but one sealed. I have one open to see how it works and used when I had to bleach a wall. Will buy a few more for use and "just in case"
Overall Rating
Great for the price
Review by Robert
Great for my Czech M10M fits well and comes new in a sealed package. Great for a bug out bag or random uses around the house
Overall Rating
Perfect for the M10
Review by Nick
As others have stated, this hood fits just about any mask but it seems to work the best with an M10. It comes vacuum sealed and ready to use. Perfect for any "prepper" or collector.
Overall Rating
Perfect for my masks
Review by Ray
This fits over my M61 perfectly and covers my neck as well. I was skeptical at first due to the price but it comes in a sealed package and is in great condition.

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