Chinese Military AK-47 Bandolier

Original Chinese Military AK-47 Bandolier for sale.  This AK-47 magazine pouch carrier was issued with the Chinese Type 81 assault rifle to troops in the Peoples Liberation Army.  This item is Authentic Chinese Military surplus and most sets maintain their original Chinese acceptance stamps.   Very rare item, no longer eligible for import.

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This item is great for collectors of Chinese military weapons.   This is the perfect accessory if you own a Polytech or Norinco AK-47!

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Customer Reviews

Great Bandolier
Review by Mike USMC 5811
Verified Buyer
Had ordered 1 of these a couple of months back, it was everything and more of what I was hoping for. They are like brand new, well made and does exactly what its made for, both steel and polymer AK magazines fit just right. In fact I just ordered my second one, that's how much I like these.
Gets the job done
Review by KP Duty
Verified Buyer
These are used all over the world because they work. Condition was excellent. Not much more I can say that the photo doesn’t show you.
Awesome Buy!
Review by Bo
Verified Buyer
I got this Chinese Chest Rig a while back, and couldn't be happier! It's a good general-purpose rig, it will hold pretty much any standard capacity battle gun mags (AK, AR, Mini, etc) and the two additional pockets are a nice added feature. The straps are a bit tricky to understand at first, but once set and locked down, they never move. OD Green Duct Tape holds the loose ends quite well. I keep 4 Mags, Cleaning Kit and some Firearm Tools in this and it looks and works great.
Not bad
Review by Ry
Verified Buyer
Would give all 5s if you could choose color. Mine was green. Would have liked different color but still very nice.
Works exceptionally well
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
I was a little nervous about fitting TAPCO 30 round ak-47 magazines into this rig... But all worries can be put to rest! Even the bulkier ribbed TAPCO mags fit without an issue almost as easily as metal magazines.

Along with that, the construction is very sturdy and it came in almost brand new condition. Keepshooting satisfies yet again!
very nice bandolier
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
It fits my steel, tapco, themo, and bakelite 30-round magazines very nicely. Between this bandolier and other bandolier that holds 3 30-rounds mag bandolier, I can carry 7 mag front and back.I just swing one in my back side to front when I am done with front side.Yeah. It looks untactical to those AR 15 "tacti dudes" at range who can barely shoot 6 in groupings with their tacticool AR 15. I just unload 150 rounds standing half the time and within 6 in groupings.
Sturdy kit
Review by Jose USMCR
Verified Buyer
I purchased one of these for my son so he could play airsoft. It is quality gear that is "Grunt" proof. It may not be as nice as a Blackhawk chest rig but your not paying Blackhawk prices either! this is a must have if your using a flack jacket and no plates or molle attachments. Stick a couple of loaded steel mags and you've just added some armor to your vest. We had a hard time penetrating these chest rigs in Iraq with 5.56...
Great product, reasonable price
Review by Nick
Verified Buyer
This thing is sturdy and holds AK mags well. The smaller pouches can be used for random items such as an oil bottle. The best part is that this rig will fit over all clothing, so it doesn't get snagged on anything you're wearing underneath it.
Great quality
Review by Thomas
Verified Buyer
This is the wife's new ak rig vest. Love this thing. The grenade pouches work great for extra ammo.
good item
Review by powderbob
Verified Buyer
I like this thing. It is like new condition, full cotton made, looks sturdy as are the old stuff and very useful for my magazines. Thanks Keep Shooting.
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