Cobmaster Cotton Neck Wallet

Designed and produced by Cobmaster, the cotton neck wallet is a small passport-sized wallet that offers a wealth of storage space and features a durable construction. Aside from the zippers, the cotton neck wallet measures approximately five inches wide and 7 1/2 inches long and is made entirely from 100 percent cotton.

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As this is a neck wallet, it would not be complete without a means of wearing it draped around the neck. The inclusion of a thick cotton rope that has been threaded through the two riveted holes at the top of the wallet provides a safe method for carrying the wallet. And if for some reason you choose not to wear the wallet around your neck, there are also two 1 1/2 inch belt loops located on the back of the wallet.

Of course, all of those features pale in comparison to my favorite – the Cobmaster logo sewn onto the bottom left corner of the wallet, which features a bear hiking in the woods complete with his very own walking stick, cap and rucksack.

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Customer Reviews

Handy as a pocket on a shirt!
Review by James
Verified Buyer
I bought four of these to try out. The first thing I did was also put paracord on to replace the short cord they came with. I wanted the wallet to be hung low enough to not be visible in my shirt collar. They are great for keeping valuables safe and getting rid of that big lump on your hip(wallet). My back had been hurting and that did help my back. Also, I wear hearing aids and invariably have to remove them at times and have lost one expensive pair. So I put my hearing aids in the neck wallet when I have to remove them. An extremely handy, convenient and hidden accessory. Out of sight, out of mind.
good hidden carrier
Review by van
Verified Buyer
If you are worried about pick pockets this is the item for you. Put your wallet,loose money,passport or anything of value,hang around your neck,and have peace of mind knowing where your items are hanging. Good for carring medical information or if you don't have pockets too.
Good for holding those easy to lose things!
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
I like to use these when travelling - they keep my money and ID safe and I like not having to worry about being pickpocketed.

They would also be good at work in a shop or someplace you need to keep track of small things you don't want to lose.
Very handy
Review by Sixgun
Verified Buyer
Bought for a motorcycle trip. I wanted something to keep my credit card and ID handy at fuel stops. I changed out the short, thick cotton rope for a longer piece of para cord. Gave two of them to my kids and they like keeping little trinkets in them. Pack comes with 4 neck wallets, a great value!
Can't Make Your Own...
Review by Kenneth
Verified Buyer
at the great price of these wallets! Use one as a mini survival kit pouch. Rugged construction. I just changes out the cotton cord for 550 cord. Also like the belt loops on the back. For their small size they can hold quite a bit. The wife loves the cool bear logo on the front also lol!
Cotton neck wallet
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Bought one and used it on a recent trip to NYC. Great idea !!!
Larger & More Durable than Standard Offerings
Review by Jerry
Verified Buyer
Pickpocket thieves have been an ubiquitous international menace, especially when traveling, so I adopted the use of these neck/waist inside wallets many years ago and never looked back. These are made somewhat larger than the standard variety sold in travel stores, to accommodate larger passports & other documents, and can be worn around the neck or the waist with equal facility. They are also made of softer, but more durable materials than the standard variety sold. The closures are secure - I have never suffered a loss of docs or currency while using these wallets, and they produce no obvious "print" when worn properly. I find it unbelievable that they can sell these for a mere $1.25 each.

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