Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet

The Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet is a modern take on the classic Chinese hatchet. If you are a fan of classic Kung Fu movies, you've seen hatches of this type being used by both sides in battle. Cold Steel has produced a modern version of this hatchet for enthusiasts to use in Kung Fu demonstrations, film work, or to cut down anything that stands in your way.

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The Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet is one of the finest battle hatchets produced by Cold Steel. With the staff and management of Cold Steel being active in martial arts and the film industry, they took special care to make this Chinese Gang Hatchet as functional as it is visually appealing. There are many Cold Steel innovative aspects of this hatchet including the differentially heat treated drop-forged head - which has a hard edge capable of reaching razor sharpness, but a soft steel body for absorbing impacts. The handle is made from hand picked straight grain American Hickory and is embellished with the Kanji characters for "Axe Gang" to give the axe added appeal.

  • Modern Take on Classic Chinese Gang Axe
  • Drop Forged 1055 Carbon Steel Head
  • American Hickory Handle
  • Kanji Characters Say "Axe Gang"
  • Overall Length: 20.25"

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Customer Reviews

Good but....
Review by Bhavik S.
Verified Buyer
These axes are really cool. I really like the way they look. Very well balanced for throwing. The only problem I have with them is the blade is to flat. They bladed is long and flat so its difficult to stick into hard targets. If it hits with the corner first it will stick. If the lade hits flush it will not stick. Ill try sharpening it maybe that will help and get a softer target. Other than that its is great for throwing perfectly balanced. I really like them but will have to find a soft target
Loose axe without sheath
Review by Kary O.
Verified Buyer
Came in a box without packing peanuts and without the pictured rubber sheath to protect the blade. Scratched, nicked, and dented when it arrived.
Caution while unboxing. Thin rubber blade guard was completely cut though exposing that blade.
Review by Jimmy Y.
Verified Buyer
As the headline says the blade cut through the thin rubber blade guard probably during shipping. Reached into this giant box full of packing bubbles not thinking it was the small hatchet order and bam. Deep cut on my finger. Sweet hatchet though. paint is a little runny and it came with a wicked bur that needed to be fixed. but other than that it's really sweet.
Loose handle.
Review by Umar X.
Verified Buyer
Handle came off. Had to be reattached
Great for Wold Axe Throwing League
Review by Loura X.
Verified Buyer
I used this axe for the winter axe throwing league and I loved it! This axe was a good, balanced weight, and the blade came throwing ready, didn’t have to sharpen until a few weeks into the season. The only modification that had to be done before it was league ready was trimming the handle down. My only concern, and the reason for the 4 stars was the blade head is no longer flush to the top of the handle (view the picture to get a better idea of what I mean). While it didn’t impact my throwing, it makes me question the long term durability of the axe.
Sharpen blade before use
Review by Levar K.
Verified Buyer
Other than needing to sharpen the blade up it works perfectly for throwing
Great thrower, but requires some modification
Review by Stoney H.
Verified Buyer
Like many others on here, I purchased this hatchet to compete in axe throwing. I had to do a couple modifications once it arrived to get it ready to actually throw.

First I had to cut down then handle by 4 inches or, to reduce the 1-spin distance to suit my space requirements. It is certainly possible to throw with the original handle, but you will either have to modify your throw or throw from a different distance. Then I had to sharpen it because the edge was not apexed, and was about as thick as a dime the whole length of the "cutting" edge. Even though it is typical of axe manufactures there is no reason an axe, especially one with a thin grind like this should come any duller than a pocket knife.

Once those modifications were made the axe throws very well. It has just enough weight, and the thin grind helps it stick in even tough targets. Once sharpened, it holds it edge very well and I am more than satisfied with the results.
Review by Jolleen F.
Verified Buyer
Perfect Axe for Throwing
Review by Issamar S.
Verified Buyer
I've been using this axe for about 6 months not in an axe-throwing league and it is amazing. My scores have increased dramatically and this axe is awesome. I cut down the handle a few inches and that's about it. Keep it sharp and you have a perfect axe.
Competition Thrower Approved
Review by Loryn V.
Verified Buyer
I’m a full time axe throwing coach. I was looking for a new axe to throw in competition. I had previously thrown an Estwing Camper’s axe (16”) but after a few hundred throws it’s weight started to fatigue my throwing shoulder.
I picked up this axe. It was a little long for my taste so I cut it down to about 15” in length. It’s a joy to throw and doesn’t fatigue my shoulder due to it’s light weight.
It’s also very durable. I let my students throw it and even though it’s constantly hitting the floor when they use it, it’s still in great shape. All other wood handle hatchets that I’ve tried have broken very quickly if allowed to hit the floor. Try this low cost beauty out for yourself!
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