Colt 1911 Magazine 8 Round .45 Cal

Colt 1911 Magazine

The Colt 1911 magazine is designed to hold and feed eight rounds of .45 ACP ammunition to any Colt 1911 Government or Commander model. This magazine provides an extra round over the standard 1911 Magazine and is designed to perform in any mil-spec 1911 pistol.

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Description / Colt 1911 Magazine

The Colt 1911 magazine is a detachable box magazine that boasts a familiar design based on the original M1911 Government and Commander model magazines. As such, these magazines are guaranteed to fit and function reliably in any Colt 1911 Government or Commander model, as well as many of the popular full-sized variants found on today's market.

  • Fits Mil-Spec 1911 Pistols
  • Holds 8 Rounds of .45ACP
  • Factory New Production Magazine

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Can't Go Wrong...
Review by holmgre
I always carry two backup full-size mags for my COLT Defender...24 rounds of .45 ACP, can't go wrong.
Inexpensive Choice
Review by 1911 Mag
Received quickly, exactly as described. Haven't had a chance to use them yet.
1911 magazine
Review by Duke
Great for range use, or parts. I like the single plastic lip design for loading, rather than the oem double which always seem to get stuck after a few loading / unloading.
For the money I don't think you can beat them. Just make sure you take them apart and clean well before shooting.
1911 magazines
Review by Joel
Awesome magazines great price work perfectly going to buy more for sure
Mag work
Review by Frank
they work fine.
thanks for asking.
i will order more down the road.
have a good weekend folks.
This was my best father's day gift for Dad ever
Review by Dee
My Dad was pleased as can be with these magazines. He has since become an avid keepshooting shopper.
Good deal
Review by Gerard
I am sad I missed the special offer on those. Still a great product!
Good Mags
Review by MikePA
These magazines are good. They fit my rock islander just fine. Not sure how the extra round is kept as they seem to be the same size as my 7 round mag but they do fit 8. Haven't had any issues with them and use it at least three times a month.
Fantastic Value - 1911 Magazine
Review by Jerry
Purchased 4 of the magazines back in 2014. These mags are very close clones of the Italian made Mec-Gar anti friction coated magazines BUT at almost half the price.
With hundreds of rounds fired with this magazine thru a RIA M1911-A1, these have performed very well with zero failures and locks back every time with last round fired. Quality polymer follower. Easy disassembly for cleaning. Highly recommended.
Job well done Thank You.
Very nice looking, just like my army clips
Review by Michael
Looks like the military ones.
1911 Mag
Review by Jacob
Definitely worth it! Gonna order more.
1911 Magazines
Review by Landon
These Keepshooting brand 1911 magazines work great. Bought 4 of these and they all functioned perfectly in my Kimber Custom II 1911.
Excellent quality product at a great price
Review by skm
As stated in previous recent reviews these also fit my Taurus 1911. I will be ordering several more soon.
Update of 2/19/15!
Review by Shawn
I got to try these mags out on 3/11/15. They are the bomb, they actually worked as good if not better than the stock mags on my Taurus PT-1911. Seem to be on par with Wilson combat mags and Chip Mccormic mags. I had no failure to feed, no hang up on the last round. Easily worth the price. Lookin' to get 5 more here soon.
Good Looking Mags, Awesome Price!
Review by Shawn
Got 3 of these mags and they look awesome. Bought them as extras for my Taurus PT 1911 and they cycle and lock the slide perfectly, they fall out easily too. Some of the features are better than the high priced mags and the price is one that is hard to beat. Too cold to shoot right now but I am looking forward to warmer weather so i can try them out. If they work as good as they look I'll be ordering 5 more.
Great Mags , Great Price!
Review by GlockGuyTexas
Bought 3 of these to try in my Colt 1911 GI and they work great. The 8th round is a little stiff to get in , but not so much as to be a bother. Function is perfect and they fall freely from the gun. I will be buying more soon.
Good mag and good price.
Review by Joe
Bought 4 of these to try in my Ruger SR1911 and they work great. The 8th round is a little stiff to get in , but not so much as to be a bother. Function is perfect and they fall freely from the gun. I will be buying more soon.
Outstanding Magazines!
Review by Joshua
Picked up 3 of these to try out after 2 of my aftermarket ones I picked up at a gun show came apart on me while shooting. Figured that for the price and all of the good reviews it was a safe bet and it was. Great performance and finish. Have not had a single issue with any of the 3 I picked up. Will be buying a few more soon :) shipping was also super fast!
Review by Tony
I purchased only one of these mags to try in my Ruger because I've purchased other after market mags that had feeding problems. This mag works so well with out any issues I purchased another. Fit, Finish, Function and Price are very good.
Very good mag
Review by Fernando
Order 1 mag . Because everytime I read the reviews they were good. So I check out the quality. And was impressed with the fit and finish. So took it out to the range. And put 50rds tru it and it performed flawless. so I ordered 1 more and will order more later on. Very good job, you guys have a winner here
Good Mags For The Price!!!!
Review by Henry
Picked up five of these because I read such good things about them. The fit and finish is very good even though some have complained about the Teflon coating. Personally, I like Teflon-coated mags...slide easily in and out of my Springfield Mil_Spec .45 Auto pistol. Certainly can't beat the price...I may buy a few more.
KS's customer service and shipping is top notch!
Work great
Review by RemMax
I have 8 of these mags for my Colt Series 70 and they all work perfectly
Having a removable floor plate is a definite advantage over my Mil-surp mags as well in that once they need cleaning it will make them much easier to tear down and clean than the other are
Great item

Nice Mags for Taurus PT1911
Review by Geoff
These magazines function perfectly - ordering more!
Great item!!
Review by Jacob
Great looking mag it fits and feeds well and no problems so far. Great price and fast shipping.
With just one reservation
Review by Southernguy
I just wanted to add one caveat to the great reviews for these magazines. They did not eject well or feed well in my 70's series Colt gold cup. Possibly, it is just my pistol. They do work very well in my Springfield Range Officer. So I'm happy with them. I bought these because I liked the AK magazines that Keepshooting makes. It is great to have a company that seems to work to make quality products at an affordable price. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Great price for great quality
Review by KP Duty
These are a great deal. They are very similar to magazines that ship with 1911s made in the Philippines. The only difference I can see is the follower is plastic. If you have an 8 round 1911 give these a try.
Good value range mags
Review by CHARLES
Bought two of these mags to try, and found them to fit and feed without flaw in two Colts a Ruger and a Springfield. After many rounds one of the mags failed to drop from the frame, and it was found that the feed lips of the mag had spread open. Thin walls, or poor temper I would not use this as a carry mag, but for the price they're great at the range.
A great deal!
Review by Michael
I used these in my Citadel 1911 with cheap LAX reloads. I had zero issues. They don't quite flush nor do they have the tilting follower like a CMC mag, but it apparently was not an issue. For around $12 each, they are totally worth the buy.
Great mags for the price but a little rough
Review by soar3r
I picked up 2 of these to try out and have run about 100 rounds through each of them so far. Great and fast shipping from keep on shooting! I took these out along with my standby CMC power mags, a couple of OE Colt mags, and CMC shooting star mags. These ran just as good as all the other mags with no FTF's and both mags locked the slide back on the last round. They were actually really easy to load compared to CMC power mags and Colt mags. The anti-tilt follower was a huge plus but not really necessary as I only shoot FMJ's so I've never experienced nose diving issues. My only gripe with these mags is the "Teflon" coating that is applied to them. As others have said it does tend to catch when inserting and removing mags from the gun and their is a visible scratch along both mags where the mag latch caught on the mags. I really wish they were blued or applied with a gloss coating instead because it does make quick mag changes a little slower. Over all I would recommend these mags if your looking for a great quality and economically priced mag for the 1911. I cant over emphasize what good value these are for the quality of the mags, again though the only issue I found was the coating was a little rough/thick. I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again for range use and I am looking forward to trying out their other private label mags like the ones for the AK.
Colt 1911 Mag
Review by Jill
These are excellent 8 round mags. Work wonderful in my Springfield 1911. Haven't had any issues with these whatsoever. Great price !!!!
Near Clone of Mec-Gar
Review by NM
These appear to be a very close clone of a Mec-Gar 1911 mag. These are not blued and do not have a stainless spring, and have a plastic spring plate rather than the metal of the Mec-Gar. But otherwise, they are identical, even in markings (except for the manufacturer stamp of course).

Only ran these through my pistol a couple times so far, one was perfect but one had a few FTF. I suspect that this is likely just an issue with breaking in the mags, which have fairly stiff springs. Overall, these appear to be an excellent magazine for the money.
Somewhat of a bargain
Review by Marty
I bought 2 of these and used them over the weekend for a few hundred rounds. I used them with my Kimber 1911 and I won't lie and say they are as good as anything I own but for the money, they work well enough for range shooting to keep from beating up my expensive mags. The only problem is the followers. They cause the occasional FTF but a little bump with the thumb will push it to battery. Who knows how good they will be when broken in. CM they are not but they are half the price so you decide.
Nice mag
Review by igor
Fits better than Kimber stock one, lighter ,can be taken apart for cleaning
Excellent Mags
Review by Guy
These mags are a welcome alternative to the typical 1911 magazine design where the follower doesn't tip like the older types and stays level. Would buy again and highly recommend.
Best mag for your 1911
Review by RemMax
I had a pretty good stock of mil-surp 7 round mags already but decided to give these a try.
Understand I am really leery of anything other than Mil-surp mags for my Golt Series70 as I have 3 other big name brand 10 round mags for it and none of those will feed my gun reliably, I won't get into the names of the other companies but suffice to say they are supposed to be the best money can buy and cost a fortune even back when I bought them long before the gun grab started! In the end between my 7rnd Mil-surp mags and the 2 of these I have currently as soon as they get more in stock I'll pick up a few more of these.
Also the removable floor plate makes cleaning a lot easier, my mil-surp mags as well as my factory Colt mags the floor plate is not removable so cleaning is done with a spray cleaner and oil only. These if the need arises you can pop the floor plate off and clean them like normal mags.
Overall well worth the $12.00 they cost, as soon as they get more in stock Ill pick up 8 more to go with my Colt 1911
To be sure I won't be buying anymore 10 rounders regardless of what company makes them 7 or 8 rounders for me only!
Bargain had
Review by Josh
I bought 4 of these for my Remington R1 and all fed and fit flawlessly. Worth taking the plunge and the price can't be beaten.
Great magazines for the price!
Review by Joseph
Initially, I was a little wary purchasing off-brand magazines for my Colt 1911 Rail Gun, but I figured $11.95 each wasn't going to break the bank, so I bought two.

There is definitely a bit of a fitment issue the first couple times inserting the magazine, but once it's locked into place, it isn't going anywhere. I've heard this occurs specifically on my model, so I'm not too worried about it. It locks the slide to the rear after the last round is ejected more consistently than my $30 Colt magazines.

The base-plate doesn't seat itself in the groove perfectly either, there's about 1/16'' gap when the magazine is locked into place. However, I like the removable polymer base-plate and am willing to put up with a minimal lack in flush fitment.

They feed like a dream, I haven't had a single stoppage with them yet. The quality of the material is also very impressive for the money. I've seen comparable models to this one going for upwards of $40 each.

Well, it's $11.95. You're not going to find a better price on quality magazines. I am already looking at purchasing more.

Like I said, comparable models will run you upwards of $40 each. These are a steal of a deal! Order a few before I put them out of stock!
Great magazines
Review by Adam
I purchased several of these magazine for my Ruger SR1911. They have functioned perfectly.
Review by roy
8 round mags that fit and function perfectly. I tried 3 and all worked flawlessly in both a Colt and in a rather inexpensive clone.The price is about half what you should expect elsewhere-these are 8 rounders, not 7.
very nice for the price
Review by jason
function great through 200 rounds. locked the slide back on empty, no issues with feeding or ejecting. For 11.95 can not be beat.
Tremendous value.
Review by Brian
These are quite a deal. Twelve dollars for a magazine that has functioned perfectly in my Springfield Milspec. I own four and have put quite a few rounds through three of them so far. I know some 1911's can be a little picky, but if these work for you then it really does save some money. I paid almost forty dollars for another brand and these work just as well as that one.
above average
Review by james
very good mags. runs well on my ria.
Great buy
Review by Toxic29
Picked up a couple of these mags for my rock island 1911 tact. The price was cheap so I figured let's try em out. Let me tell u they worked flawlessly and are very close to the factory act-mag as far as fit goes so far I've shot close to 400 rounds combined with all three mags and only 2 failure to feed on a brand new gun so I'm not blaming the mags. I would definitely buy again.
As good as OEM mags
Review by Bobby
I just bought four mags and they fit my Remington 1911 just like the OEM mags. They are the same as the Remington mags but
cost $25.00 less! Thank You KeepShooting!!!
Great and reasonably priced mags
Review by luis
Great as spare mags, I've had nothing but reliability from these mags. If you need extra mags for your colt,buy these without worry
good mags
Review by Jeff
Look good feed good just overall good mags
fit like factory
Review by Kevin
Great fit and value in my S&W 1911 ,will order more
Great Deal !!!!
Review by Chico305
I bought four 1911 magazines and they functioned flawlessly....
im going to buy some more just in case The Zombies come knocking ........ Be Safe !!!!
good mags good price
Review by tony
A good buy at a good price
Great Value
Review by John R
Bought 6 mag's. All work great in my Colt NM Gold Cup. Would recommend to anyone looking for inexpensive and reliable equipment.
Review by Norm
My local gun store wanted $30 for one of these clips. Keepshooting shipped these promptly and were nicely packed and in zip lock bags. As advertised, fits perfectly in my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 45ACP, although cause the spring is tight, have to tap it into place, nicest feature are 8 small holes that give you one look indication if the clip is fully loaded or not, that is so nice, cause with the factory version you have no idea how many rounds are in it. Fired off 200 rounds today, no problemo, I love this store!
Review by Topgun
Nice mags.Fit my Rock 1911 great..Look 's a lot like the factory mag that came with the pistol..I will order more..Fast Ship too.
Rick G. in Ohio
Great Magazines!
Review by Ed
I bought two and they functioned flawlessly, a must buy for anyone looking for quality .45 ACP magazines.
Great mag!
Review by XACEX
The metal in these is thick so the feed lip doesn't get worn out fast like other cheap priced magazines. Fit and function has been flawless, and has lasted several months of hard use.
mags worked without flinching
Review by Torch
best deal on spare mags I could find. These mags fed great in my R.I 1911. will need more to save time loading. Very happy with my purchase
Great price!!!
Review by Trock
Bought 2 for my Mag Research DE 1911 .45 n fits like a glove. Works just like the mags that came with gun. No FTF's, FTE's with Blazers, PMCs, Remington's n Fiocci's, but, DO NOT USE "Tula" ammo with these mags. Had a lot of FTE's.
Best deal out there
Review by Dude
I was really impressed with the new style follower versus the old, the price is great and function has been reliable, this manufacturer got it right with these mags.
I want More!
Review by chad
About to order some more of these magazines. They really are just that good! No problems in my Springfield.
Cant beat these mags!
Review by John
Bought 4 of these mags for my Rock Island Tactical 1911, they fit perfectly into the gun, slide locks as it's supposed to when empty, mag releases flawlessly when mag release is pressed! These mags look almost just like the one that comes with the RIA Tactical 1911! Cant beat the $11.95 price tag either!!
1911 mags
Review by John
I have purchased 10 of these mag and the perform flawlessly. You definitely get your money's worth.
1911 Mags are Flawless
Review by Movieguns
I purchased a few of these magazines for use in various movies I work on. These mags worked flawlessly with both blank ammo on the set and live ammo at the range. I am buying more now.
Fits Magwells
Review by SA Loaded
I recently picked up a few of these mags, thinking that they would at least be good for range time. I have had no problems with these mags, they are just plain good reliable mags at a great price. I just put on an S&A magwell onto my SA Loaded, and the mags fit into the magwell perfectly. I highly recommend these mags, and will be getting more soon.
Low priced high quality 1911 mags.
Review by Andre
I purchased 2 for my Ati 1911 they fit and function just as good or better than the mag that came with it.
1911 mags
Review by RichardC1967
bought 3 for my Springfield GI Mil-Spec 1911. They fit and work flawlessly, plan to buy more soon
Great Produced for Price
Review by Mario
I bought a Colt 45 1911 mag for $ 11.95. Great product. It fits great on my 1911 Rock Island. This is a great price for the mag. Great product and price. ( Posted 06/24/11 )
Review by Capt. Dave
I bought two for my Combat Commander and I've fired approx 150 rounds through them with both my ser. 70 Colt Combat Commander and my Taurus PT1911 and they functioned flawlessly... I'm buying more!
Perfect for RIA
Review by Sig
I was having issues finding new mags for my rock island armory tactical. These fit perfect, hold the slide open, feed flawlessly, and drop free. If you like the extended floor plate, these are good to go. Can't beat the price!!
Couldn't be happier
Review by Tiger
Bought one and I must say, for $11.95 I was a bit skeptical of the quality. Tried it in my Kimber, Colt, Springfield, and Para and found that it worked flawlessly in all. Bought 20 more just to sell to my friends when they see how great mine are! Nice work Keepshooting brand!
Works great in my Springfield Range Officer
Review by Range Officer
Use these in my new Springfield Range Officer tonight. Worked perfectly. Will buy more.
Colt 1911 mags
Review by loaded45215
I recently got a brand new Springfield armory 1911 Mil Spec, it came wit two crappy seven round mags. I bought 6 of these and i will be buying more and more these are good mags
These Work Great
Review by RIA Owner
These are fabulous clips. I bought an RIA 1911 at a gun show and it only came with one clip. I bought two of these and they are so much nicer than the clip that came with my gun.

If I need more clips, these would be first on my list.

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