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The Fossil from CRKT is a new breed of every day carry folding knife. This knife features a unique look and style that harkens back to a different era where knife making was a one-of-a-kind trade. With features like the IKBS ball bearing pivot system, the Veff serrations, and drop point blade will ensure that the Fossil is your go-to knife today, tomorrow, and years from now.

No matter your profession or trade, the need for a quality every day carry knife is one thing certain. There will always be tasks that come up at work, home, or outdoors that will be made easier with a quality knife. The CRKT Fossil by Flavio Ikoma is that knife and much more - due to the rich features, stylish look, and proven technology used to make the Fossil.

Starting with a unique one-of-a-kind look, you will immediately feel the difference between the Fossil and other folding every-day-carry knives. This knife started out as a hand made design in Brazil that was then mass produced by CRKT. Flavio Ikoma the designer designs every knife as though it was made for himself and is both passionate and obsessive about perfection. Incorporating his IKBS system into the Fossil allows for rapid blade action with no blade play or resistance. Incorporating the Veff serrations onto the blade and a drop point design gives the Fossil the edge on any cutting task you'll put it up against.

  • CRKT Factory Knife
  • Veff Serrations
  • IKBS System - Quick Blade Deployment
  • Belt Clip
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