CRKT Homefront Knife

The CRKT Homefront is the latest knife from CRKT and the first to include the new patented Field Strip technology. You can completely disassemble the Homefront in the field without tools to ensure you are capable of cleaning and maintaining your blade while your in the field.

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The CRKT Homefront Knife features a classic WWII style yet packs all of the modern features you've come to expect from CRKT. Designed by Ken Onion in Kaneohe, Hawaii the Homefront will be your most reliable companion in the field with the Field Strip technology ensuring reliable operation of your blade no matter what conditions you find yourself in.

  • First Knife Featuring "Field Strip" Technology - Disassemble and Clean Knife WIthout Tools
  • Folding Knife with Locking Liner
  • AUS 8 Blade Steel with 6061 Aluminum Handles
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Overall Rating
Nice small carry knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this knife for my husband to carry. It’s small enough to not be obtrusive but big enough to be easy to hold and open. The blade came razor sharp and I was able to sharpen it further. I’m happy with the purchase and my husband loves it.
Overall Rating
High quality for the price
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is a great EDC pocket knife at a fantastic price. It's smooth opening and locking are super easy to operate. I am very happy with the quality of this knife and I have no doubt that I will get a lot of use out of it. Highly recommended!
Overall Rating
This one feels really good.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I own several CRKTs. Mostly big blade big EDC stuff, like big Bold 1's and the TP7 or even bigger Bolder 2 and CM7 knives. But for whatever reason I didn't think of this little guy. Heavy Duty isn't as thick as I thought, the jimping is better on the Bold 1, and it isn't ground as aggressively as the Bold series knives are. But I do really like the ergonomics and feel of this little guy. Maybe it's because he's my EDC and so is my Bold 1 and he feels wrong to me next to my Bold 1, but for what he is he really surprised me. He's smaller than I thought he would be. He's shorter, wider and not as thick as I thought he would be. He isn't as well made as the TP7 and I don't like that. But this knife he was designed to be simple and for what he was designed for I think it does it really well. He doesn't feel as heavy as I thought he would. His blade is slightly lighter than a Bold 1's. I was pleasantly surprised when I went and weighed the blade and mine was .13oz lighter than my 2.75 Bold 1. And mine was ground really well. He does what he was designed to do and I don't think there is a single ergonomic problem I have with him at all. He was designed with minimal materials to be able to be made cheaply and I think the people at CRKT did a really great job with that goal. The opening was a surprise. I've had bigger knives open faster than he does. And that surprised me, and I was kind of disappointed in him for a moment until I remembered he was designed to open quicker than his counterparts. He really surprised me and my first thought was to trade mine for a Bold 1 or M16, or a Chimera. He is worth every penny. 5 star for me! UPDATE: Had to do my pocket again and so I did and it
Overall Rating
Awesome design
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this as my daily carry knife, after I sharpened it I noticed it was very comfortable in my hand and fit perfectly in my hand I love this knife and design and im thinking about getting a second one to have as a backup. Also the fact that I can remove the double edge safety was very nice because it allowed me to sharpen the knife to the full length so it has more bite when I cut through things. The lock feature of this knife is nice as well it stays securely in my pocket I love the clip design on this knife the way it sticks out is great I would definitely recommend this product and plan on getting a second one
Overall Rating
Perfect and sturdy edc knife
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great product that ive had for a couple years now. Ive always kept it with me, every day. Its perfect in its size and weight, i like how its thick and sturdy, feels like i could cut wood with it but it keeps the knife relatively thin and compact. Im always weary of any blades of that could fold and injure me, and this feels so durable that ive never worried about it happening. It opens quickly and smoothly, and has a good weight and control when closing. It does not come very sharp but thats fine because of the safety aspect and im a heavy handed user, so a super shabby sharpness is fine for me, and thats the point of a safety feature like that. I would recommend it, its a perfect medium weight, safety and opening design, good control when using it, but still feels comfortable in my pocket.
Overall Rating
Just Plain Awesome.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This thing is freaking awesome! For my first EDC, I'm super stoked. It's solid, the blade is very sharp and easy to clean, and feels good when cutting or just holding. 4 stars for my first purchase from Amazon and I hope they're a solid seller because this will be my one-stop shop from now on.
Overall Rating
Stellar. This baby’s no wall hanger, so don’t forget that.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Best CRKT Knife I own, next to the larger style of similar CRKT blades. Flips out quickly, opens sharp and stays locked open, closes quietly and locks down smoothly, yet there’s no play in the blade, the field stripping feature of this folding pocket knife has me sprinting towards some fast uninhabited place, where my government fears to intrude. You won’t regret getting this baby for all those work/utility needs you might have, whether it’s carving up some fruit, or disassembling a home or office appliance.
Overall Rating
Great EDC folder
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Very sharp right out of the box. Perfectly weighted in your hand. Good double clip on back
Overall Rating
CRKT 7" Homefront, a fine addition to any fiance carry collection!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Another CRKT product. Awesome! I have one in the shape of a sickle and I love it. The serrations on the cutting edge are strong and help you in any cutting situation. For what I pay for gas, etc. each month, this is worth more to me than almost anything else in the wallet. Not to mention its tough and keeps me, my fiance and those close with, safe from possible harm. No scratch, peel off. They're strong enough to hold up to any tough cuts or slicing, etc., all done with just a push of a button and I can't thank this company enough for their fine workmanship. Wear your CRKT everyday with honor and know, your are protecting your close, ones and the ability to handle tough cuts when its required, without scratch or mar on your gear. Highly recommend and it does go with any casual or business attire. Worth it for just peace of mind!
Overall Rating
Great knife for small tasks.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent design and ergonomics for a knife of this size. I wish the thumb clip extended a little further. This knife makes the world's smallest SAS Shrt27 fit for its intended use. Wear your big gloves and don't forget to buy the belt clip or double sided pouch as it is slightly large for the standard US/Japan double sided cell phone pocket pouch. All else I am sure you can figure out from here. Thanks, Tom
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