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Crosman M4-177 bolt-action, 18-round, multi-pump air rifle with an adjustable stock, tactical sights and Picatinny rails for optics, lights, lasers and more.

Note: The Crosman M4-177 air rifle is not an airsoft rifle. It is a multi-stroke pneumatic air rifle and is designed to fire metal BBs and pellets. It is not designed to work with C02 cartridges.

Children cannot own firearms for obvious reasons; but they can own the next best thing. The Crosman M4-177 is a multi-stroke pneumatic air rifle that is designed to look almost identical to an M4, and let me tell you, it looks really cool. I also want to stress again that this is an air rifle. It is not an airsoft gun, nor does it require the use of any C02 cartridges. This is a good, old-fashioned, hand-pumped air rifle. But enough about the boring stuff; you probably want to hear about the rifle itself.

As I mentioned, the Crosman M4-177 truly does resemble an M4. Just about every detail is present and accounted for. Starting from the back of the rifle, we first come to the buttstock, which resembles the USGI M4 six-position buttstock. This one, however, is only adjustable to five different positions.

Then we come to the receiver, which looks almost identical to an M4 receiver, only it is made from plastic. The amount of detail that went into this thing is staggering. From the mag catch button and the bolt hold open to the forward assist and ejection port door, this rifle looks great. The BB loading port, which holds 18 BBs, is cleverly designed to resemble the selector switch. Amazingly, the magazine well actually accepts a magazine, which is included and serves as a storage reservoir for extra BBs. The magazine will store up to 350 BBs. If you prefer to shoot pellets, the rifle comes with a pellet “magazine” that holds five pellets, which is inserted into the ejection port. If we move up from the receiver, we notice a flat top upper with an integrated Picatinny rail system as well as a removable rear sight that can actually be adjusted for windage. If you prefer, the rear sight can be removed and replaced with scopes and other optics, which are sold separately.

Next up is the handguard, which includes another Picatinny rail on its underside for the attachment of a vertical grip, which is sold separately. The handguard is where the pumping takes place. Speaking of pumping, it is probably about time I tell you how this air rifle works. As noted, the Crosman M4-177 is a multi-stroke pneumatic air rifle. This means that the rifle has a lever that must be pumped in order to compress air, which will serve as a propellant. The handguard (lever) is folded down and pumped back up in order to compress air, which is stored within the rifle. The rifle can be pumped up to 10 times before firing. Now, this rifle is also a “bolt-action” rifle in that there is somewhat of an operating handle on the right side of the receiver. After pumping, this handle must be retracted and pressed forward to load a projectile into the chamber. The trigger can then be pulled, which will release the compressed air and propel the projectile. Higher velocities may be achieved with more pumps.

Finally, we come to the front sight. The front sight, like the rear, is removable and can be adjusted for elevation. Additionally, you will find a third Picatinny rail that provides a space for mounting lights, lasers and other attachments.

That is pretty much all there is to the Crosman M4-177. Anyone that is interested in firearms at a young age would be overjoyed to receive an air rifle like this one. You may consider this air rifle for any of the following:

- Hunting

- Pest control

- Recreational shooting (plinking)

- Air rifle competitions

- Much more…

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