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CZ 52 Magazine

Our CZ 52 magazine is a standard-capacity magazine designed for use with any functional CZ 52 pistol. Each single-stack magazine boasts a design based on the original military vz. 52 magazine, and will hold and feed eight rounds of 7.62x25mm Tokarev ammunition to your pistol. Guaranteed to fit and function in any CZ 52 pistol, these brand new magazines are a must-have accessory for any CZ 52 enthusiast.
SKU TK-0001
Color Black

Description / CZ 52 Magazine


  • CZ-52 Magazine
  • Caliber: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

New Mags, Great Price
Review by Dale
Bought two to have extras. Brand new, individually wrapped. No wear or scratches. Functions perfectly.
Great mags, great price
Review by larry
Got 2 of them as spares, each performed perfectly. Nice to find new ones, better then surplus ones. Price was great.
Better than mil-surp
Review by RemMax
I recently bought another 5 of these mags to add to the milsurp mags I already had and must say was quite pleased with them
Unlike my mil-surp mags they are brand new with a nice finish on them and they fit and feed perfectly and most importantly no one has tried to use the floor plate to pry the barrel out the way the OEM manual instructs a soldier in the field to do
This means no bent floor plates and no floor plate flying off to never land while your firing the gun
That was how I found these mags, after one of my floor plates flew off I started searching for a replacement floor plate, turns out there is a company that mills extended floor plates for the CZ52 and the TT33 and wouldn't you know they buy their mags from KS
I bought 1 milled floor plate which I really don't care for as well as the original stock type but it did get my mag working again and the new mags I ordered fit and functioned just as well as any of my OEM mags. Very glad I bought them and they came from here
Thanks KS,
Mags coming apart
Review by Robert
I bought seven of these mags in summer 2011, and maybe shoot the CZ52 500 rounds/yr. This last time (10/2012), bottom plate of mag comes unsecured w/ plate and spring flying away. With the side flange of the spring locking and securing the bottom plate, this can happen any time. I realize people might like this Cold War design for the ease in replacing springs, but a bottom plate welded to the maq sure would make a lot of sense to me.
Good product, Great service
Review by Gerald
Bought 7. All individually wrapped. All fit and function fine. Glad these are back in stock. Very fast shipping.
Nice Mags
Review by Jude
I recently purchased 3 mags for my Cz 52. Best price that I have found. I tested them, they functioned well. Had one round jam, only happened one time, that being said I was not disappointed in the product.. Great product you have here. Hopefully and possibly will order more. Thanks and good job.
Great product
Review by lightleader
Great reproduction. I believe better then factory. Purchased months ago and it functions flawlessly. Loads, feeds, fits and ejects from the pistol better then my factory mag. Thanks
Great Mags
Review by slmjm1986
Bought 2 of these last year, no problems thus far and have cycled about 1000 rounds through them so far. the new Prvi Partizan ammo works flawlessly in these mags!
Good Mag
Review by coalbed
Sorry had to re post to gain points, Good quality mag, bought 4 , all worked well, one wouldn't lock back slide. Teflon coating is nice and makes reload faster. Worth the money.
CZ52 Mags
Review by Marathoner
I just bought 7 and tested them. All work well, one doesn't want to hold the 9th rd, but will let it sit loaded awhile. Great buy for a impossible item to find. FYI , had some FTI w/Bulg surplus but all fired the second strike. Primers were well dented tho so could be the ammo, But every ammo fires on the first shot in my Yugo M57.
Great reliable CZ-52 magazine!
Review by Blake
I ordered two of these a while back for my CZ-52. Upon arrival I tested fit and feed function by hand cycling rounds through the magazines (outdoors in a safe location of course). Both mags looked great, fed perfectly, and locked the slide back on the last round. After some use the black paint they're coated with begins to come off in the high friction areas (which is expected with any finish). After several hundred rounds they still feed perfectly and lock the slide back on the last round. They're as easily maintained as the original magazine. I highly recommend them to anyone that doesn't want to spend 30+ dollars on a mil-surp magazine for their CZ-52. But one added bonus that I prefer over the original magazine is the extended floor plate which allows you to easily pull the magazine downward with your pinky after the mag catch is released which allows for much easier removal over the original magazines (trying to remove the original magazine with the slide locked back is a real bear sometimes because there's nothing to grip on and pull the mag free). So much of a plus that I actually prefer these over the originals! I just wish they were a tad bit more affordable.... However for what they are it's still a great value.
Review by mark
3 MAGS GREAT 1 MAG will hold open when empty
Review by trigger77
Finally!!! mags that work in the cz52 these mags fit as good as my originals,they function perfectly!! I ordered 2 to try and now I will be ordering more!!!
Great stuff!
Review by oldguy
I could've bought 2 of the clips that CTD sells for the price of one of these; & maybe with some careful filing and fitting could've got them to work. Maybe, but I also read that those ones were flimsy and poorly blued. OR I could buy one of these with a teflon finish (that makes them both feed and load very nice). I chose this clip & glad I did! Works great and functions flawlessly. I will buy more; they're worth it.....
Very Good Mag
Review by Dave
Great Mag, I bought one and it works great, I am now thinking of buying more and wishing they made mags for my other guns too, I love the teflon coating, it makes handling the mags so nice.
A surprising value
Review by MDAR15Manager
I normally don't like giving a perfect rating, but it's hard NOT to with these magazines. I picked one up in July to try out. It fits just fine, and looks great.

It ran flawlessly with the 50 rounds I tried. So it's just as reliable as my 'issue' CZ-52 magazines.

Price is fantastic making these magazines a bargain.

If you like to shoot your CZ-52 these are the magazines to get.
Sweet Mag!!!!!
Review by V52
Needed a second mag for my CZ-52 9mm.
Received it 5 days after I placed the order. These guys are quick.
Loaded a 9mm and inserted the mag, pulled back and released the slide. Chambered really nice. Ejected the round manually and the slide remained open.
Insertion and ejection of the mag was as easy as the original.
Very nice. I'll be getting more in the near future.
Thank you.
Great Magazine
Review by TrickyP
I wouldn't say as good as the originals, the metal it is made of is a little thin. Not sure how it will hold up in the long run. However, there were no fitting or feeding issues. The magazine is still sturdy and a good product, performs flawlessly. If you're looking to complete an original issue set feel free to pay $60 for an original magazine. If it isn't that important or you just need spares these are great. Good price, fast shipping. Will buy more when my budget allows.
GREAT !!!!
Review by rog
Over the years I have picked up a few oyher makes. the ones that fit my cz fell apart. this works holds up and I will get more
as good as originals
Review by calsteve
I bought 2 and they worked so well ; I bought 8 more
Perfect for Yugo M57
Review by Tokarev
I ordered one of these to test in my Yugo M57. They function perfect and they lock in fine once you add the notch for the magazine release. If would run another line of these with the notch pre-cut for the M57 I'm sure they would sell a ton of them. I only wish I could have gotten in on the group buy they offered on MDShooters for $12.00 each. Would have gotten at least 10 of them. Maybe they'll do another group buy!
Could not be happier!
Review by Christian
Bought two and will buy more because they have worked flawless thus far. The teflon coat is great makes the mags slide right in! These are great and wont hesitate to buy more.
Great mags
Review by Big Don
I bought five of these mags a few months ago, and the fit and finish were excellent. Cheaper Than Dirt has CZ-52 mags for sale at $12.95, but they don't work period. I now own fifteen mags for mu two pistols, and these mags loaded and fit great. Fot those who haven't gotten these yet, hop on board and get these well made CZ mags. Teflon coated also is a big plus for me. I wish they'd have closed sides instead of the old style mags to make dirt harder to get into the mags themselves.
Besides that little deal, these by far are the best mags, and the best price for the quality I got. As the market gets dry due to lack of pistols being on the open market, stock up on these : ) before they are gone.
These work. Period.
Review by Czechmate
After buying mags from Triple K and having bad results, I was hesitant to buy these.

Took a chance on one, it got here. Looks great and even better it performs as good as my original mags.

Ordered 8 more so that I now have 10 mags total for my 52.
Nearly perfect magazine...will buy more.
Review by Mark
Bought two of these and they work great. Easy to insert and eject unlike Triple K brand. Would mark it 5 stars if the floor plate was same size as original, so only four stars for now.

Will buy more if I need more, glad these are here.

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