Czech Army Ace Bandage Set - 20' Ace Bandage with Two Sterilized Bandages and Safety Pin

Czech Army Bandage Set

The Czech Army Bandage Set is a sealed military issued first aid response pack. Inside of each sealed package are two 6" x 8" sterilized bandages, one 20' long gauze bandage, and one safety pin.

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Description / Czech Army Bandage Set

The Czech Army Bandage Set is a Czech Army first aid response pack. With the gauze bandage and two large sterilized bandages this first aid response pack can deal with everything from small to medium sized cuts and scrapes.

Each of these bandage sets is still in their original factory package. The writing and instructions on the package are all in Czech as would be expected. This unique packaging makes this bandage set a unique curiosity or ideal for those who do living history events.

  • Authentic Czech Army Bandage Set
  • Sealed in Original Factory Package
  • Contains Multiple Bandages

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Useable Item at a Great Price
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
These appear to still be sealed. For the price, they could be a useable investment.
Review by Valentino Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training
I am a fun of military surplus just because " why we need to reinvent the wheel" :)! In despite that I don't opened yet the package looks air tight packed and by weight and volume looks a good bandage to have. I got a zip bag for the packet and now its in one of my first aid kit and I hope to not use never ever :)
Good product
Review by Cary
I ordered 5 of these bandages. They are from 1980. I live at 7500 feet. The heat sealing on the heavy bag material is not as good as it could be. Due to the altitude you can tell when things are sealed tight as they puff up due to the internal pressure that they were packed is greater than the outside pressure. Some puffed some didn't. I will still assume that they are sterile enough to use maybe more so on the guy I shot than the wound that i have. I would still use it on myself and will buy more as order fillers in the future. Good for the price, better than your snot rag if you need it.
Review by Steven
I love these. I cut open my leg and it worked perfectly
Expanding car and range medical kits
Review by Craig
I purchased these to add to my car and range bag trauma kits. The package is sealed up just like new.
good buy
Review by RM
I bought several for my first aid kits at home and in vehicles. Appear to be the same military quality as US made bandages.
Awesome Piece!
Review by Jonathon
Great price, sealed up tight, and useable even today! I'll be picking up a few more my next time through! I recommend to all!
This bandage set is perfect to keep in a first aid or trauma kit.
Review by Chris
This bandage set is perfect to keep in a first aid or trauma kit.
Review by Jack
Great value. Way cheaper then store bought bandages.
Looks great
Review by David
I see no point in opening a sterile package.
It looks fine, went in with the first aide supplies.
Not for real aid, but great for practise!
Review by seth
These probably should not be used in a real first aid situation, but would be very suitable for first aid practice or reenactment!
Medic Approvef
Review by Matthew
I was an Army Medic for a few years. These are the best basic field dressing I have used. I bought 20 to add to our car kits, home first aid kit and out go bags.
The addition of the second pad for exit points or larger wounds is great. $3.00 is a steal.
Review by Kyle
This is a hefty bandage. Solid and in pristine condition, couldn't be happier. For $3, can't be beat.
Big Bandage
Review by phil
The bandage has two thick pads. One is free to slide the other is not. The gauze is a little thin so don't get too crazy on trying to get compression. I also wouldn't try the pseudo tourniquet like you can do with an Israeli bandage.

But for $3 throw a handful into your next order.
Will buy more
Review by josh
Comes packaged in a heavy duty canvas like material that is still air tight. I haven't opened it as I only purchased one but I will be adding more to my next order. Package approx. 4"x7"x2"
Review by Jeff
I bought a couple and they all came in durable canvas package that isn't gonna tear unexpectedly and soil the bandages but it will open easily enough when you need to use it. Honestly, I think it is almost as good as the Israeli and Carlisle bandages you see going for $10.
Useful product..
Review by Michael
These are older but still very much top quality. I opened one up and they are probably the most durable well made bandages I've come across. Still sterile, nothing is going to rip the canvas packaging accidentally. Still air tight. For under three bucks you simply can't go wrong. I purchased two, but I might snag some more later. These would be ideal for a larger first aid kit, I wouldn't suggest them for those tiny little kits people EDC.

ALL IN ALL, top quality old world bandages that are still sterile and useful today!

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