Czech Army Bread Bag - Small Canvas Shoulder Bag from the Czech Army

Czech Army Bread Bag

The Czech Army Bread Bag is a canvas shoulder bag that was used extensively by soldiers in the Czech army. Soldiers would use this small pack to carry items that were essential for daily use to include rations, navigational equipment, small parts, and specialized tools. With a vintage look and feel, the uses of this canvas shoulder bag are limited only by your imagination.

Description / Czech Army Bread Bag

The Czech Army Bread Bag is an authentic canvas bag from the Czech Republic. When soldiers enlisted into the Czech army, they would be issued a variety of personal support equipment that included this excellent all purpose bag. Soldiers were expected to use this bag to carry vital personal equipment into the field which would have included everything from rations to cleaning kits for their service rifles. Despite this being referred to as a "bread bag" the vast majority of items that would have been carried in it wouldn't have been rations, and certainly not bread.

One of the most popular uses of vintage army bags like this one from the Czech Republic is to apply designs to them to broaden their appeal. You will see this very same bag has been reproduced and images such as peace symbols added to it. Now you can have one of the original bags and if you enjoy customizing your things you can buy two -- one to customize and one to keep all original. Why not add your own touch to your bag, add perhaps a Confederate flag symbol to show your support for preserving the historical elements of American society. With military surplus bags like this, you are getting the highest quality bag at the lowest possible price which makes this a deal everyone can appreciate.

  • Authentic Czech Army Shoulder Bag
  • Made from Canvas
  • Interior Storage Has Three Segmented Pockets
  • Dimensions: 13" W x 10" H X 3" D
  • Will Show Signs Of Use or Storage (some will have writing or missing buttons)

More Information

Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

waxed mine!
Review by David
Even better once waxed. I'd post a picture if I could.
Well made bag
Review by Douglas
It is a nice size bag to care the items that you use a lot when backpacking/hunting or at the range for the day. Holds everything that I don't want to keep in my backpack, knife, compass, blackpowder supplies.... It has 3 pockets inside to organize everything and a number of straps and d-ring to attach things to the outside. I really like the way the two belt loops work so that it can be put on and taken off without having to take the belt off!
Brand new and first rate
Review by David
As above.
A fine robust canvas bag.
A most manly man purse.
I may wax mine. Or not.
Might be linen OR canvas... Good either way!
Review by Seth
I've had two of these puppies.
One was a very course canvas, the kind you'd expect oldschool tents to be made of. The other was Linen.

Both are excellent, functional bags. Wider at the bottom with a smaller opening, they prevent loss well and also have an internal securing strap to prevent things from slipping out between the front flap and the body of the bag.

Three internal pockets. You might be able unstitch two pockets to get a 1 large and 1 small compartment, depending on which model of bag you get.

Very cool and very inexpensive. Great value!
Perfect day bag
Review by Michael
What a great bag for just throwing a few things in and taking a hike. I'd throw a water bottle, a compressible jacket and a few snacks in there for a long day walking. I also like the dividers inside for keeping things organized. Get two!
Great price for a good bag
Review by Christian
When I received the bag, I noticed that it had a few small holes in the front side. However, they are covered by the closing flap. The strap is very durable and easily adjustable. What the pictures don't show is the two small straps on the top that are made to attach this bag to (I believe) a modular system. If you have held a Czech M60 rucksack, these straps are very much like the two straps on the side of the shoulder straps of the rucksack. They don't hinder the functionality or appearance of the bag too much, but can be a hassle when carrying.
Good Bag
Review by Jeff
This bag is great for carrying everyday items like water bottles, a book or two, and tablets.
Nearly perfect
Review by Steve
I have several Finn gas mask bags, they're classics, but this is so close and may be better for the woods or town. Slightly more compact than the Finn, but smoother and softer like your favorite pair of jeans. Works great for several books, tablet, day hike, etc. As stated previously, get two, cause your better half will surely grab one. To cheap to pass up, would be great Christmas presents!
Versatile bag...great price
Review by Keith
I like this bag. Its very convenient to bring along things for a trip to the lake, or beach, or wear on a short hike etc. You can really use it for anything. It has 3 pockets inside, which help me keep things organized. The dimensions of the bag itself are about 11 inches tall by between 10 and 13 inches at the narrowest and widest widths respectively. As for what volume it can hold: i tried to find some standard items and was able to fit these as follows: in the 3 interior pockets a 16.9 oz spring water bottle in each, and in the main pocket two 11oz coffee cans. It can hold all those items and fasten shut with no trouble.The price cant be beat either...I wasn't sure what to expect exactly, but glad to have it now.
Well constructed little bag!
Review by Justin
This is well constructed of heavy canvas...soft but "sturdy" at the same time. It is a great color too! Not quite OD green..not quite light brown. This bag secures with an one internal strap and two external. If you have ordered the finnish gas mask bag from KS, this one is slightly smaller, but quality is just as good if not better. Mine came in perfect condition. No bad odor or anything like that. It has the shoulder carry strap (not removable) and also two canvas tabs on the top that can be used to attach it to your belt if you want. Cool little bag at a good price. Even has some old school MOLLE on the front!
great bag
Review by Scott
Perfect for use on a day trip. light weight, well made. The material is thinner than what im used to, but it is a lot softer. Great possibles bag for gun shows. The shipping time was outstanding. Really fast. Great company to deal with
great bag
Review by david
i ordered two of these bags one for me and my girl friend and we both love them, its about the same size as the czech gas mask bag but it has two more pockets, so all together it has three pockets inside. there was no rips and so stains they came in great condition and i love that surplus smell we use them every where we go and for the price you cant beat it. thank you keep shooting.
Home for CZs
Review by George
Neat little bag. A bit on "linen" side of canvas compared to my Finnish gas mask bags, that are more on "tent" canvas feel. Nonetheless, nicely constructed. Strap to keep bag closed on top is a nice feature. It will become my range bag for my CZs. Have found that for many of my rough wear needs, I much prefer canvas to nylon or cordura, provided it is sewn properly. And no Velcro, life is good.
great bag, great price !
Review by Benjamin
if this is an item your interested in then i recomend ordering two. At this price you cant go wrong. Perfect size for a haversack, possibles bag, range bag. heavy canvas, heavy stitching. I dont know how long these or the Czech M-60 rucksack are going to be in stock so I say order ASAP. Years ago I paid $15 for a swiss engineers rucksack, now I cant even find one and when i do see them they are $75 plus. i could see the same thing happening with this item.
Many uses
Review by Michael
Very happy with this bag, not too big, not too small. Perfect for when I have one too many items to carry all at once. It looks great whether carrying around town or out in the woods. My wife saw mine, so now I'm buying another one. Awesome deal for the money
Bought the same bag years ago when I was at a flea market in Paris
Review by David
I love this bag and regretted not getting a 2nd one back in 2005. Ah Paris. I can't remember how much I paid for them. The central strap is critical to keep the bag's content secured. I bought the German Bread Bag (reproduction). I prefer the Czech design better for easier access. Considering bringing this bag with me to Italy this year where I was warned about the pickpockets. So I ordered a 2nd one from KS. This bag is right up there with the Finnish Gas Mask Bag - both at $6.95. It is a great gift for someone who want to turn it into an art bag.

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