Czech Army Vinyl Poncho - Head to Toe Coverage from the Elements

Czech Army Vinyl Poncho

The Czech Army Vinyl Poncho is a complete wet weather system that was originally issued in the Czech army. Consisting of a large pull over poncho, three finger gloves, and boots with integrated leg coverage you can achieve head-to-toe coverage from the elements for under $3.

Description / Czech Army Vinyl Poncho

No one likes getting caught in a rainstorm, especially when your far from home. What could be worse than sitting in your car, completely soaked.

We've got a great solution to this problem, the Czech Army Vinyl Poncho. This complete wet weather system comes to you sealed in a plastic bag, where inside you'll find the extra large pull-over style poncho, three finger gloves, and protection for your shoes and legs.

  • Designed to be worn over a full load of military equipment means this poncho is huge.  You can count on it fitting virtually any sized individual.
  • Boots and gloves are stored inside a pocket on the poncho for quick and easy deployment
  • European military quality at a price Chinese imports can't match - Why buy an inferior product when this military poncho system is cheaper and better made?

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

A unique poncho
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
For the money, these are a great investment. It’s hard to say how much skin protection they would offer in the instance of a chemical weapons attack, but it would probably be better to have it than to have bare skin exposed to acidic gases in the event of a chemical attack. Not only do you get an olive drab poncho, but you also get a pair of gloves (the lower three fingers are joined as with a mitten, but the index finger is free and allows manipulation of a firearm trigger) and a pair of boots made from the same material. These are also great wet weather gear. The only downside is that these ponchos are hard to fold back up once opened. For the price, these are a great value.
Review by carol
huge poncho. (could be a survival tent in a pinch) with inside pocket for storing the bootees. surprised it was so complete and brand new. large ;complete protection from inclement weather; can fit over a jacket! nice.
Great to keep in the trunk
Review by Ian
I bought this item to throw in the trunk of my car in case I ever get stuck out in the rain. Fits well, and has great coverage. They aren't lying when they say head to toe coverage.
Review by Jack
Good for when you need it. But not if you arr going for a walk around town. it's Huge, but works to keep you dry.
Review by Grok
Don't have anything to add to the other reviews, especially since I was reluctant to open any of the 4 that I bought up since they'd probably take up twice the space once released from their shrink wrapped packaging then they do now. Now that I've seen them, I'll be ordering a few more - one for each vehicle and some extras for some other reasons...
Buy This
Review by Josh
Look this thing is cheap monitarily, work like a champ, and is big enough for pretty much anyone. I stand 6ft even. This comes down to my boot tops, the sleeves are the perfect length for me with a 36 inch sleeve measurement. The hood is okay. It doesn't have a drawstring. Why? Because these are in fact NOT rain ponchos. These are chemical defense suits used by the Czechs. Normally the hood would be taped around a chemical mask. Honestly who cares what these were made to do? They work great as full coverage rain gear. You can easily wear a heavier jacket underneath for warmth, have plenty of space to move around, this wont flap up on you like a traditional rain poncho, it comes with a pair of overboots so you can keep your feet dry and a pair of gloves. Should you use this in a prepper kit as chemical defense gear? Are you high? this is 20+ years old. There are easily some pin holes you can see in here and its a very heavy plastic that doesn't breath nor is totally encapsulating. Just use it as the awesome rain gear it can be and you wont be upset and Holy carps its less than $5. Buy a bunch of them.
Worth it.
Review by josh
Packs a little larger than I expected. Apprx 8"x10"x3" as packaged when it arrived. I don't think this will be packed out and used on overnighters but will probably nest in my vehicle and replace my cheap plastic disposable poncho. Would also make a great basecamp poncho. May purchase more to stash one at other locations.
Can't beat it with a stick!
Review by tom
Ok, gotta say I bought this on a whim because of the price. My girls got a lot of good laughs when I tried it on. It is BOMB PROOF! Came new. For $2.50, what can you say. If there ever comes a time when this is needed, I will be glad I have it!
Overal it is a great product. Fantastic value
Review by 280
This is great for out camping or something cheap to wear for some work outside in bad weather.

Somewhat bulky and hard to pack, but for the price it cannot be beat.
Great price.
Review by Jake
It is made of medium thickness plastic (thicker than most ponchos but thinner than most military ponchos). The boots are an added bonus. You can fold and reuse as well.
Nice,New and Big.
Review by Hale
Very nice poncho, will definitely keep you dry.It is a bit heavy and packs fairly large, probably best to keep them in a car or at home then in a backpack, but i wouldn't hesitate to bring it if its all i have.
david's review had me laffing..
Review by ernie
Laughing because I re-read his review just after opening the package (which was really packed well) the thing is perfect size for a YETI! Great quality, heavy duty material and could be used for a camo hiding place.. I'll be ordering more at the ridiculous low price next order I'll leave the ponchos in the package for storage as it didn't go back as neat as it came to me. Great Deal !
Cannot beat this price
Review by Dan
Wow, this thing is HUGE! It will keep you 100% bone dry, as pointed out by the previous reviewer. I bought two for my wife and I to keep in our B.O.B.s. It's on the larger size, so don't expect it to tuck away cleanly -- think of it more as a plastic tarp in the vague shape of a poncho with pockets for gloves and boots. Come to think of it, it may even have a secondary use as a tarp or a rain catch if needed.

On the downside, it doubles as a sweat suit -- it is absolutely not breathable and I feel bad for any Czech soldiers that ever had to drill in this thing. It also carries a decent plastic odor, but not overpowering. All in all, it's so cheap that the sheer value alone makes any faults meaningless.

Worth the $2.50, buy it.
You could fit 2 people in this thing
Review by David
I don't even know where to start with this review. I opened the poncho up just to do this review, and I couldn't quit laughing at how comically big it is. What's better, is that it has 2 storage pockets inside of it to contain the gloves and booties that it comes with. The gloves are shaped like mittens with the trigger finger separated from the main compartment. The boots are like big stiff trash bags with a separate rubber sole tied on with string. My wife started laughing and taking pictures of me when I walked into the room wearing it, so be prepared to get some looks if you wear it outside around others. You can laugh at them later when you are still dry and they are all wet (as long as you don't sweat too much because this thing does not breathe at all and has no vents).

In summary, this thing will definitely keep you dry, and give you some laughs along the way. I'll be keeping mine in my toolbox. You should get one of these because they are too cheap not to get as an add on item, ponchos are always good to have around, and you may find other uses for it (Boots could be used as shopping bags).

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