Czech Map Case - Perfect as iPad Case

Czech Map Case

The Czech map case was originally designed to hold maps, but it is great for providing protection to your tablet and just about anything of which you find yourself in frequent need when on the go.

Description / Czech Map Case

The Czech map case measures approximately 15 inches by 10 1/2 inches and is expandable to about 3 1/2 inches, offering a wealth of storage space and options. The buckle-locked closure flap opens to reveal a spacious main compartment with a divider that seems to be designed specifically to accommodate a tablet. There is even an extra pocket sewn into one of the dividers. The closure flap itself includes two snap fasteners that give way to a full-sized pocket that is capable of storing important documents or other flat items, including magazines, folders and more. On the outside of the main compartment, you will find seven elastic bands designed for pens and pencils as well as one larger elastic band that is capable of holding a small flashlight or some other similarly-sized tool. Underneath the pen and pencil holders, you will find two small pouches suitable for business cards and other small items, as well as a secondary pocket that measures 10 inches by 3 1/2 inches and features small security buckles for ensured closure. Finally, each Czech map case offers a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport.

  • Authentic Czech Military Surplus
  • Map Case - Makes Great Portfolio Bag
  • Shoulder Strap for Easy Carry Options

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Cool Case
Review by MIKE A
I ordered a map case a couple of years ago for my high school aged daughter. My grandfather was Slovakian and I bought it as a novelty item.

However, It has been used quite a bit, she carrys an $1800 lap top in it to debate tournaments.

She is heading to college next year (physics major) and plans to carry it to classes when she doesn't want an ugly, bulky backpack.

It is cool and very unique.

I have just ordered two more, one for my son and one for me to keep a mini office in my truck

I am a military history buff and have ordered from Keep Shooting Dozens of times and have never been disappointed.
It's perfect for a tablet and legal pad +
Review by Ramon
This can be a portable desk, organizing most everything for business travel. Its well made
from Quality vinyl with leather where needed.
The interior has several lockable pockets and web loops for pens and pencils, and the case itself is lockable and expands if needed.

I like the design and execution. and the price is unbeatable, but my case has a problem. The bottom bifold pleat was bent back on itself and has a permanent "set" not allowing the case to lie flat when empty. Four stars? It's going to be well used anyway.
Excellent Value
Review by Chris
It is as advertised. I received two and one was basically brand new while the other was used with some scuff etc. Too small for a laptop, but excellent for documents or if you have a tablet.
Great briefcase substitute
Review by TexLaw
I purchased this back in November. I have taken it to a deposition from Texas to SC. I use it in court everyweek. I take it with me everywhere each day. No issues with it after five months. I usually Carry multiple cell phones, a tablet, biz cards, legal pads, collapsible keyboard, surface pro laptop with laptop case, charger cords, and wallet. People complement the bag, and they think it is some fancy expensive case. I then tell them is is 12usd.
Useful and fashionable
Review by Brandon
I had to wipe mine down when I got it, but it is a fantastic little case. It fits an iPad well, along with chargers or whatever. I also started using it for work, and a Dell Longitude laptop fits just inside with room in the other pockets for reports. Really great value, at a great price, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I ever needed to.
Great piece
Review by Walther
These are hi quality, unissued, and as cheap as you'll see them! They're comfortable, adjustable for all sizes, and are surprisingly formal for military surplus. Will work great for storing documents, a pseudo briefcase, even a light backpack that can be worn over your shoulder. Outstanding, buy then while they're this cheap!
Fits iPad well
Review by Kevin
Great magazine tote or iPad cover. Would also be ideal for art supplies or photographers prints!
Luxury mini-briefcase
Review by brent
What I received was a mint, unissued quality map case. Passes off as a luxury mini briefcase which is exactly how I intend to use it. My Mac Book Air fits perfectly along with room or plenty of pens, business cards, adapter, phone, and other items. Couldn;t be more pleased.
Extremely good value for money
Review by j
Robust, but presentable as business casual. Useful well thought out. Perfect fit living in London and nor having GOS. And travelling Europe. Will buy again and recommend products and vendor.
Review by Brian
This map case is just one more example of the many unique items that KS offers. It wasn't difficult to imagine this being repurposed to accommodate my small laptop but I did not expect it be as perfect as it turned out. Even the pockets took care of the power adapter, earpiece and other items I use with the computer. The staff, quality of products and affordability are the reason I have chosen as to shop KS exclusively.
bought 2 more
Review by Rob
These cases look very stylish, and are very functional. I have used them for years. My first was used to carry a small laptop (acer 1420p) but these would make great tablet bags with room for accessories. My oldest one saw a lot of use and the shoulder strap started cracking so I bought a couple more to store until needed.
Not leather, but a nice satchel or briefcase
Review by Erik
Only the handle and shoulder strap are leather, the bag itself is made of cloth-backed vinyl. However, it is still an attractive bag and makes a good briefcase or satchel. There is a pocket inside that is *exactly* the size of my iPad mini, and there is still room for a stack of papers and a couple of books. The flap can lock shut, mine came with a key, but I'm not sure if all of them do. A good bag for sure.
Excellent bag for school
Review by Glenn
I bought this for my wife as a tablet bag, but after receiving it and seeing it in person, I've decided to get another...or 3. It's perfect for college students that use ebooks more than physical textbooks. It fits all my notebooks, a 10 inch tablet, a financial calculator, and all the writing utensils I need. It seems to be very well made, and looks new.
Great buy and K/S has the best price on them period!!
Review by Zachary
Great little case for papers or iPad etc. it is very well made! Mine was definitely never issued. They don't say anything about it but mine came with the key! I can definitely recommend this this case!
good size, nice finish, but built tough
Review by Jim
I've bought three of these and each one of them are nice. It's just the perfect size for you to put the things in that seem to never have a place. It's a terrific organizer and looks like it will last for years.
Excellent bag, not leather
Review by Philip
A very sturdy, attractive bag and I'm quite satisfied with it. However, while the handle and straps are certainly leather, but the balance, say, 95% of it, is cloth-backed vinyl. Nothing wrong with that, but the buyer should not be expecting anything more organic than the hide of the wily and elusive nauga.
Review by Choice
Great bag. Perfect alternative to a brief case. Best price I have found on the web. Grab one
Good value
Review by KP Duty
Very nice leather for the price, condition was excellent, probably never issued. I use it to store paper, pens and such while I’m out working in the middle of nowhere. Keeps everything handy and protected, and it’s hard to misplace. It works fairly decently as something to write on if I can’t find a big boulder. Good product.
multi purpose case
Review by brian
large quality case for tablet, pencils, pens, papers etc.
the lock and key is a neat feature along with the look and style
of the bag. This is a very nice addition for your personals and
Awesome map case
Review by Joel
I am a wetland biologist. My job requires me to go to a number of wetland locations every week. The accuracy of a map is helpful in many of these locations. The case is constructed very solid and I have no doubt will last a long time. Now I have a great leather case to put them all in and at a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else. Worth every penny and then some. Thanks Keepshooting
Map case
Review by Dave
Much bigger than I thought it would be, looks like new and I'm sure has many uses ... great deal.
Awesome Map Case
Review by Bradley
This is a great deal on this map case. Well made, brand new, and looks good in my collection.
Czech Map Case
Review by Jill
This is an extraordinary case for twelve dollars. Genuine leather, and the possible uses are endless. We actually keep our maps in it, go figure. What a deal !!!
Excellent bag!
Review by Victor
You may be viewed as an eccentric or o person of "interest' when seen caring this bag. Excellent quality, genuine leather and lots of room for a tablet, hardcover book, stellar or topographic maps, compass, pens, GPS etc. I keep my stellar atlas and sky maps in it and it's just great! You will not find anywhere better deal for the money. I'll buy more.
This is the Mac Daddy of all things military surplus ...
Review by Timothy
This map case fits my standard-sized IPad perfectly. As a lawyer, I routinely carry this map case to court in lieu of my civilian brief case. The irony of a Cold War era map case carrying the ultimate symbol of capitalism is worth the purchase in and of itself, but the quality of this map cases is incredible as well. I have had numerous individuals comment on this map case that it is as well made and attractive as a commercially produced modern item priced significantly higher than it is here on this site. I am surprised that these items did not sell out almost immediately after their initial offering, and consider this by far the best of many good purchases I have made on this site.
Review by Matthew
This bag is awesome! It has two large compartments plenty big for an iPad or laptop. There is also a "secret compartment" that is big enough for an iPad. Plenty of smaller compartments too! This bag is just the right size, not too big not too small. The snap/click comes with a key so you can lock up your goodies. Czech it out!
Great value bag for tablet/books/papers/laptop
Review by Mark
The pictures don't really do the bag justice. For the price, the leather is quite decent and certainly not as reflective as shown. As for the size, it can fit a smaller laptop or tablet with room for the charging apparatus. The strap is a bit thin, but overall it's worth the money.
Review by Jose
My wife loved it. Brand new genuine leather. Super awesome bag. Buy it.. It is a great deal. Thank you keep shooting.
Great deal.
Review by Brian
I agree with EpcnD' s review, these are a lot nicer than the picture would lead you to believe. Very nice leather for twelve dollars. I actually use mine to carry maps of all the game lands I hunt on and it keeps everything protected and organized. I'd like to get another one before they sell out.
Great leather case with lock
Review by AvidShooter
This case will easily hit any normal size hardback book or tablet. Very good quality leather for the price and it has a great deal of extra storage space. It even comes with a lock and key in case you don't want anyone getting into it.
Works for the 13" Macbook Air + accessories perfectly
Review by EpcnD
This case can carry everything you would need for a days work.. It has two full sized slots which will fit a full sized Macbook Air, 2 - 3 magazines (the kind from newstands), a half sized slot for your power adapter, and a button down slot on the inside of the flap cover that you could put a few papers or envelopes into. The bag also has a pouch with snap closures that will fit loose items and keep them from falling out. Inside are pen holders (8 of them) and a slot for the Mac Mouse. It is no Saddleback bag but its not bad looking either (not as cheap as the pictures make it look). For $12 this is a steal, I wish I'd bought two more.

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