Czech Military Canvas Bag

Czech Military Bag

The Czech Military Bag is an authentic canvas bag from the Czech Army. These canvas bags were originally designed to transport the Czech M10 gas mask that was issued in the 1970s. This bag has all of the desireable features that make it ideal for collectors, tradesmen, or Etsy crafters as it is vintage, made to military standards, has a shoulder strap, and Czech Army buttons.

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Description / Czech Military Bag

This Czech Military Canvas Bag is an authentic military surplus bag that has unlimited potential uses. These bags are sized right, are made to military standards, have features like an integrated shoulder strap and more. While the Czech army used these primarily as gas mask bags, we feel they are more general purpose bags due to the size and configuration of the main storage compartment.

We have sold these high quality Czech Army bags for many years and have noticed some minor differences over time. Some of the more vintage bags are made with heavier grade canvas than the newer bags. There are also differences in the way the buttons interact with the top flap where the newer bags use material to close the button while the older bags use what looks almost like Czech paracord.

  • Original Czech Army Gas Mask Bag
  • Vintage - 1970s Era Manufacture Dates
  • Made to Military Standards
  • Integrated Shoulder Strap
  • Internal Compartment has Three Storage Pockets
  • Czech Army "Crossed Swords" Buttons

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Very Good
Review by SomeGuy
Forgot to add- Would recommend this product.
Very Good
Review by SomeGuy
Been using it to take miscellaneous items to the range - stapler, hearing protection, tools, etc. Right size- doesn't take up too much room on the bench.
A very useful bag
Review by Conelrad
Just right for going out to shoot and carrying all those things necessary, with a better price than the 'other guys'
As advertised
Review by Gene
My bag arrived and is exactly as described. Condition was better than I anticipated. I haven’t used it yet, but will be soon. Likely to be used as a possibles bag for my black powder accoutrements.
A great, quality, basic bag.
Review by Ethan
Mine arrived in pretty much new condition. No pulls in the canvas, stains, or loose stitching. Very comfortable. This will be a wonderful range bag!
Must Have
Review by William
Yes, a Must Have. Another great item in great condition. Holds lunch, a six-pack of beer or some raingear. This and the Finnish one are classics.
Great do it all bag
Review by Michael
What a steal for the price. I use these for camera bags or other utility when on short trips. Plenty of room for a few items and big enough it doesn’t look like a purse. Should have gotten a few.
Good Quality at Great Price
Review by Dale
Bought 1 as a sample and then ordered 2 more. These are a great travel bag, carried important papers, camera and personal items on my motorcycle trips. Holds right amount of items, not to big and not to small, and is easy to store in a saddle bag. Makes a nice, small Range bag. Nice, adjustable shoulder strap. Very durable and great protection for all sorts of items. Buy 2 or more the first time so you don't have to reorder later.
Great satchel bag. Simple and retro
Review by James
I got mine on Daily Deals and it was a price I just couldn't pass up. Mine's marked from 1973. It's a simple, no-nonsense bag as others have said, but it has some features like the strap, a thin second strap that seemed designed to keep it secure to your person (which seems insane because the string would never hold up to combat or training if that is what it's for... I tied mine around itself just to tuck it out of the way.) And it has a little pocket on the inside. The flap over it is also a little silly in that it uses two dress shirt-like buttons to tie up, which isn't so bad, but not optimal in any way by modern standards. It also don't seal or zip up, so while large stuff like notebooks would never fall out, smaller items like a pen or penknife could. (Imagine what stuff soldiers could have lost back in the day with these?)

None of that is to diss the item, just to compare its use then to its place in nowadays. It's a neat little relic, and I like to use mine as a satchel (or manpurse if you prefer) to carry notebook, pens, books, or whatever I need for that day. Would be a cool school bag, a bag for the kids or their toys, a bag for tools or other stuff...
well made
Review by RM
These are very nice bags with multiple uses. There seems to be several varieties out there. Some of them have short flaps like the one shown that might limit closing it when full. I have others that have longer flaps. Either way, great small bag for almost anything. I use mine for ammo and brass at the range.
Great haversack
Review by Duke
Bought this from ebay and it makes a nice haversack to take some things on a day hike.
Great bag
Review by scott
Like these bags so much I have 3 of them. I washed one in the laundry with a very small amount of bleach 2 or 3 capfulls and it faded into more of a desert tan. So my advice is if you want it OD Green don't wash it if you want it tan wash it with a splash of Clorox
Nice shoulder bag
Review by Derek
Good size bag, my example was issued but in good condition. Can't beat it for the price.
Looks like a loaf of bread, fits a loaf of bread inside.
Review by seth
There's a reason these are called breadbags - they fit a good loaf inside nicely. Great for everyday use and quick access. I've had a few and they're all about the same shape.
Lots of open space!
Review by seth
I like this bag because it's a non-nonsense field bag without a lot of compartments. The buttons mean fast access to whatever I need, when I need it. The bag is also not made of a rough material, so it can easily adjust for over stuffing. Just be careful not to pop a button!
Neat little bag
Review by Greg
Fits a m65 gasmask and 1-2 filters well. A little wear but nothing to be worried about.
great haversack
Review by david
there was only two left in stock when i ordered mine. i was very happy when i got it, it was in perfect condition and for 8 bucks you cant beat it, these bags go for 20 bucks or more at the gun and knife shows in PA. there was no rips or holes in it at all nor was there stains. this bag will be with me on camping and hunting trips. there are 3 pockets on the inside, belt loops and 2 shoulder straps and it will be part of my bug out bag. thank you keep shooting
Solid haversack
Review by Philip
I bought this at the same time as a Finnish Gas Mask bag. This one has less interior pockets. I originally thought it was a thinner or flimsier bag. Its just lighter and made out of softer material. Possible a flaxen blend or something. But the stitching and construction is just as solid as the Finnish bag. The straps on this one are wider. There are also a couple webbing belt loops on the back. There are 2 useful interior pocket/loops and a miniscule pocket also.

It needs some minor cleanup, some fraying threads to cleanup on the inside and both loop pockets need some reinforcement sown on the bottom (they did the top of the loops correct and properly folded them over and sewed them down, but got lazy on the other side.
Overall condition VG. No rips, tears or stains.
Nice Czech Bag
Review by Dominic
Im pleased with my Czech surplus gear. I like the vintage feel of this bag and it goes along with the Czech m60 bag well. I feel like I'll be buying two more. I know i will always find a use for one. Great size for a first aid kit too.
Review by Choice
Super cheap haversack pick one up while you can.
Good bag
Review by Anthony
Bought two of these, countless uses, use one as a haversack when camping to gather tinder material in, and have the other rolled up in the bottom of my pack with my FAK stowed in it
Great value for a shoulder bag
Review by Edward
I've had this bag for almost a year now, and I've put it through a pretty good workout. I mostly use it for Boy Scouts where it acts as a means of transporting first aid supplies, as a survival kit, as a possibles bag, as an EDC bag , etc. You can really pack a lot of gear into it, and so far I haven't been able to spot any failures or weak spots in its construction even under a pretty heavy loadout. I think I will be purchasing a few more to setup as emergency kits for my vehicles.
Excellent Bag
Review by Bradley
This bag has many uses, especially on range day. Well made and worth every penny.
Czech Bag
Review by Jill
Extremely versatile bag that can be used for dozens of activities. I have even use it as a dump pouch for my spent magazines. These bags go for a lot more money elsewhere.
Review by Naci
Really good for gas masks and survival kits!The best one!
Great bag
Review by JAMES
I use it to store/carry my odd shaped SKS 20rd/TAPCO Magazines
Very fashionable!
Review by Timothy
I purchased these for two of my employees and they love them! They are more practical and fashionable than some handbags, and the Czech emblem and proof marks on these bags make them particularly interesting. One of the best small packs available on this site, as witnessed by the fact that they are often out of stock.
Well made pack
Review by skysoldier173d
After several of these arrived from Keep Shooting I was surprised to find they were larger than depicted in the catalog. I take these camping and fishing and they work out perfectly. Plenty of room inside,well made and stitched & the carrying strap is useful.
Great Czechoslovakian / Warsaw Pact Shoulder Bag
Review by Jedediah the GyroCaptain
This is a gas mask bag as issued by the Czechoslovakian Army (CSLA) during their time in the Warsaw Pact. The bag I received was in great condition, with no holes, rips or blemishes. The stitching is tight and intact. The bag is cotton canvas, drab brown in color, and is closed with two brown bakelite buttons with the CSLA crest. Inside there is one small pocket, and two wide loops. Originally intended to hold pieces to the gas mask, they work great holding a water bottle in place. The outside has a shoulder strap, a thinner strap that goes around your body to secure the bag, and two loops you can thread your belt through, to secure the bag to your side...Ebay dealers out of Europe are offering these bags at $30, so why not by them at a much better price from Keepshooting?
Czech Bag
Review by Brian
The uses for this bag are endless. Excellent deal for eight bucks.
Not a bad canvas bag
Review by AvidShooter
Not quite as sturdy as its us counterpart but a very spacious and well made bag. Fits Czech and other thinner gas masks very well.
Loop was worn and broke after 2 uses
Review by Harry
Size is about 11 x 10 x 4. Mine was like John. it had the loops of heavy cord. One of the loops looked warned. After using it twice, the look broke and now I have only one loop to close bag. That is why I gave it 3 stars in quality
I was using it as my pistol range bag. I will try my luck with another one
Very Nice Bag
Review by John
This is a very nice quality bag. Mine is well used, but in very good condition. I just consider it to be field tested.

Mine does have one small difference from the photo. Instead of the leather buttonhole tabs shown, mine has loops made of heavy cord. It's not an important difference in my opinion, but in case it matters to you, there it is.

Mine has a clip on a 2 ft. lanyard that comes from inside the bag. Not sure what that's intended for, but I can imagine putting a key ring on it. The keys wouldn't get lost, but you could still pull them out of the bag to use them.
Useful bag
Review by connor
Great bag but you should get more in stock would buy a lot more.
czech military bag
Review by cw
Fine quality for a cheap price
Review by Kevin
A bag perfect for lots of things. I used mine for carrying my lunch from home to school. Great quality for a cheap price.
Great buy
Review by Brenten
Bought 2 of these and they make great field bags or small vehicle emergency bag. Great Buy!!!
Quite good.
Review by Joseph
I bought one of these and they work well and are extremely durable and well made for the price.
Review by Pattie
Bought 2 of these bags...buying 2 more today.
Great buy
Review by bostonsurvival
Just got two of these bags, definitely a good buy. They are used and a bit musty of course (a quick wash and airing out should fix that), and if you want to adjust the shoulder strap, it's a bit tight, but it can certainly be done.

These are good additions to a Bug Out Bag as they are light and hold a decent amount of small items in them. Very easy to throw over the shoulder and go somewhere with. One for first aid, another for food..lots of possibilities.
Good bang for 2 bucks!
Review by GUNNER
I grabbed several of these bags when I was in the store. A great price at 2 bucks each.

I can imagine that the same bag would sell on the Sportsmans Guide or Cheeper than Dirt for much more.

Keepshooting beats their price.
Great range bag
Review by Steve
I bought 2 of these bags for myself and a friend. You can really tell that they are used, but that doesn't affect the usefulness of them. They are great for the range, and I highly recommend these bags. They are great for the price!

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