Czech Military M85 Parka – Includes Warm, Synthetic Fur Lining/Collar

Czech Military M85 Parka

One part Czech military surplus and one part stylish, cold-busting parka, the M85 is one piece of surplus winter wear that may actually enhance your ensemble. With a removable synthetic fur liner, this parka is sure to keep you toasty.

Description / Czech Military M85 Parka

Each Czech military M85 parka offered by is an authentic piece of Czech military surplus. These parkas were originally designed for and used by members of the army of the Czech Republic, which consists of the general staff of the Czech armed forces, joint forces and support and training forces. Because we cannot verify that these parkas were unissued, we have to assume that they are used even though many of them appear to be like new. As such, each parka is in excellent condition and is free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that are characteristic of military surplus. In other words, these parkas stand ready to shield you, Santa and anyone else from the harsh winter winds. If you are looking for a military surplus parka that does not look like a military surplus parka, consider Czech M85.

The Czech military M95 parka is a winter weather parka that consists of two layers. The outer layer is characterized by an olive drab shell that is constructed from a cotton/polyester blend and serves as a buffer for the elements. This outer layer boasts a number of features that include a full-zip front with a button storm flap, a turn-down collar and epaulets. Additionally, there are two slash "hand warmer" pockets as well as two button-flap pockets on the breast. The inner layer is a synthetic fur liner that is buttoned into the outer shell and provides for warmth. The only noteworthy aspect regarding the inner layer is the presence of soft elastic cuffs that serve to keep the elements from entering the sleeves of the parka. Joining the button-in synthetic fur lining is a button-in synthetic fur collar, fully capable of rendering scarves useless.

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Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great coats for the money
Review by Dave
I am 6'1" and about 210 - ordered an XL and it is very roomy and fits well. Also ordered a Medium for Mom (women's large) and it fits her but is roomy as well. Once you take the time to button in the liner, collar, hood, etc. (about 5000 buttons - well it seems like it :) , you have a heavy, albeit warm, coat that doesn't look mil-surplus and is good for yard work, snowy days, or even over suit to church/work. This is a great coat and worth the purchase if they have your size. Both seemed new/unissued or if they were used, it wasn't much. XL was missing one epaulet button but other than that, perfect!
The Price is Right
Review by Curt
This is a nice coat. I've seen them elsewhere for $45 and up. The liner is a little cheesy compared to an American Field Jacket. I washed it, and the zipper broke, but other than that it's a good jacket. I take a large but ordered a XL, and it fits perfectly.
Great coat, great price!
Review by Josh
The coat I received was unissued and in excellent condition except for that "surplus" smell. A couple of washes with vinegar should take care of that. I ordered XL and it fits perfectly with room for another layer underneath. Paid $30 with shipping and that's a bargain for such a well-made, heavy-duty coat! I'll probably order another when XL is back in stock.
good deal
Review by Terry
Very happy with it. Paid a couple of bucks extra and got an X LG. Good move as it fits great. Tried to get another one and they only had medium .Hopefully they'll get more.
Review by Dennis
Bought this to work outside around the house. After putting it all together (collar, liner and belt) it's nice enough and warm enough to wear anywhere. Would prefer a heavier zipper but besides that it's perfect.
Best deal in town.
Review by Sam
Outstanding product that is only made better by the price Keep Shooting offers it at. Parka is durable in all the right places yet not too heavy even with the liner and fur collar installed. Speaking of which, the fur collar is awesome. It does a fantastic job of trapping heat and gives the parka that distinct "Eastern Bloc" look. Earlier this week we got a bunch of snow dumped on us in the Midwest and this parka has made hiking in the snow pleasant and comfortable. The parka has four pockets, two breast pockets and two corduroy hand pockets that do a fantastic job of keeping your hands warm. That being said, I wish there was slightly more storage space. While the breast pockets are able to hold various small items, they're roughly only the size of a modern cellphone so space will fill up quick. Not a big deal if what you're wearing under this has pockets, but it would be nice to have an included internal pocket/Makarov holster. The hood is funky too. Maybe its just me having a big dome but I personally find it to be too tight for my head, however the hood is detachable so no harm and no foul in just not attaching it to the parka. A fun side note about the hood though, the button slots line up perfectly with the buttons on the inside of the East German jacket collars so if you've got one of those you've now got an attachable hood for it. Overall this parka is awesome and for the price that it is currently listed at I believe you'll do yourself a disservice if you don't add this to your collection. Stay warm out there, comrade!
Excellent for the price!
Review by Mike
I'm 6'2" with long arms so I got the XL. The biggest problems I have with coats is the sleeve length and these M85 parkas fit fine in XL. I got it to replace an old London Fog coat that became my favorite work outside barn coat. I REALLY liked that old coat but it has fallen completely apart over the last 20 years. This M85 parka is the best replacement I've found. The only thing I would add would be more pockets on the outside and maybe on the inside. I kept a had and gloves in the outside pockets of my old coat. I might see if I can add some outside pockets somehow.

I bought one of these parkas and saw that I really liked it so I ordered another to keep in the trunk of my car. The first one was like new, but some of the buttons on the liner were in the wrong place. Easy fix. The second one didn't have that problem, but the liner seems to have show some prior use. That one will probably go in the trunk.

The liners make the coat super warm. They work just fine without the liner too.

The color is more OD green than in the picture.

TIP: the fur collar will fit in one breast pocket and the removable hood will fit in the other breast pocket. It's a tight fit for both but they do fit. That's how I store them. Haven't had to use them yet. Also, a good treatment with some Camp Dry would be a good thing. That's what I plan to do.

I don't really like the zipper, but it does look about like the zipper on the old London Fog coat that lasted so long, so maybe it's fine. Something just seems a little weak about the zipper, but most folks say that it looks like a good strong zipper to them. Maybe it's just the wimpy zipper pull that I don't like. I can probably replace the pull with some cordage or something.

But overall I think this is a GREAT deal on a good, general purpose work coat that, aside of the OD green color, doesn't look too military.
Great value
Review by Kevin
I normally wear a medium to a large, and this jacket fits me with space underneath to comfortably fit a base layer. The lining is missing two buttons, but it is still securely held to the outer jacket. The collar is the same wool blend material as the lining, and does a very good job at keeping the wind off your neck. Would recommend.
Good Value
Review by Ray
5' 11", 140 lb. MEDIUM purchased. I'm bit on the slim side, to say the least, but this fits very well. I barely fill the arms, but with a bit of alteration that can be fixed.
Excellent material quality - durable and comfortable - although my particular issue was used with torn nylon(?) cords towards the hem of the coat. Warm even without the liner attached.
Purchased at $14.95 USD. Would do it again for a hopefully better issue, but that's wishful thinking!
Total Satisfaction
Review by JERRY
I'm 5'6"/ 135 lbs. Size:Medium. Size and fit perfect with room to spare.
Order your actual size.I purchased two,both arrived in new/unused condition. Total satisfaction.
makes a great over coat
Review by Michael
I'm 5'11" 205lbs and this size XL coat will work nice as a over coat when I'm wearing a suit and tie. Just enough room when used without the liner for wearing a suit jacket. Can keep the snow, rain, wind out and protect my suit. Definitely warm with the coat liner and used for casual wear, too. Can fit any occasion, really. Such a good deal for $19.95
great price
Review by robert
It's a great jacket for the price the only complaint that I have is that one of the buttons was missing when I received it.
Great coat for the price
Review by Scott
Coat arrived quickly and is as described. New, unused condition with button-in liner, fur collar, and hood.
The only issue I have with this is that the zipper is designed for left-hand use, while I'm used to zipping up jackets with my right hand. That will take some getting used to, but I may just have a different zipper put on. I'd prefer a heavier gauge zipper than what is there.
But, overall, this is a purchase I am happy with and have recommended to others. It's a very fair price for a good coat and was a no-hassle transaction, which I appreciate.
No better coat for $19.95
Review by Timothy
Very nice coat! I am 6'1" and about 200lbs. I purchased a size XL and it fits perfect. The coat I received was brand new and never worn. Very pleased. Thanks Keepshooting!
Very nice
Review by Dave
I'm 5'11, 200lbs, muscular. The XL fit perfect. I like the fit and quality of the jacket, and you can't go wrong for the price. Shipping was fast, and the transaction was no hassle at all. I like the fact that the liner is removable so you can wash it. I use a lot of surplus military equipment for bumming around in and this will make a great addition to my 'stuff'. The Czechs make decent gear, and this is no exception. In short, get yourself one, you won't be disappointed.
Colonel Klink watch out. Fine used coat.
Review by Joe
Good value used coat. My inner liner a bit hammered but repairable- missing a few buttons & no outer belt. Fur collar reminds me of Hogans Heros Col. Klink. Getting East German web belt for replacement. Od green color an Eastern Europe shade of green / brown looks good. Old lip balm on zippers work well on metal teeth.
Review by sam
this is a very good value mine came new, if it was american made it would cost at lest 100,00 .
Great Bargain !
Review by WILLIAM
It has been said that the Czechs are 'the Swiss of Eastern Europe', and the quality of their Mil-Spec equipment pretty much universally reflects that observation. This is a warm, sturdy, good-looking, and well-made item. The button-in lining is likely some kind of polyolefin or similar lightweight insulation, but it's warm. I like the coat better without the optional collar-piece that matches the liner material, so I left that off. I also haven't decide what to do with the attachable hood, but that item is also separate and attachable, so it functions as a stand-alone winter equipment item in its own right. I don't particularly care for the belt, but I figure that I can easily eliminate it, and upgrade to an attachable web belt with a Fastex-style buckle. That's one of the great things about this coat, it's customizable to one's own liking. It's also a great Value for the dollars spent. Would I order another one of these ? Definitely ! I believe in having and keeping spares, and in this case, that's a very affordable pleasure. Order Fulfillment and Shipping are very fast, too.
Good material
Review by Bob
I like this coat a lot, and I have bought two of these coats on another site. But plan on buying more now from Keep Shooting because their price is better.
Well made coat at a reasonable price
Review by William
I ordered the extra large size , it's a good fit on me. I'm 6'2. 200lbs. The coat is in like new condition, but it has been used, I know this because I found two Czech military handkerchiefs in the pocket (new handkerchiefs). It's a well made coat , it should last a while.
The coat came with three gold stars on the two shoulder epaulets , I guess it once was issued to an officer.
I buttoned in the fake fur liner and collar and tried it on ,the liner and collar adds a little weight but that only makes it feel that much warmer.It will be a good warm winter coat.
If you're looking for a good coat at a fair price,you'll be happy with this one.
Great value for quality item
Review by brent
First of all, I'll address the sizing. I am 5'9" and weigh 185. I purchased a medium and it is a good fit for me. There is still room for a few layers underneath as well. Some European surplus clothing seems to run a little on the small size, but I would consider this true to what we generally get in the US. My parka is in excellent condition and while I will have ot wait several months to try it out in cold weather, I can say that I am confident it will do the job. It is well made and very heavy duty. If you're sick of shopping for a quality winter coat only to find cheaply made jackets for $100+, look no further. This $20 parka beats them all.
Great Jacket
Review by Glen
Very well made jacket with liner and "neck" fur. This is a very well made jacket, however, this jacket is for people with a "trim' waste. The neck fur and some other pices have to be attached to jacket, but, like I said a great value and a great jacket.
My New Daily Coat
Review by matt
This coat is so practical you can wear it out on the town or you can wear it on your hunting trip .The Fux Fur on the collar helps keep you warm and it can also be removed if you don't like that look. Liner is made of a heavy wool Like material their is a zipper to close the mine was worn out after a few use out but the thick metal snap buttons hold up and do an outstanding job keeping me warm and toasty. Liner can be removed and used when the weather gets warmer this coat can be used almost for every season. You would never guess it was Military Surplus this Coat blends in with whatever you wear and will be able to get years of service out of it. Excellent price for an excellent coat well worth the money. My coat had no signs of wear or tear looked brand new out of the box this coat will keep you warm even at Temps at 32°F.

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