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Czech Military Tank T55 Poster

We have an extremely rare Tank Poster for sale. This is a Czech Military T55 Tank Diagram Poster. If you want to have cool posters to decorate your room or office, this will be a great choice!

Description / Czech Military Tank T55 Poster

  • Size: 46.625" x 33"
  • Czech Tank T55A M2
  • Brand New
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    Manufacturer Czech Army Surplus

    Customer Reviews

    Awesome poster well-worth the price!
    Review by Shaun
    This is definitely an interesting piece! This large poster arrived with some wrinkles from shipping, but no damage to the main design and nothing that a good frame won't cure. Can't wait to get it up on my wall!
    cool poster to hang in man cave
    Review by Marcel
    ill be buying one
    Review by Pat
    A nice addition to the wall-decorations. If I ever learn Czech, it'll be a great informational piece! (And where else are you gonna find a T55 poster?)
    This poster is huge
    Review by Perry
    Alright, so this poster is obviously a T-55AM2 diagram depicting various aspects of the tank itself. As such, it covers a lot of data in Czech which obviously will be a challenge to decipher if you're not familiar with the language. It'll also cover a good portion of your wall because this poster is so gigantic. You will need to use your mattress to flatten out this poster. Also, it's from 1988, so it's from the Czechoslovak era back when it was the Czechoslovak People's Army.
    This poster is pretty awesome and you should get it.

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