Czech Vz58 Magazine

The Czech Vz58 Magazine is a military surplus magazine for the Czech Vz58 rifle. These are original military surplus magazines for the Vz58 and will work in any Vz58 style rifle or pistol. Each magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition and is an authentic Czech army surplus item.

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Since 2008 there have been many companies producing their own version of the Vz58 using surplus parts from the Czech Army. Many reviewers have given very high marks to the Vz58 for how it performs when put up against other AK-47 style rifles. With the introduction of semi-automatic versions of the Vz58 there has been a growing interest in this unique AK-47 like rifle.

Like all new rifle owners Vz58 purchasers immediately want to stock up on accessories for their new rifle. We have the very best accessory for the Vz58 available right now. What would be the best Vz58 accessory? Military surplus magazines for the Vz58 Rifle of course are the best accessories for Vz58 Rifle owners. Now available at a great price this is the time to stock up on magazines for your Vz58 rifle.

  • Czech Republic Army Surplus Magazines
  • Original Vz58 30-rd Magazines - Works with Vz2000 and Vz2008 Rifles Too!
  • Made from Aluminum
  • Holds 30 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammunition
  • Blued Steel
  • Surplus Used Magazines 

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Customer Reviews

Rapid Delivery
Review by Jayson Y.
Verified Buyer
I bought three clips and they all work.
Should have ordered twice as many
Review by John
Verified Buyer
I bought four of these. Upon arrival I found them to be in either like new or maybe even new condition. I mean, they were flawless. I have used that carbine in two tactical carbine courses, and the performance of both the rifle and the mags was flawless. I hope they get more in soon.
Good but a little worn
Review by TheMadMarine
Verified Buyer
I ordered 6 of them. Shipping and handling to Atlanta, GA was 3 days. Shipping price was fair. Mags have functioned great, no issues. The only thing I would say is mags had more used then I expected. Most of the finish on the plate cover and mag insert was gone. But for $14.95 you can't find a better deal.
very reasonable
Review by Sam
Verified Buyer
I ordered 6 of this milsurp mags. Two of them were more or less brand new, 1 was like new, and 3 were well used with pretty worn finishes. None of the followers seem to be cracked and all appear to be in working order. I would buy again in a heartbeat.
Good Price, Excellent Customer Service
Review by Ed
Verified Buyer
I ordered three of these magazines. Two were in very good condition, one showed some scratches and a bit of wear on the front lugs. One of the very good magazines would only load 11 rounds before the follower jammed. On further examination the body of the magazine appeared to have been twisted slightly during manufacture. This defect was not really noticable until the magazine was disassembled. Patty authorized a return of the defective magazine and six days later I received a replacement magazine that appears to be brand new (no marks of any kind!). I am very pleased with the price and quality of theses magazines. Even more pleased with the outstanding customer service. Hope to be buying more of these magazines when they're back in stock.
Very Pleased
Review by Dontrail J.
Verified Buyer
Would Recommend this mag
Excellent Deal
Review by Henry G.
Verified Buyer
I purchased four clips and they all work.
Good for my use
Review by Dewyane Z.
Verified Buyer
Happy with this transaction.
Terrific Price
Review by Brogan O.
Verified Buyer
Pleased with this purchase.
Very Satisfied
Review by Majed R.
Verified Buyer
These magazines are excellent. Would absolutely buy again.
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