Desert Camouflage Tool Bag

If you are happen to be looking for a new tool bag, then look no further than the desert camouflage tool bag from Built tough and with enough storage space to carry a small hardware store, the desert camouflage tool bag offers everything you could possible want in a tool bag, including slots, pockets, pouches and more.

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Every now and then, we here at like to spice up our product line with brand new, limited quantity products that seem too good to be true. Well, today just happens to be one of those days. Our new desert camouflage tool bag is one of the best products to come through our warehouses in a long time. Unfortunately, there are not too many of them to be had. So if you want one of these brand new, high quality tool bags, then you should probably act quickly.

Each desert camouflage tool bag features a tough nylon construction and measures approximately 19 inches long, seven inches wide and eight inches deep, offering a great deal of storage space. In addition to the spacious main compartment, which features an oversized zipper and includes specialized slots for up to 12 handled tools, each side of the tool bag is flanked by a tri-chambered pouch. Each pouch offers three separate pockets – two measuring six inches by 3 1/2 inches and one measuring 11 inches by six inches – that is covered by a snap-fastened closure flap. Other features include heavy-duty canvas carrying handles and a hard plastic liner for the bottom of the bag.

As for the look of the desert camouflage tool bag, you can probably figure out on your own that it is plastered with the desert camouflage pattern. Prominently featured in the United States' Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU), the desert camouflage pattern is a tri-colored camouflage pattern combining swaths of light tan, pale green and brown. Nicknamed "coffee stain camouflage," the desert camouflage pattern was developed to replace the six-colored camouflage pattern originally developed in 1962 and featured prominently in the Gulf War known as "chocolate chip camouflage." It has since been phased out and replaced by the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

There you have it – the desert camouflage tool bag in all of its glory. Just do us a favor and avoid blindly dumping a bucket full of tool into it. Keep it organized and it will serve you for a lifetime. Consider the desert camouflage tool bag for:

- Travel bag

- Medical kit

- Range bag

- Roadside assistance bag

- Survival kit

- Much more…

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