Drager M65 Gas Mask with Swedish NBC 381 Filter - German Army Surplus Gas Mask

Drager M65 Gas Mask

The Drager M65 Gas Mask is a military surplus gas mask from the German army. After being officially selected by the German armed forces, the M65 has been the gold standard for NBC defense. Having been the primary NBC gas mask of the German army from 1965 until the early 2000s the M65 is still used by supporting role soldiers in the German army.

Description / Drager M65 Gas Mask

The M65 Gas Mask by Drager is one of the most successful gas mask designs ever produced. Mixing the requirements of the German army along with cutting edge German engineering the M65 delivers the best value for NBC protection. Entering production in the late 1960s, the M65 is still in use today by the German military and many industrial users.

One of the features that makes the M65 stand out is the use of acrylic glass for the eye pieces. By using acrylic glass the field of vision is increased and your vision is sharp and clear. The design of the air intake and exhaust on the M65 ensures no air passes over the lenses making them free from fog as long as the mask is properly fitted and worn.

No matter how your head is shaped, the M65 can be adjusted to fit you properly. This adjustment starts with the five point harness that holds the M65 to the users face. Each of the five adjustment points has numbers marked so you can quickly record what position of each strap fits you best. Further comfort and a better seal is achieved with this harness system and the M65's built in flap of rubber that surrounds the face piece of the mask. If you wear your M65 for a long period of time you will appreciate how much more comfortable the M65 is compared to other gas masks.

  • German Drager M65 Gas Mask
  • Authentic German Army Surplus Gas Mask
  • Olive Drab Green Color
  • 5-Point Adjustable Harness
  • One Size Fits Most Design
  • Includes Sealed Swedish NBC-381 NBC Filter
  • Uses Nato Standard 40mm Filters

Customer Reviews

Review by Grok
This is an excellent mask. Mine came appearing to be brand new and included a new sealed filter. This makes it an even better deal. I will order a few more if they come back into stock.
Great Mask Unbelievably low price
Review by Bernard
Drager corporation has made emergency and safety equipment for fire rescue and the military for over a hundred years. A friend of mine worked for drager usa in the Pittsburgh area and I know first hand thier equipment is top notch. These masks are a steal.
Great mask great price
Review by Izaiah
It's a very nice mask and fits me very well. It came in perfect condition and relatively qiuckly as well. The eyepieces came unscratched or smudged and provide a nice clear view. One thing I found interesting was that the product description and informational table state there is no included filter but mine came with an unused NATO standard filter sealed in foil. Overall a great mask at a nice price point.
Review by Walther
The mask I received was has a little bit of paint flicked off around the eye peieces, but other than that the item is perfect! The filter is vacuum sealed, and the mask fits my large head rather well after some slight adjustments. Fully serviceable and a piece I trust!
Just in case
Review by Joe
Mine is used but well cared for. Lend are clear/ no scratches, good face seal and large size fit well , rubber straps and face on good shape. NBC filter included. Thread on mask a little worn but hope seal is good for filter. .
GREAT value for price. Slightly bigger fit than M15.
Review by James
Came with paint scratched around the lens frame, but I didn't care. Filter and mask are great and great for value. The more expensive Israeli M15 is based almost completely off the M65, but I found that the M15 didn't fit my big head quite right, whereas the Drager M65 did. They are fairly small masks, but unless your head is huge, you should fit them, especially this Drager. Super cool olive-y color, I actually like it better than the black of M15's and many other gas masks.
Great deal new or like new is what I received,ordered two,one was New.
Review by jim
This is a great deal ordered two one is brand new the other was almost new no scratches on lenses at all,also came with brand new foil-wrapped filters,You just can not go wrong on these for the price thats for sure!
Good Shape
Review by Dan
Mask received as pictured. Was glad to see the filter vacuumed sealed in foil. Not sure if it is still good but at least it was packaged to last. Had to order a bag separately.
my favorite
Review by thehoopie
I ordered 1 one these to make sure it was quality before I ordered any more. If I didn't like it my son said he wanted to wear it while he played Black ops. I love it!! Some paint was scratched off around the lens holders but the lenses weren't scratched at all. I own 2 other kinds of masks and this by far is my favorite. It's heavy and thick. I get a great seal! It came with a foil wrapped nbc filter and I ordered another filter as a spare. I have another mask on the way. I used UPS shipping in it was here in 3 days!! Very pleased.
Good mask
Review by Greg
The straps take a bit of fiddling to get right. Some wear and scratches all over but barley noticeable for me.
Review by Shane
The lenses are a bit scratched and there is cosmetic damage, however it works well and came clean with a sealed filter. Glad I purchased this as my first gas mask as it is a 'one size fits all', I was able to adjust it easily and I plan on purchasing some filters in the near future.
Great mask
Review by jon
I am really pleased with this mask. Like all the reviews , the lenses are a little scratched. But I have some sun glasses that are in worse shape. The mask was clean and the filter was sealed. Will I get another one? I just did. Thank you KeepShooTing.com . Good doing business with you.
Review by Trevor
I ordered This gas mask along with an East German gas mask bag. The bag will fit 4 filters plus the gas mask. The gas mask came as described, They are used. Lenses were fairly clear with some scratches but not too bad, I didn't notice them when I was wearing it; the mask its self had some wear and paint missing around the eye pieces, no big deal. Other than that It's great, More comfortable than my Israeli counterpart. Mask comes with one filter. I ordered 3 more NBC 40mm 381 swiss filters along with it, all came sealed with no leaks. Always happy with KeepShooting. Thanks.
good deal
Review by jamie
This is used gear, so this is to be expected, but the lenses had a number of cumulative scratches over it's time of use so the visibility is a bit impaired; however the spare filter is a deal in itself with the mask combo. Fits well, seals well. good deal
Bad for glasses
Review by Isaac
Well, if you aren't wearing glasses, this is a really wicked gas mask. It fits extremely snug, which is what you want, and it really is an air tight seal around your mouth and nose. I actually bought this as part of a Halloween costume, and it rocked.
Review by Seth
My mask only came in a plastic bag, with one filter still in sealed packaging. The mask was very clean with very few scratches on the lenses. The fit is nice and not too uncomfortable, plus the circulation system minimized fog on the lenses. Visibility is good for a gas mask and the others can hear your voice pretty well. Very quick to put on once the straps are adjusted. The color of mine was a very dark green. Cant beat $18 on a mask.
great mask!
Review by Mike
I had a bit of a shock when I first put it on. neglecting to check the inside, I placed it on and got a mouthful of something I'm not even sure of. upon looking inside, I found minor debris like a spider had made a home in it. This is literally my only complaint, everything else is top notch after I cleaned it out, I found the comfort to be amazing! it's very silent when breathing and it folds up well for easy storage!

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