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  • Dutch Army Desert Camo Field Pants Dutch Army Desert Camo Field Pants
  • Dutch Army Desert Camo Field Pants - Side View Dutch Army Desert Camo Field Pants - Side View

Dutch Army Desert Camo Field Pants

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The Dutch Army Desert Camouflage Field Pants are an authentic pair of Dutch army surplus pants. The desert camouflage tri-color pattern that the Dutch army used to produce these field pants is very similar to the Desert Camouflage Uniform pattern that the US Army used from 1993-2004.

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The Dutch Army has been a member of NATO since the formation of the alliance. Far from being just a NATO member, the Dutch have fought alongside the American army in virtually every war as allies. What this has resulted in is the Dutch Army has many times adopted US military pattern camouflage and equipment for use and issuance to their own troops.

These Dutch Army Desert Camouflage Field Pants are a great example of how the Dutch Army has adopted gear from the United States for us by their own forces. The Dutch Desert Camouflage is almost identical to the US Army Desert Camouflage Uniform pattern. This makes these Dutch Army pants ideal for those wanting the look and feel of the first Gulf War and cannot find the correct US Army pants.

The Dutch Army uses a very unique but easy to convert size system for their uniforms. For pants the sizing will be four numbers followed by a slash and then four numbers. For example 7585/7080. The first four set of numbers should be seen as 175 and 185 and are for the height of the soldier, which would be between 175 and 185cm. The second set of four numbers represents the waist, which would be between 70 and 80cm. Using this system of measurement will allow you to select the pair of Desert Camouflage pants that will fit you best.

  • Authentic Dutch Army Surplus Pants
  • Tri-Color Desert Camouflage
  • Two Snap Closed Hip Pockets
  • Two Front Slash Pockets
  • Zippered and Button Front
  • NSN# 8405-17-103-6653

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dutch Army Surplus
Free Shipping No
Construction Polyester Blend
Condition Surplus Used
  1. Dutch Army camo pants review by What would Patton do? on 8/29/2016

    These pants are perfect. They are not too light and not too heavy. They fit great and have a nice cut to them. I love the hook and loop waist. It allows for quick resizing, especially after a buffet lunch.

  2. nice for well used trouser review by Joe on 5/11/2016

    Own a donated US desert top, needed trouser, issue 1 each. Price affordable, not same as ours in textile strength, but comfortable you bet . Get sized up for the pattern alone. Snap pocket better than noisy velcro . Value priced comfort , with waist velcro makes on/off ease., thanks

  3. Amazing if you actually know Dutch Quality review by Edwin on 5/7/2016

    As I own a pair of Netherlands Jungle Camouflage pants w/ the matching top, I have seen the best (and arguably rarest) of Modern Dutch military quality. These pants right here are a tough rival of the USGI 3-color pants.

    I for one like the fabric much better already, it isn't much lighter than NYCO rip-stop however it isn't stiff and heat trapping like NYCO, it is a breathable fabric. You can actually go through day to day and sit down for a while without sweating from the waist down in these. Also the coloration of the fabric is about the same as the USGI so you can use the same gear interchangeably, probably noticeable with printing differences against an american top though. Yes, they copied the US, they copy pretty much all of their camouflage with permission.

    The Velcro waistband is a godsend for guys with smaller waists like myself but I can probably say the same for bigger folks as well. Whoever makes fun of combat pants for having Velcro probably has unique insecurities, it's an amazing design feature that is way better than USGI waist adjustment tabs.

    The snaps are easy to close and they are pretty nice quality, I love zipper flys in place of buttons, and it only has buttons in the right places. The back trouser pocket, and as the top button on the fly.

    Only cons I would list are slight durability issues, the fabric will hold up but will not isolate tears, and there is no reinforcement on the knees, so you better be wearing knee pads.

    Being a guy who owns and wears a lot of camouflage pants, you'd be a bit dim not to snag these.

  4. Not bad but barely review by Black Dragon Tactical Traplord on 5/4/2016

    These trousers cost 12 bucks give or take, but frankly that's the only thing they have going for them. I kind of hate cotton/poly blends and I think only subhuman militaries use polyester, period. (See, e.g., Her Majesty's Royal Whatever.) If you are a legit world power (that is to say, if you are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) you will use a cotton/nylon blend like God and Congress intended. I will try anything twice though, and such willingness to debase myself has led me to a few garments in my wardrobe that have a bit of polyester in them but which I can tolerate. (See Her Majesty's Royal Pants, supra.) Some cotton/poly blends, then, are not that bad.

    Not so the Dutch. Frankly, the Netherlands is perhaps the most inconsequential and uncool of any NATO country; certainly of any founding NATO country. I don't know if you guys understand how uncool Luxembourg is, but do a little research and you will realize how much I hate the Dutch. I didn't hate them before I bought these 12 dollar pants, though. I already owned a few pairs of Dutch socks, which were misshapen and too long for a normal sized human being. That's fine, I can always make a shooting sock from them. But these pants. Oh man, these pants. The fabric feels cheap. The cut is horrible, like Dutch people don't even care about looking stupid out in public. The camo pattern is a rip-off of USA coffee stain desert camo, but it's like they didn't even try to make it look right. There is literal velcro on these pants.

    Look, if you have 12 bucks and need some pants for Afghanistan or Southern California, go for it. But don't expect glorious United States of America design and craftsmanship, because the Dutch just can't manage anything close to that. These pants make me feel quixotic. Let me assure you, I have no idea what quixotic actually means, but what I'm trying to say is that these pants make me want to go murder a windmill just because I hate the Dutch that much.

    3/5 might buy again

  5. like em' review by jon on 4/27/2016

    I like these pants. Great fit. Light weight. Comfortable.

  6. Decent deal, very thin material review by Chris on 4/17/2016

    I'm satisfied with these, but such a cool fabric has the drawback of probably not being very durable, so keep that in mind. One of the cargo pockets on my pair has the stitching torn out along entire vertical length on one side, but is repairable (fabric is not torn, or just barely so). Size Dutch Size 9000/8090 (74" - 78" tall / 31-35" Waist) is true to measurement. This is a well-made garment with the inherent limitation of the very thin fabric (thinner than summer weight NYCO 50/50 or Poly/Cotton 60/40 American ripstop fabric). I read that the thin British desert fabric also had a durability issue, if that's accurate.

  7. Don't say "pink." review by Frank on 3/11/2016

    First off, they're quality trousers. The size conversion is right on the money, too, which is always a concerned when going from metric to standard measurements.

    The waist adjustment is a large velcro strap on both sides with a split of fabric below it to the wells of the front pockets. One isn't adjusting the waist band so much as creating it. An unusual way to do it, but one has to make sure to keep the velcro aligned to prevent tabs sticking up or down along what would normally be the seam. It seems to be robust, but if I were to put any serious weight in the cargo pockets I'd opt for a belt. It also has a cigarette pocket on the lower right leg just above the boot line. At least that's all I ever put in the similar pocket on US Army ACU trousers.

    What would be light tan on US Army desert camouflage isn't. It's "desert sand." Not pink - oh, no, not pink. Say it with me...desert saaannnnd. My wife, who is uneducated in most matters military, had to be educated in this regard repeatedly with mixed success.

    For the price and quality I think they're a Must Buy.

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