Dutch Camo Pack Strap - 33 Inch Long Tie Down

Dutch Camo Pack Strap

Originally issued to Dutch military forces, these camo pack straps can be repurposed to practically any need where you require secure tie downs. Each camo pack strap measures in at just over 33 inches, has a friction loop buckle, and is designed in woodland camo.

Description / Dutch Camo Pack Strap

With each camo pack strap measuring over 33 inches, you'll have plenty of length to:

  • Secure pouches to your back pack
  • Tie down tarps
  • Secure gear to your rifle butt-stock
  • and hundreds of other options!

Customer Reviews

Strong and lightweight strap
Review by Duncan
These straps are strong and lightweight suited for smaller tasks due to the length. I got four, two each for our wool blankets.
Review by Kyle
Just over a dollar a piece, these are going to have plenty of uses, I decided to add 8 of them to my order.
Already have both of my wool blankets wrapped with a couple of em.
Thick webbing, well attached plastic strap buckle.

Review by Justin
I bought 4 of these and once I saw the quality, I wish I would have ordered 8. For just over a buck I will probably add one or two of these to every order I make with KS. I am going to use mine to secure bed rolls when camping, but you can use these for just about anything. These are thick and wide. Made very well.
Review by Michael
Can't find these anywhere else..and if I could, it certainly wouldn't be for this price, especially for what appears to be brand new straps.

These are just about the most handy little lightweight but strong as hell straps you'll ever come across.

Incredibly versatile.. Every time I place an order here, I add at least 2. It's just good practice.

Simply Put, if you enjoy the outdoors at all.. You can never have enough of these straps.. Also make great gifts :)
million and 1 uses
Review by William
got 2 of these with my last order. kind of a why not purchase but for the price why not i knew i would find a use for them and glad i did i purchased a US tent from a yard sale and plan on using them to keep every thing together but the straps are nice and strong and the fasteners are really high quality far as plastic goes
Great Product
Review by Robert
Use them for cinching up wool blankets, bedrolls, etc. Can never have too many straps-especially at this price.
1000 uses
Review by Rob
Love these for cinching up bed rolls & such. They are sturdy and lightweight and CHEAP. Buy twice as many as you think you need or you will be back to buy more later.
Must have
Review by The Oregonian
I buy a few of these straps every time I order from KS. They are excellent quality-way better than anything produced for the civilian market. They work for about anything and they stay where you put them, plenty of friction.I like them in particular for cinching down sleeping bags. I also like them for strapping canoes together in calm water while floating downstream. CALM water, as it takes some time to un-strap them when used in this capacity.
get some
Review by alan
These are nice little straps at a great price. I have found many uses for them. From hunting to compression straps for your gear.
Great Buy
Review by Dominic
These straps were at such a low price i just picked a few up because i know i can use them just in case some straps on my bags and equipment break, and they're in good shape
3rd time is the charm
Review by John
Yes, I bought these for the 3rd time. I have found so many uses for them from replacing broken straps to containing my sleeping bag bivy with a wool blanket for warmer knights.
Great Dutch accessory
Review by Andrew
A handy Dutch accessory to go with my collection of Dutch DPM field gear.
Review by cody
Used one to secure sleeping bag. Than used one on lawn mower. Awesome to have on hand.
Superb quality for the price...get some!
Review by JARED
Not much to add to the others reviews...you simply can't go wrong with these for a buck a pop! Look to be unissued or have just seen light use (may be marked with soldaat's name, etc). Dutch kit is always well made and usually pretty reasonably priced. The Dutch use a variant of temperate DPM camo almost exactly like that of the British and, unlike the British kit, it's barely used when released to surplus. If you need some solid DPM utility straps that haven't seen 20 years of hard use don't pass these up!
Super straps
Review by troy
I have purchased two bunches of ten of these and they are great. They are just long enough to bundle everything from tarps to extension cords. Put a few together and you use them as tie downs in your truck or singly on your ATV. Keep some in the vehicle and put a few in the B.O.B.
great straps
Review by chris
these straps are great, i bought these similar ones for $5 each, but at .99 cents you cant beat this price, i will be ordering this when i place my next order
Great Replacement Straps.
Review by John
Dutch Camo Pack Straps come in perfectly for emergency repair of equipment lashings and tie downs. Great at full price, a steal at the sales price, I may order more.
great deal
Review by don
these can be used to lash down things, secure extension cords, hoses, secure sleeping bag rolls, whatever. very handy and sturdy. You can use two together for additional length.
Good Quality
Review by Jake
These straps are just the right size. They have strapped everything I have needed them to from blankets to rolled up clothes in my pack. For the price you can't beat them either.
camo strap
Review by Daniel
great if you need some spare straps
Incredible bargain
Review by Edward
For $1 these can't be beat. They work great to secure my wool blankets. I will be ordering more on my next purchase.
Never can have two many
Review by danny
Great strong and lite straps 101 uses. Keep shooting prices the best
Cant beat this deal
Review by Vilke
You can never have too many of these. Great for all kinds of uses and at less than a buck, you can not beat this deal.
Review by Joe
Already on my gear, great straps, price and quality are better than anything I could buy locally.
For less than a buck...Why not?
Review by Bobby
Bought three just for the heck of it. All three were brand new.
Great for securing your gear!!!
Review by John
These straps are great! I bought name brand straps several weeks ago for 3X as much and they do not come close to the quality/cost of these straps.
Pack Straps
Review by John
These are very nice...and they appear to be brand new! I paid $5.99 for a set of two a couple of months ago and these are just as nice or nicer! Great deal and FAST shipping.
Review by cody
These things are super useful. Great quality and very well made!!! Love them. Thx guys!
Great price, multiple uses
Review by Logan
These straps are great and at $1 you can't beat it. Multiple uses and great qualify. I should have gotten more!
fine job
Review by Holly
Had to secure some stuff to the roof rack for a camping trip and these worked great.
great item
Review by Robert
A great item that is a steal at its current price of .99. Can't beat the price of about a buck. Perfect for the hiker or backpacker. Can be used for various tasks.

Keep a few on hand for whatever you may need
Get these straps
Review by Robert
These straps are great to have to lash items to your pack or to wrap up your bedroll or tarp or let your imagination guide you.

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