Dutch Camo Winter Cap

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The Dutch Camouflage Winter Cap is a cold weather hat from the Dutch Army. Made from a polyester blend with synthetic fur liner, you are sure to stay warm wearing this authentic Dutch army cap. Whether you wear it with the flaps up or down, you'll find the Dutch had the right idea when they made this cap their standard issue winter hat for all of their soldiers.

The Dutch Camouflage Winter Cap is a camo pattern trapper style hat. Most people associate this style of hat with the cartoon character Elmer Fudd, but virtually every fighting force in the world utilizes this style of hat for winter weather. The warmth and protection the trapper hat provides for soldiers is second to none, and civilians everywhere flock to this type of hat and have done so for decades.

  • Authentic Dutch Army Surplus Hat
  • Woodland DPM Camouflage Pattern
  • Synthetic Fur Liner for Superior Warmth
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