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Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Chemical-Free Protection from Mosquitoes and Other Pests

Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net


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  • Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Chemical-Free Protection from Mosquitoes and Other Pests Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Chemical-Free Protection from Mosquitoes and Other Pests
  • Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Carrying Bag Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Carrying Bag
  • Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Three-Way Zippers Dutch Field Cot Mosquito Net – Three-Way Zippers

Quick Overview

Insects are quite the annoyance. And while I generally try to respect the lives of other living things, insects often find themselves getting the short end of the stick so to speak. In case that was unclear, that means I find myself orphaning spider youth pretty frequently.  But the number one offender is the mosquito.

It may not look like much, but the mosquito is responsible for more annual deaths worldwide than any other insect and is thought by many to be among the world’s most dangerous animals. Mosquitoes transmit diseases to over 700 million people annually, resulting in over 2 million deaths. They may be tiny, but they are deadly. As such, keeping them away is usually a pretty good idea, especially if you are camping out in their territory.

Next time you to trek out into the great outdoors, make sure you bring along your Dutch field cot mosquito net. Originally used by Dutch troops to keep the bloodsuckers at bay, the Dutch field cot mosquito net is a compact structure that is supported by fiberglass tension rods and designed to keep you free from bites deep into the night. Wake up disease free with blood intact by picking up one of these military-grade protective mosquito nets today.

Surely, you can put a price on just about anything. But is $19.95 really too much to ask for protection from malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever and dengue fever? We did not think so – pick up the Dutch field cot mosquito net today.

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Our Dutch field cot mosquito nets are completely original Dutch military surplus items. Upon receiving the assemblies, you will notice that these unissued mosquito nets are of the utmost quality, each in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It is the perfect accessory for the lone-wolf outdoorsman that prefers sleeping soundly on a cot or in a sleeping bag – not tossing, turning and swatting pests all night long.

The Dutch field cot mosquito net measures approximately 85 inches long and 28.5 inches wide – big enough to accommodate even the largest of campers. The entire assembly is constructed from a variety of materials, including a built-in groundsheet made from a thick, abrasion-resistant nylon material that gives the assembly a very light weight. Each corner of the groundsheet is flanked by metal grommets, which provide strong support for the included fiberglass tension rods. These tension rods are fed through loop sleeves located at the apex of the net as well as the metal grommets to provide the field-size canopy with a free-standing structure. They are also collapsible to provide for compact storage when not in use. The real draw here, however, is the full-length side panels constructed from "No-See-Um" mosquito netting. This mosquito netting features a polyester construction and is, perhaps, the best protection from mosquitoes and other insects outside of chemical repellants. This lightweight netting has a high degree of transparency and is manufactured with a cross-stitch pattern that prevents the material from stretching, which would make it more porous and less effective. As it stands, the netting is so tightly knit that even the smallest of insects will have trouble getting to your sweet, tasty blood. One side of the netting features a three-way zipper that provides a full opening that will accommodate field cots and sleeping bags. All of this can be packed neatly into the included carrying bag with nylon straps that allow it to be worn as a backpack.

Assembly of the Dutch field cot mosquito net is simple, as there is a patch sewn to the tent itself with step-by-step instructions that are clear and concise. This patch also includes the NATO Stock Number (NSN). An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for this mosquito net is 7210-99-881-6135.

Whether you are looking for a mosquito-free poolside nap or a night under the stars in the bug-infested forest, the Dutch field cot mosquito net will provide all the protection you need. Pick one up today for just $19.95.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dutch Army Surplus
Free Shipping No
Construction Polyester Blend
Condition Surplus Unissued
97 5 100 0
  1. Great Item review by corey on 6/4/2016

    These work perfectly as a one man tent (no rain fly, bring a tarp if you expect rain) light weight, perfect for backpacking, or motorcycle camping. big enough for one person to sleep comfortably, excess foot room for pack storage.

  2. Pleasantly surprised review by Doug on 8/17/2015

    They were out of stock by the time I got around to trying to order them the first time, so I jumped on 'em the next time they had them in stock. Ordered two- both appear to be like new. Very nicely made, especially for the price! Will probably order a couple more the next time around...

  3. Incredible! review by Ian on 4/15/2015

    These sell out fast. I missed out before. I am set for notification if they reappear. Incredibly light but well built. Great light weight camping option for summer hiking.

  4. Very pleased review by Mark on 8/23/2012

    Great quality. I could not find any flaws with the two i bought. Item was is better condition than I expected. Can't beat the price to comparable items. Happy!

  5. Good for warm summer nights review by Dirk on 6/12/2012

    I ordered two of these and couldn't wait to set them up. One appeared brand new though the zipper was sewn on upside down (have to fish inside the bag for the tab). The second was definately used, and one of the ferrules on the take down elastic poles was cracked, but was fixable. Be sure to check it out before using.

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