Dutch Military Mittens

The Dutch military mittens are, as one would expect, a Dutch military surplus item. Fleece-lined and sporting a tough layer of leather, these camouflage gloves are perfect for any tough winter jobs that require little to no fine motor skills.

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Though we cannot confirm the issuance of each pair of mittens, they appear to be unissued and remain in excellent condition, far from the end of their service lives. Many of the mittens even appear to be brand new and show no signs of wear whatsoever. Those looking for an inexpensive alternative to designer gloves that provides excellent protection and extreme warmth need look no further than our Dutch military mittens.

Each pair of mittens features a triple-layer construction, with an outer shell that is fashioned from a cotton/polyester blend, a soft inner lining made from fleece and a Gore-Tex membrane sandwiched in between. Together, these three layers provide for enhanced warmth as well as a mitten that is simultaneously waterproof and breathable. The real draw, however, is not in their warmth or breathability, but rather the inclusion of a protective layer of leather on the areas that are most vulnerable to wear and injury. The palm of each glove, along with the entire thumb and fingertips, has an added layer of full-grain leather to protect the most sensitive parts of the hand from dangerous elements that may be encountered during various types of labor. Additionally, the gloves extend several inches past the wrist for increased protection of the lower forearms. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of locking clasp that ensures you will never be searching for a single missing glove.

The Dutch military mittens also feature a unique camouflage pattern known as Disruptive Pattern Material, or DPM. This particular pattern is a copy of British DPM and was originally used by the Netherlands in the early 1990s. The camouflage is marked by its swaths of black, chocolate brown and olive disruptive shapes set on a tan background, which provide for good cover in wooded environments. This pattern remains in service with the Royal Netherlands army to this day.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect for working outdoors in frigid weather at a great price
Review by Anonymous
Verified Buyer
These are very well constructed and mine were in like new condition.. They feature a fleece interior and leather palm and thumb. They are large enough to fit liners or other gloves underneath. I have also run mine through the washing machine once on the cold setting and afterwards let them air dry - everything cleaned up just fine.
Review by Missouri Man
Verified Buyer
1) Cannot beat for the price.
2) Super high quality -thick, heavy inside liner and durable and warm, very warm
3) Great camo color of woodland.
4) Made of solid heavy material and very comfortable.
5) Wish I would have bought more then one pair!
Nice,Nice ,Nice
Review by roger
Verified Buyer
You will not find quality mittens like this anywhere for $7.95, you cannot go wrong buying these mittens, size is right on the money.
Great Mittens
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
Well made and plenty warm. I am very happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend these.
Really warm
Review by Dan
Verified Buyer
I ordered these mittens for my son to wear on the cold mornings for walking to school. Got them in yesterday. He loves them. The right one looks brand new and unused. The left one in almost as good of condition. I did notice that they seemed to be different sizes. 1 seems to me a large and the other seems to be a medium. But since they were locked together, I am not gonna bother the return team about it. I don't feel that it's any big deal anyway. We all got a laugh out of it anyway. At least there weren't 2 lefts or 2 rights. My son and I are pleased with my order.
Dutch Mittens
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Super warm, well made mittens. I use these for winter camping.
Sturdy mittens.
Review by AvidShooter
Verified Buyer
Great well made mittens. My only complaint is I wish they had the fold-over top with open fingers so you can still shoot easily in cold weather. Other than that though very good purchase for the money.

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