Dutch Military Sewing Kit

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Sewing. It’s a great skill to acquire, and though many of us are probably unversed in the textile arts, learning to mend an article of clothing, take in a pair of slacks, stitch a hem or sew on a button never hurt anyone. In fact it probably did just the opposite.

Now, let’s talk about all those terrifying popped buttons, torn seams and the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. All of that embarrassment could have been kept to a minimum had you been carrying the Dutch military sewing kit. Keepshooting.com now offers a military sewing kit small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, pants pocket or a purse.

Remember, these sewing kits were originally produced for the Dutch military. If they’re good enough for military uniforms, chances are they’re probably good enough for the masses. At only $3.95, passing up this deal would be “sew” very foolish.

The thought of a soldier sitting in the field and repairing a torn uniform or sewing a button back on a shirt may seem a bit absurd; but truth be told, that was a soldier’s reality. Of course today, a soldier will pay someone else to get the job done and go about his or her day. In an age where labor is often outsourced, trades and other skills are becoming less and less prominent. It is more important now than ever to learn a craft. What better way to begin learning how to sew than with our Dutch military sewing kit?

Originally produced and issued to Dutch soldiers, these sewing kits are military surplus items. The kit itself consists of a fold-over pouch with ties and is presented in a four-colored, disruptive pattern material (DPM), woodland camouflage pattern. When closed, the kit measures approximately 4.5-inches by 3-inches and can fit easily into a shirt pocket, pants pocket or any purse/bag. The inside of the kit has a pouch for housing all of its accessories, as well as a small flap to hold various pins and needles.

When you order, you will receive the kit as well as the following accessories:

- Light, olive drab thread

- Two needles

-Assorted spare buttons

Of course, these are just the materials that are included with the kit. There is always room for more.

Whether you are currently in the military and want to keep your uniform looking sharp or you are someone looking for a new hobby, the Dutch military sewing kit makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

It is a great choice for:

- Military personnel

- Hobbyists

- College students

- Tailors/seamstresses

- Survival kits

- Travel kits

Don’t become another victim of a clothing catastrophe. Order now!

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