Dutch Wool Socks - Dutch Army Wool Socks

Dutch Wool Socks

The Dutch Wool Socks are a pair of brand new wool socks from the Dutch Army. Each pair of socks is made from wool and measures 26" long to provide superior coverage of your feet and lower legs. Wool socks are ideal for cold and wet weather as they will keep your feet and lower legs warm, as the wool will shed the moisture better than any other material.

Description / Dutch Wool Socks

The Dutch Wool Socks are one of the best wool socks we've had in years, with the quality and weight of the wool used being far superior to any commercial wool socks. You'll find these socks to be comfortable, warm, and that the fit is far superior to traditional wool socks you can find elsewhere. The coyote tan color also goes great with any pants, so you can wear them inside your office or out on the trail.

  • Authentic Dutch Army Socks
  • Made from Wool
  • Brand New, Never Issued
  • Large Coverage - 26" length

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Manufacturer Dutch Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Nothing beats wool
Review by Bill
Just try to find wool socks cheaper. My wife thought I was crazy ordering “itchy” wool socks. Well, they aren’t that itchy and they are game changing in cold weather. It is amazing how much cold you can weather if your feet are warm. I think I will order a few more pair...
Not for Men 9-10 HUGE
Review by Shawn
I bought 2 pair and they are huge. I take a size 9-10 depending. Quality seems spot on. I'm pretty good with a sewing machine and needle and at $6 a pair no great loss if I mess up.
Best Price Around
Review by Yosfer
I bought two pairs of these to wear with my motor scooter boots. I got them in Extra large. They arrived in good time and good order. The fit was big on my feet. GOOD!Into the washing machine with 'kosher washing methods'& into the dryer. When done, try them on again. NOW they are a perfect fit! Note here I wear an 11Wide shoe. I had some horrible shrinkage on a set of wool blend long johns from here, and I was not taking any chances with the socks. A bit later I'll get a few more pairs. These are thicker than a crew sock; a bit thicker than USarmy socks. They are well made to circa 1950 standards of weaving and should give a lot of good use for the price.
A Best Buy
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
For the price, these are fantastic. Bought several and very pleased with these comfortable and economical socks.
Review by Greg
Thick wool socks better than any store purchased. I buy all my wool socks now from Keep Shooting!
Buy as many as you can
Review by Thomas
If you have big feet, buy as many as you can. They don't fit me, but when my son does laundry, he wears these first.
Review by josh
Cant beat the price for a wool sock. These seem to have a loose weave and also fit loosely on my size 11.5 foot. Like they are stretched out. They are thicker than the Italian wool socks which are also sold here. Overall I prefer the Italian over these and probably won't buy another pair. These would be good for layering.
These Dutch wool socks are a little too loose for my taste so I only wear them when I go to bed. Other than that, the quality of these socks are outstanding.
Review by Christopher
These Dutch wool socks are a little too loose for my taste so I only wear them when I go to bed. Other than that, the quality of these socks are outstanding.
Review by William
I wear a size 11 shoe and these were large on me. Layered up with a liner sock thee are great. I find the color funky, but hey, they are wool and at this price, no complaints.
very comfortable socks!
Review by Zachary
I own many pairs of these high quality socks! I wear them almost everyday. They handle the wash very well, the same with the dryer. If I had more room I would buy some more. Thank you for stocking these!
not too shabby
Review by John
Good, breathable wool socks. Should fit in the 10-13 US men's range I'm guessing.
Great Deal
Review by Spiritbeau
These were such a great value that I posted a review about them in Prepperlink.com under "Great Deals".
The socks that lasted
Review by Matt
I tried two pairs each from several military surplus wool socks from this site, the other two wore through at the heel and under my forefoot about as fast as hiking socks usually do for me (say 4-5 wearings). These Dutch socks are the ones that did not wear through; there is no visible wear on them at all. They are the perfect thickness to wear alone under work boots in summer for me without filling up the boot with sock and choking my feet, and being wool they are adequate for cold weather without layering. Gonna buy more and have a 5-day rotation for field socks, happy me.
These socks were a great find.
Review by Spiritbeau
I purchased 5 pair of these socks and find that they are of extremely high quality. These socks are more like stocking coming up to mid-calf . They are much better than the wool socks I purchased in the stores, and will be great for cold weather. Over all, its a great purchase for the price.
OK & utilitarian
Review by Pierre a' Fusil
I really wanted to like these socks more and rate them higher. They could have a place in most people's "sock drawer". The wool is very good quality, decent weave and warm. It's an attractive color as well. The downsides are not great. For me personally, the front seam in the toes is large and uncomfortable. The weave is also just loose enough that the full insulating value of the wool is not realized. Finally, the elastic at the top is a little wimpy, they slide down a bit. None of those are "deal killers" at $5/pair. I like 'em, I'll wear 'em in spring/fall weather, but I don't like having to rotate the front seam out of the way before putting on my boots.
Heavy duty socks
Review by Doc
I recently bought three pairs of these socks based on the reviews I've read. No regrets at all. I work outdoors and in Minnesota you'll want to make sure your footwear is ready for the task at hand.A good pair of boots without a good pair of socks can lead to disaster in the winter up here.These are the best deal that money can buy when it comes to wool socks.My feet stay warm and dry without the sweat that comes with wearing heavy duty cotton socks.Machine wash warm and toss into the dryer at medium temperature and your're good to go. At five bucks a pair you can't go wrong.
The best tube sock!
Review by Chris
I was looking for a (wool) liner sock to wear within a heavier-weight arctic sock for use in my pair of surplus N1B's, and these should fit the bill nicely.

On initial appearances they appear a bit roomy, but once your foot is at the bottom that is where it's going to stay. I imagine a wash or two in warmer water will get the fit more to one's liking should it be necessary.

An excellent and well-made product, I shall be purchasing more in the future~
Buy thsee socks!
Review by Richard
These socks are soft and warm! So comfortable I ordered more-much better than the ones I purchased at the outdoor store. I highly recommend these.

$5 well spent
Review by josh
Like others mentioned, these socks are not tight. I wear a size 12 and these aren't tight fitting. If they were any looser, I would probably consider them too big. Thick when compared to the Italian wool blend offered here. For the price you pay these socks are well worth it. I plan on using these during the colder months and are going to try the lighter Italian blend in the upcoming weeks in hot weather.
These socks rock..
Review by Michael
Just finished purchasing my third pair of these socks. They are absolutely bombproof in every way.

They are indeed 100% wool but knitted in a way to where they are not itchy at all. Not as fluffy as say the wool socks from modern days, but much more rugged and bombproof.

I'm 6'2 and these socks go all the way up. Just under my knee.

Most importantly, unlike modern wool blended socks.. They are not too tight. Already gave them a wash and they still fit. Perfectly, but not tight, which is how they are supposed to fit for circulation purposes.

Long, heavy duty, and extremely warm. More to the point, the price is unbeatable. I will be adding a pair with every order I buy from keep shooting until they are out of stock. Absolutely love them.

IF your in doubt, buy a pair. Wear them.. See for yourself, then you will be back like I was :)
Not bad
Review by theDerrick106
The socks I received are not bad for the price. I wear a size 10 and these seem to be a little big. Size 10 and up should be ok. I am hoping they shrink a bit in the wash. Maybe I will run them through a bit of a drying cycle to shrink them a bit.
I would say these are your average surplus wool sock. They aren't very soft but are stout construction and should hold up OK. I recently ordered the Italian wool socks from keepshooting and like them better overall. For the same price I recommend the Italian wool socks. These Dutch wool socks might end up being more durable, but when it comes to wool socks, I like them to be as comfortable as possible.
Good over all value
Review by Hodgie
I purchased several pairs of these socks and couldn't be more happier. They are light yet very warm and comfortable enough to wear all day. These are military surplus socks so do not expect the same comfort that you might get when purchasing a $25.00 to $30.00 pair of fancy snowboarder socks but these will still keep you just as warm. I live in the mountains of NE PA and it's been cold for what feels like a year now and these were just what I needed for the average 10-20 degree day.
very nice
Review by don
These socks are very warm, thick and built like a tank. Would make great combat boot socks, winter socks paired with good boots for hunting, fishing, or any other winter outdoor activities.

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