East German AK-47 Blank Fire Adapter

If your next reenactment calls for an AK-47, consider picking up one of our new East German AK-47 blank fire adapters. Designed to allow your AK-47 to fire blank cartridges, the East German AK-47 blank fire adapter can enhance the look and feel of your reenactment while also remaining historically correct. Forget the slew of current-production adapters and buy original.

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Each East German AK-47 blank fire adapter offered by Keepshooting.com is an authentic piece of East German military surplus. As the Nationale Volksarmee, or "National People's Army," was a known employer of the AK-47 rifle and many of its variants, often issued as the MPi-K, the MPi-KS and many others, it stands to reason that the East German AK-47 blank fire adapter would have been originally designed for and issued to members of the landstreitkräfte, otherwise known as the land forces, one of the four main service branches of the NVA.

Previous issuance of each East German AK-47 blank fire adapter offered by Keepshooting.com is all but guaranteed, though each remains in good condition and is far from the end of its service life. Moreover, as these are used military surplus blank fire adapters, both condition and appearance may vary from piece to piece, and returns will not be offered for cosmetic variances. Those looking for the last part to complete a rifle or a unique piece of East German military history are sure to love the East German AK-47 blank fire adapter.

A blank-firing adapter is a muzzle device used in conjunction with blank cartridges. Without a blank-firing adapter, your firearm is highly unlikely to cycle blank ammunition. Such is the case with firearms like the AK-47, which utilizes a gas-operation system. As the firearms depends on high-pressure propellant gases to cycle the action, it requires a muzzle device to seal the muzzle when firing blank cartridges, thus closing off the barrel and preventing those propellant gases from escaping.

The East German AK-47 blank fire adapter features a precision-made, steel alloy construction and is easily installed on your barrel. To install, simply remove any existing muzzle device, and screw thread the blank fire adapter onto the barrel.

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Review by Melvin Y.
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Price is wonderful and shipping was speedy.
Thanks keepshooting
Review by Ismael N.
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Price is good and shipping was quick.
Perfect for me
Review by Zenaido F.
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Leading AK47 blank fire adapter for the price shipped by a terrific company. Thank you KS!
Good Price
Review by Aurelio C.
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blank fire adapters look wonderful. Just what I expected.
Excellent Price
Review by Cezar T.
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These AK47 blank fire adapter are good. Would buy again.
Good Price
Review by Anson Y.
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5 Star
Rapid Processing
Review by Jace L.
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Functions great as a blank fire adapter for my AK47.
It's a BFA
Review by BFA
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It is what it is. N.O.S. BFA.
Quick Delivery
Review by Conan D.
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I ordered two of these blank fire adapters and both are great.
Review by Taron L.
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Cost is excellent and shipping was speedy.
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