East German Army Suspenders

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The East German Army Suspenders are an authentic pair of vintage suspenders that were previously issued to soldiers in the East German Army. These suspenders are made from an East German grey elastic type material with leather attachment points. This design allows these suspenders to be of a one-size-fits-most style, and the lack of camouflage makes them ideal for use in any environment.

The East German Army Suspenders are a pair of vintage suspenders with cold war style. These suspenders would have been issued to one of the largest military forces of Europe, the East German Army who stood at the front lines of the Cold War. The look and feel of these suspenders is one that will appeal to anyone who likes vintage style, military fashion, or just enjoys a pair of suspenders.

The attachment points of these suspenders have a metal adjustment clasp that will allow you to adjust for size. With the material being made from an elastic fabric, you will be able to wear these suspenders and have them fit crisp and tight. The ends of each suspender leg have leather attachment straps that are designed to be used with either suspender buttons or belt loops for a universally compatible fit.

  • Authentic East German Army Suspenders
  • Elastic Straps - One Size Fits Most Design
  • Leather Union and Attachment Straps
  • Metal Clasp Style Adjustment Points
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