East German Insulated Canteen (2-pack) – Authentic German Military Surplus

East German Insulated Canteen

Designed to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, this canteen is an authentic military surplus item from East Germany that is built to last. With a cup that doubles as a spout cover, this canteen is a great alternative to more expensive containers.

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  • East German Insulated Canteen
  • Canteen Cover Doubles as Cup
  • 2-Pack

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Outstanding buy
Review by Valentino- Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training
I was very surprised of this product quality and the versatility of use. Was brand new and I am looking for now to give a " frezere field test " to see how will hold. Definitely its worthing to have on your outdoor gear or just for work. Thanks KS!
Great canteens for the money!
Review by Niodox
The strapping on mine out of the bag was fresh and strong, had no problems sticking it on a belt to wander around with. Cup is held on securely and came dusty by in good shape. Under-rated how useful a small cup can be.

Insulation was intact and works quite well at keeping water cold. Canteen is also bouyant which is nice if you are filling up from a natural source for purifying or boating.

Plastic canteen itself has a bit of a smell to it. I did my usual mild bleach solution - rinse - baking soda - rinse clean out and it got the bulk of it out. Based on the age of the plastic I would not put hot drinks in them. BPAs not a huge concern as I tend to drink and replenish relatively quickly.

Overall, a great buy and I am highly considering another pair so I can keep one with pretty much every backpack I own. More water on the person is never a bad thing.
Tastes nasty, works well!
Review by Seth
Mine smelled horrid but the stench will clean out with a good soaking.

If you're worried about BPA this isn't for you but if you like solid and functional military gear or are an NVA collecter, buy this now!
Interesting canteens
Review by Col.K
I first saw this canteen configuration in Vietnam being carried by the NVA from the communist Chinese.When I found it here at Keep Shooting,and in new condition,I knew I wanted it.I've used it in my kayak,and I found it useful,since it floats if it falls overboard.
Great price for these two rather odd canteens......
A bit rusty but they're good
Review by Shane
One came with a bit or rust, the other was in like-new condition. I'm not sure if the insulation material leeches from hot drinks but I use it often just to carry water. Does the job well.
Da s goot great price from the past
Review by Joe
Two for a great value & commie gear from failed state attest to capitalist pig like me. Robust construction like a T55 tank just for liquid refreshment you just can't beat. Workers of the World Unite or just go--- thirsty!!!
Can't beet this deal
Review by Victor
These things are best for the money. Camping , bug out bag, take to work.
great canteen for the money
Review by Josh
Where can you find a military-grade canteen for <$10 - much less a pair of them! These may not be the "sexiest-looking" canteens out there, but for the price, you cannot beat them. Having built-in insulation and no need for a separate pouch are great features - plus it even has it's own metal cup! The only downside is the strapping - they did go a little chintzy with that, but otherwise a well-made product!
Review by Glen
Bought one of these on a whim, and ended up buying two more, was a great deal.
Good Canteen
Review by Dominic
Very nice to use when camping, even when hunting. Can't beat the price and it's in good condition.
Great value
Review by Harry
Great for camping or even bug out bag. Good price for one, but you get two in this deal. Can't beat this deal!
nice insulated canteen
Review by John
32 oz insulated canteen with butterfly handle drinking cup. Cup is about 8 oz, and I would not suggest cooking in it but would be good for hot or cold beverages.
great product, happy with purchase
Review by Robert
the canteens arrived quickly and in new condition, they were new and unused these canteens are a bargain I got two canteens for a giveaway price, very happy with item
Good camping gear
Review by Jim
Nice, especially winter camping ,only issue approximate 500 ml volume when topped off.
2 for 1 money
Review by Dan
New or like new. Only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is cause the straps are thin fragile looking.
Cool canteens
Review by Conrad
These are neat canteens! After washing both of them out thoroughly I used one while hiking and it did the job!
Excellent canteen improved from similar WWII design
Review by Timothy
These canteens are an excellent buy. They are as practical if not better in many respects, than current U.S. standard-issue canteens. The insulation is an added plus, both for maintaining internal liquid temperatures, and also for providing some padding to protect the canteens and other field gear from making excessive noise or from damage.
good deal
Review by josh
Both canteens were in excellent condition, but were dirty with some kind of black dust that wiped off with a damp rag.

Both canteens had noticeable variation in the color of the foam cover and straps.

Good deal, and a cheap way to round out my East German kit.
E. German Canteen
Review by J.
Two !!! You get two canteens. Extremely rugged and solid. Will be buying more.
Good value canteens
Review by Mark
Ten dollars nets you two of these canteens, a great bargain. The insulation, although thin, appears to maintain the temperature of the contents pretty well. Like Stephen mentioned, the canteens are plastic-bodied so you shouldn't be exposing these to extreme temperatures. However, for the price, this is a tough, practical canteen. Make sure to wash thoroughly before using.
Awesome deal.
Review by Joseph
You simply cannot find quality canteens like these for so cheap. You would be paying more than twice as much for similar canteens elsewhere. You even get the metal canteen cups included.

Perfect for survival/camping/hiking.
Awesome value
Review by Nicholas
It's hard to find mil-surp canteens for under $30 online, and here you get two for basically $10! After seeing my friends collection that included these canteens, I had to have some for myself. They are insulated which is great when you need to keep your drink hot/cold, and they are very durable.
"cool" canteen
Review by Dirk
I really like these canteens, and usually get a pair each time I order. Kids like em too, and they are very practical (the canteens, not the kids).
Great value, great find
Review by BK
Two canteens for under $20 dollars fantastic. Quality product not sure if it's plastic as another reviewer stated. I filled mine up 3/4 of the way with water and froze it worked very well also put hot water into it temp around 180 degrees didn't deform. Sides got a little hot.
This is a must for your bug out bag.
pretty good
Review by Sean
Came brand new, needed some washing out but keeps soup hot and water cold. GREAT BUY!
Very handy
Review by Stephen
These canteens are excellent for most uses. They can handle most beverages, but you shouldn't put boiling hot drinks in them or put them in the freezer. They are plastic bodied, after all. They have a belt loop made as part of the carry strap system, and they do bounce around when walking. It's not uncomfortable, but may seem odd if you're used to US surplus canteens. The cups are a nice accessory, and are tougher than they appear. Just be sure to sterilize the canteen after use or before storage.

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