East German Steel Helmet

The East German Steel Helmet is one of the most recognizable and iconic helmets of the Cold War. Worn extensively by the special national police in East Germany, this helmet was commonly seen at the Berlin Wall being worn by East German guards.

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The East German Steel Helmet is an authentic East German military helmet. When East Germany collapsed and German unification was started, all of the relics from the Cold War became undesired to be worn by security services. These helmets were easily one of the most identifiable articles with the East German guards who patrolled the Berlin Wall daily and unfortunately shot and killed many East Germans who attempted to cross into the West. Once unification came, all existing unissued helmets were put into storage until they were later sold as surplus.

Now that the Cold War is long over, relics like these Vopo helmets are becoming more rare every day. Once there were mountains of authentic East German surplus and today there are tiny pockets available. With these helmets being easily identified with this turbulent period for Germany, they are going to become more and more collectible as the years go by. Today you can not only find unissued condition helmets but at a great price. In the coming years the demand will continue to increase with supply fixed so prices will rise.

  • Authentic East German Steel Helmet
  • From the Cold War Era
  • All Original - No Reproduction Parts
  • Made from Steel

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Customer Reviews

Mint helmet
Review by Joseph
Verified Buyer
Was glad I was able to get one before they sold out, like new condition cool piece of history
Review by Walther
Verified Buyer
A great piece of History! And by all means as cheap as you'll find them! The one i received was clean, with only the lightest of surface markings you could easily wipe off at any time. The leather interior was soft, and easily adjustable! A great piece, I might buy a few more!
NVA DDR helmet
Review by Dennis
Verified Buyer
Brand new in perfect condition. Great collector item. Still a very good price. Buy one before they are gone or go up in price. This is a real piece of commie East German history. Good deal Keep Shooting.
Nice helmet.
Review by Jake
Verified Buyer
This is a good helmet for costumes, I'll only wear it sparingly so the price is a bit much for me. Overall a good Cold-War item.
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
This helmet from East Germany was brand new as I received it. It is also much more comfortable than any other steel helmet I have. There were no blemishes in the paint, and the liner was mint. There wasn't even a surplus smell! Excellent product.
Review by Czechguy
Verified Buyer
Received in new old stock condition, completely unworn, yet the leather helmet supports were still soft. An awesome collectible purchase to be sure, surprised they are this cheap for what they are.
A great find!
Review by israel
Verified Buyer
This helmet arrived well packaged,it was in excellent shape. it had no rust,scratches or any issues.a great addition to anyone's collection! Israel t.
Great helmet deal
Review by van
Verified Buyer
The helmet surprise me in two ways when I got it today. very good shape and found a scrape of news paper in the plastic liner that was in germany. Friend tranlated it saying that it was from 1965 and was a sale ad for soap.Weird? Plan on using the helmet for a sci fi battle dress. Great deal from a far,far away time.
very impressed
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
awesome helmet for a awesome deal! i can tell mine came from a later period in the cold war because of the 1966 liner with the plastic tabs. nice piece of history.
Awesome Helmet!
Review by Bo
Verified Buyer
All I can say is WOW! I ordered Two of these Helmets and they were BRAND NEW and UNISSUED! 100% Perfect Condition! How does KS get away for selling them for so cheap? Well They're a great Deal! Highly Adjustable and Comfortable!
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