East German Tanker Jacket

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The East German Tanker Jacket is a military surplus field jacket that would have been worn by soldiers in the East German Tank Corps. With the distinctive "Rain Drop" camouflage pattern of the former East Germany, this jacket is truly a treasure from the Cold War era. We have inspected most of these field jackets and they all have the Panzer patch as seen which would designate a solder who is assigned to their tank corps.

Prior to the fall of East Germany, they had one of the largest standing armys in the world. With a close alignment with the Soviet Union, East Germany was seen as the gateway to any Soviet invasion of Europe. One of the most important aspects of the East German army was their motorized tank corps, as the tank corps would be key to the success of any Soviet invasion of Europe. On the other end of the spectrum, the East German tank corps would also be a critical defensive line should NATO have led an invasion of the Soviet Union.

These authentic East German Tanker Jackets are a true treasure or relic from the Cold War era. Not only do they feature the unique East German camouflage pattern, but there is also a NVA Tank Corps patch on the front of each jacket. With authentic East German military surplus almost completely gone in any decent quantities, it is very rare to find a "gem" like this. Not only is there tons of history packed into these jackets, they are in excellent condition and can be worn still. There is nothing like purchasing a piece of history for a bargain price and being able to use it every single day.

  • Authentic East German Tanker Jacket
  • Rain Drop Camouflage Pattern
  • Button Front with Two Chest Pockets
  • Button Adjustable Cuffs
  • Unique Extraction Strap - Drag Handle
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