East German Vopo Winter Hat

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The East German Vopo Winter Hat is an authentic East German national police force winter hat. The Volkspolizei were commonly referred to as the Vopo and was one of the most iconic elements of the former East Germany. This winter hat would have been worn by officers who made up the Vopo to keep warm while on duty in cold weather.

The East German National Police issued a wide variety of equipment to officers. One of the more important pieces of equipment would be uniforms and this Vopo winter hat was an essential part of the Volkspolizei winter uniform. With virtually every Warsaw Pact nation using this style of winter hat, the Vopo naturally selected it for their standard issue winter hat.

This style of winter hat has proven to be one of the best designed for keeping your head warm in the cold. You will find commercial versions of it for sale in stores and as noted above many military forces used the same style for their soldiers. With this winter hat being from the former East Germany, it holds more appeal than most as the country that produced it no longer exists. The events that surrounded both the founding and collapse of East Germany were important to world history and the Cold War certainly was front-and-center in East Germany. So when considering this hat, do not look at it as merely a winter hat it is also a relic from history that can be worn every day.

  • Authentic East German Winter Hat
  • Issued to Vopo Officers
  • East German Blue Grey Color
  • Flaps Come Down or Up
  • Surplus Used
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