East German Wool Socks – One Pair of Unissued, Gray East German Wool Socks

East German Wool Socks

Each pair of East German wool socks is an authentic East German military surplus item. Soldiers need warm feet too, which is where the design for these socks came from. The socks were originally designed for and used by members of the Nationale Volksarmee, otherwise known as the "National People's Army" of the German Democratic Republic, commonly known as East Germany.

Description / East German Wool Socks

Despite being military surplus, each pair of socks is a brand new, unissued pair of socks that is free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that are characteristic of previously issued surplus items. These socks are not far from the end of their service lives, they have not even begun their service lives, which make them an excellent choice for winter wear.

These East German wool socks are all constructed entirely of wool, serving to provide warmth through the cold winter months. They will keep both your feet and your calves warm as these full-length tube socks feature a deep gray color and are built to last.

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

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East German Wool Socks
Review by
These are excellent socks and a tremendous value. The material and workmanship is top notch.
Get 'em while you can!
Review by
Very high quality socks that you're unlikely find at this price anywhere else.
100% wool!
Review by
100% wool for this price!!!!!!!! whatttttt. So glad I got these
Warm toes
Review by
Can't go wrong with wool socks especially these. Feet stay warm. Good fit, nice dark gray color and NOT ITCHY as some wool socks are. I got 2 pairs on sale to tryout and wished I'd bought more. When they go on sale again, I will stock-up.
Great but one pair is different
Review by
The pairs I have are all great - one is shorter in length - not for boots and it is thicker - 2x as thick.
Review by
Surprised how these have worn over the last few months. Great pricing, real wool. If you leave them in the dryer too long, they do shrink. Should have bought more.
good quality
Review by
Wool socks are awesome, forgot cotton. These are similar to the WWII Wermacht issue socks.Nice wool and well built.
Oh yea
Review by
My gal wears these with army boots and a miniskirt and they look fabulous.
Best quality
Review by
Being 45 - I like another reviewer have realized that wool is better than cotton. Keeps you warm and dry - sweating is not a problem - if a little wet, no problem they seem to dry like magic. I will say that I ordered about five pairs - all perfect but one that had little white threads mixed in - I am waiting to buy more of these socks.
Best Wool Socks -these are the real deal
Review by
New - I wear a size 11 and it fits over calf. Warm but they keep you dry. Great deal ever!
Review by
I have realized going into my 40s - that all these years wearing cotton socks I have been horrible for my feet. These wool socks keep you warm but dry - no sweating.
Review by
I wanted a few more. Cardboard inside for folding from manufacturing, absolutely new condition. One pair marked 28 the other 30...a very slight difference in foot and also calf length, good on 9.5 foot.
Get em'
Review by
A great sock for the price! I'm a size 9.5 and they are correct on foot and halfway up calf. Very happy with these and will try for more before they run away.
Review by
I have used these socks for a while and they have proven to be durable. Soft and comfortable, I do not use them for any extreme activities as they are not like thicker wool socks. Breathable, my feet do not feel as constricted as in other synthetic blends. Top quality.
Nice sock, but..
Review by
I found these socks to be a little shorter than I was hoping. I am only 5'7", but these socks just barely came over the thickest part of my calf. The problem for me is I have bigger than average calf from years of running track. They were so tight that I have to fold them back down or I will stretch them out and they will fall down. I was hoping for more of a knee length sock. However, the construction and warmth of these socks are outstanding. If they were knee length, they would be perfect for me!
Great surplus socks
Review by
Basic, tall, surplus socks, seem to be made well. Not super thick, but great for layering and plenty warm. Should have bought two pairs because you can never have enough good socks.
Great product and value!
Review by
I purchased these a few years ago and have found them to be a great value. The price is right for a pair of wool socks. The socks hold up well and fit my size 11 feet perfect. I just ordered four additional pairs for myself and a friend.

Worth the $$!
Review by
Best deal around for wool socks. These should fit size 8 thru 10. These are perfect thickness to use for all four seasons!
When you don't need a thick hiker's sock, or haven't the room in your shoe for such
Review by
'Tis the season to stock up on these socks.I know of no quality wool sock available in the US which matches the quality at this price-point. The fact that they are taller than average Wigwam-style rag socks means they'll keep you warm when your pants are not quite up to snuff for winter use.

As for the sizing, if they prove to be a bit small for you, they will surely fit your friend's foot!
Great socks
Review by
These are a nice lightweight wool sock. I would say they feel about as thick as basic Hanes socks, but are a lot better at keeping your feet warm. I'm a size 9 in men's shoes and these fit quite well. They were maybe a touch long in the toe section, so if you have size 9 through 11 feet, you should be fine.
They run small.. But are a great buy.
Review by
The color alone is beautiful. The wool blend is nice and soft not itchy at all. But the socks do run small and a little narrow. I ended up giving them to my mother and she loves them!

My feet are sized 13 so I can understand them not fitting. I would say anyone with an 10.5 or under should be good to go with this amazing quality purchase.

Can't beat the price. Not too thick, nor too thin. Excellent quality.
Best Socks
Review by
Best Socks on this site I've tried so far. Perfect in every aspect, not too long, not too short, not too thick, and not too thin. Plus, they look good too.
These are nice
Review by
It is getting hard to find quality like this. These are not super thick hunting socks nor are they thin dress socks. They are mid weight. Very well made.
Nice and toasty feet..
Review by
Got about a dozen pairs of these.. then found out wool has to be hand washed. Wasn't so painful once I hung them under a ceiling fan lol. Warm and not itchy like I thought they'd be. Great buy!
Surprisingly inexpensive.
Review by
I was skeptical about the low price of these, but ordered a few pairs of them anyway.

As it turns out, it's another great product that Keepshooting sells for an extraordinarily low price. There's not a lot to say about them other than that they're wool socks that will not fall apart on you and do not cost you much to stock up on.
great gift
Review by
I bought a few pairs but unfortunately my size thirteen was just a little big. But no big deal when my father loves wool socks. Got a text the other day saying he loves them .
Plan to buy more
Review by
Excellent value. Will be ordering more.
Cant find
Review by
Wool socks are a rare sight in modern stores, don't get caught in a blizzard or freezing conditions without a few of these in your trunk or house,
nice warm socks
Review by
great product snug fitting that go up fairly high just below the knee, great overall feel and fit cant go wrong for the price
Best Value in Wool Socks To Be Found Anywhere
Review by
I've recently priced wool socks of this type & quality on the internet, and typically find them sold at $5.-$8 per pair, or more. I "test-drove" several pairs for a few weeks & was highly impressed with their quality, breathe-ability, and warmth. In fact, I returned & bought a total of 15 pairs. These are an extraordinary bargain not to be passed up. Surprisingly, at least to me, they were as comfortable for warm-weather use as I expect they will be for winter wear.

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