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Clear Out 6oz Tear Gas Grenade
Clear Out 2oz Tear Gas Grenade
Sparrows Universal Handcuff Key
As low as $5.00
UZI Disposable Flex Cuffs
As low as $4.19
Aerko International Deep Freeze - High Volume Burst
Tri-Hinged Handcuffs
Zak Tool Survival Handcuff Key Set
Deep Freeze Tear Gas Canister
Special Price $39.95 Regular Price $48.95
Blunt Force Trauma Plate
Universal Standard Handcuff Key
PR-24 Side Handle White Foam Training Baton
Safariland Disposable Double Handcuff
London Bridge Trading Coyote Tan Molle Vest
Clear Out Tear Gas Extraction Grenade
MACE Takedown Extreme - Maximum Strength MK-IV
SABRE 5.0 Mk-35 Pepper Spray - Stream
Aerko International Freeze +P Tear Gas - Flip Top Safety
Simunitions FX9000 Throat Protector
Load Bearing Vest - V547BT
Telescopic Police Baton
As low as $20.95
KwikForce Rechargeable LED Flashlight Stun Gun
SABRE 3-in-1 Magnum 120 Pepper Spray
Expandable Keychain Baton
Non Metallic Covert Handcuff Key
Sudecon Irritant Spray Decontamination Wipe
SABRE Red MK-4 3.3oz Pepper Foam
SABRE Law Enforcement Advanced CS Military Tear Gas
SABRE Red 1.33% MC Crossfire Mk-3 Pepper Spray - Stream
Smith and Wesson Keychain Pepper Spray with Case
Smith and Wesson Pepper Spray Keychain
KwikForce Ultra-Mini Rechargeable LED Flashlight Stun Gun
Fuzzy Handcuffs
Police Handcuffs
Smith and Wesson Model 100 Handcuffs
Smith and Wesson Model 100 Handcuffs
Freeze Tear Gas - 2oz
Taser C2 Cartridges (2Pk)
Single Lock Handcuff Keys
Keychain Handcuff Key
Schmeisser Tactical Pen - Closed
Zak Tool Conceal Belt Keeper Handcuff Key
Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Stream MK-IX
Mace TakeDown Extreme OC Pepper Gel MK-IX
Mace Magnum-9 Pepper Gel Home Defense Unit
First Defense MK-3 Police Pepper Spray
As low as $15.95
MACE Magnum-4 Pepper Gel Spray
MACE Take Down OC 5.5 Stream
S&W Model 300 Hinged Handcuffs
As low as $27.42
Bianchi Model 7404 Baton Ring
Taser Pulse Plus
SABRE Law Enforcement 5.0 Mk4 Pepper Spray - Cone
SABRE Law Enforcement 5.0 Mk3 Pepper Foam
SABRE CS Tear Gas Mk-4 - Stream
SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top
SABRE Red Home Defense Pepper Gel with Wall Mount
MACE Mk-IV TakeDown Extreme Pepper Gel
SABRE Red Phantom Evaporating Fog Delivery Tear Gas - Mk-9
SABRE 5.0 Mk-2 Pepper Spray - Cone
Mace TakeDown Extreme Pepper Gel - Mk-3
Proshield Scout Bullet Proof Backpack - Youth Edition - Black
MACE Night Defender Pepper Gel - Magnum 3
MACE Magnum 3 Pepper Gel
SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Tactical Series with Holster
1911 Training Pistol - Cocked and Locked - Cold Steel
M9 Rubber Training Bayonet - Cold Steel
Ruger LCR Training Revolver - Cold Steel
Beretta 92 Training Pistol - Cold Steel
Sabre Red Stream Pepper Spray - Mk-9
Guard Dog Proshield Smart Bulletproof Backpack - Black
Aerko Clear Out - High Volume Burst Fogger
Simunitions FX9000 Protective Mask
Peerless 700C-6X Handcuffs - 8 Links
Peerless 750C Red Handcuffs
Peerless 750C Blue Handcuffs
T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol