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Escape and Evasion

Escape and Evasion

Unlawful Restraint - Be Prepared to Respond

In the modern world there is a real danger of unlawful restraint. Organized criminal elements will target you, the successful American. With forethought and simple preparation you can be assured a tactical advantage in responding to any unlawful restraint scenario. Whether you outfit your clothes with covert handcuff keys or add lock picking tools to your toolbag the first step is the start of being ready for any threat.

Covert Handcuff Keys

Covert Handcuff Keys for Unlawful Restraint Response

Covert Handcuff Keys
Lock Picking Equipment

Lock Pick Sets, Bypass Tools, and Training Equipment

Lock Picking
Access Denial Equipment

Block and Prevent Access to Areas of Operations

Access Denial

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)