Federal AE38K .38 Special Ammunition

Each box of Federal AE38K .38 Special ammunition is a product from the Federal Cartridge Company. Developed as a practice load, this ammunition makes its way from the "American Eagle" line and is marked by its accuracy, reliability and superior performance as compared to other leading manufacturers' economy lines.

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  • Muzzle Velocity: 890 ft/sec
  • Muzzle Energy: 229 ft/lbs
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
  • Rounds per Box: 50

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Customer Reviews

Good Ammo but no difference from peers.
Review by Eric
Verified Buyer
First off thanks to Keep Shooting for great and quick service.

I actually bought Eagle, Estates, and Independence all Federal ammo for comparison, and I compared them to two other off the shelf ammo (Winchester WB, and Remington UMC.

All the ammo tested performed well with no FTF's what so ever, but as far as kick goes I'd have to say that the WWB had the most perceived recoil followed by the UMC's and finally the Federal ammo. All three federal ammo (Eagle, Estates, and Independence) seemed to have the same amount of kick to them.

When it came to cleanliness I'd have to say that the UMC's by far were the dirtiest of all 5. The remaining 4 were all very close but I'd have to say the Eagles and Estates were a close 3 and 2nd, and the independence would be first as far as how clean they shot

All three federal branded ammo looked the best and all were very similar to one another especially the Estates and Eagles. The independence rounds were branded Blazer at the bottom of the brass while the other two simply said "federal" on the bottom. All three federal ammo looked great, nice clean brass and clean crimps. The UMC and the WWB on the other hand appeared much more rough with scratched and lightly dented brass while none of the federal ammo had any of these characteristics.

These Eagles shot well and looked great but I don't really understand why they cost more than their Estate and Independence counter parts, if it were my money I'd buy the slightly cheaper Independence rounds. Their was no perceivable difference in performance or appearance between the two except for the Blazer marking on the bottom of the independence rounds.

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