Federal F2033B Power-Shok Buckshot

Each box of Federal F2033B Power-Shok buckshot is a product from the Federal Cartridge Company. Developed as a versatile economy load marked by its accuracy, reliability and ballistics, Power-Shok buckshot employs premium raw materials and loading practices. These shotshells measure three inches in length and contain 20 pellets of number three buckshot, each of which is perfect for use with any 20-gauge hunting or defense shotgun.

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Federal F2033B Power-Shok buckshot is a product from the company's "Power-Shok" brand of shotshells. Federal Power-Shok buckshot is marketed as an effective but affordable line of shotshells developed specifically for hunting medium game. By pairing state-of-the-art loads with revolutionary projectiles, the company is able to produce a shotshell marked by outstanding accuracy, reliability and ballistics. And with a wide range of loads, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Each box of Federal F2033B Power-Shok buckshot, as noted, contains five premium shotshells. Each 20-gauge shotshell measures 2.75 inches in length and contains 20 pellets of number three buckshot, which is an ideal load for hunting deer and other medium game. Additionally, this particular load is capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speeds of up to 1,200 fps.

  • Federal 20ga Shotgun Ammunition
  • Shell Size: 2.75"
  • Shot Type: #3 Buckshot
  • Number of Pellets: 20
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1200 ft/sec
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