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Federal XM855F3 5.56 Ammo - Manufactured to NATO Specifications with SS109 Bullets

Federal XM855F3 5.56 Ammo


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  • Federal XM855F3 5.56 Ammo - Manufactured to NATO Specifications with SS109 Bullets Federal XM855F3 5.56 Ammo - Manufactured to NATO Specifications with SS109 Bullets

Federal XM855F3 5.56 Ammo

Let me let you in on a little secret. Running a business does not require a fancy degree, much less two fancy degrees, or any other extensive schooling. Really, all you need is a foundation of basic intelligence, strong decision-making skills, a little bit of responsibility and some money. There is also no substitution for real-world experience. You want to run a comic book shop? Go out and get a job at a comic book shop. You want to sell cupcakes? Find your way into a cupcake shop and get used to waking up at 2 a.m. every morning – customers do not like waiting. It is not all that different from the stock market. Buy low and sell high. Imbed that phrase deep within your psyche, because if you really want to be successful the best thing you can do is learn when and where to make your purchases.

As with anything, the best thing you can do is start today. You will never get anywhere if you do not take the first step. Anyway, enough with the clichés, here is how you can begin. First of all, you have to trust me when I tell you to learn when and where to make your purchases. Then, you must realize that you have an amazing purchase sitting on your computer screen at this very moment – Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo!

Federal ammunition is some of the hottest, highest-quality ammunition available today. That, of course, includes Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo, which is loaded to NATO specifications. Each Federal XM855F3 cartridge contains an SS109 bullet – signifying the fact that each bullet is a 62gr full metal jacket with a steel penetrator and a lead core. Each reloadable cartridge is non-corrosive and is suited for use in any AR-15 chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO.

Folks, this is the same ammunition used by the United States Armed Forces. If you want a smart buy, then here it is. Three hundred rounds of Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo for only $249.16.

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In case I did not make it clear a moment ago, a successful business owner buys high-quality products for low-quality prices. This usually requires not only a good sense of timing but a good eye as well. If you cannot see that the timing is right, you better go get your eyes checked in time to take advantage of this offer. The quality of ammunition does not get much higher than this military-grade Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo. Incidentally, the price does not get much better than $117.23 for 300 rounds of the stuff either. Read on and I will tell you why this is the ammunition for you.

As noted, each package of Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo contains 300 cartridges. But these are not just any cartridges. The cases are loaded with SS109 standard military ball bullets. Each 62gr full metal jacket bullet is constructed to provide for enhanced muzzle velocities. This particular load is capable of up to 3,100 fps. You may have also noticed that each bullet features a green tip. This signifies the presence of a steel penetrator tip and a lead core. Those bullets with orange tips signify that it is a tracer round. This is the same ammunition used by the United States Armed Forces. It is pretty good stuff.

Begin building your savvy business sense today by making an intelligent purchase. Build a stockpile of 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition while you are at it. At only $249.16 for a package of 300 rounds, Federal XM855F3 5.56 ammo has never been a better buy. Consider this ammunition for:

- Target shooting

- Sport shooting

- Small-game hunting

- Law enforcement

- Much more…

What more can I tell you aside from buy it before I do.

Federal Cartridge Company

The Federal Cartridge Company was founded in 1916 and is now recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of ammunition worldwide. Federal XM588F3 5.56 ammo is manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Missouri. LCAAP is a government-owned, contractor-operated munitions facility that was originally established 1941 for the manufacture and testing of small arms ammunition for the United States Army. Since 2001, it has been operated by Alliant Techsystems and is the largest manufacturer of small arms ammunition for the U.S. Army.

Additional Information

Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Full Metal Jacket
Projectile Weight 62gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable No
Corrosive No
Rounds Per Box 300
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Brad 04-117-2012 04-27-201203:04
  • Price:
  • Value:
  • Quality:
Another Great Deal
I love the price and have shot this ammo before. I would use for target or for self defense Will Buy again, when it's back in stock
Stephen 04-107-2012 04-17-201205:57
  • Price:
  • Value:
  • Quality:
great ammo
This is great ammo, I have shot over 1000 rounds of these with no problems.

2 Item(s)

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