Female Body Armor

These are original police body armor vests designed specifically for female officers. Due to the differences in body structure, it is important for women to wear body armor designed for them rather than traditional body armor.

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This Female Body Armor Vest is designed to meet the protective needs of women who serve as law enforcement officers. The contour, shape, and size of vests designed for women ensure that each officer is protected fully while wearing the vest.

Our supply of vests comes from a state department of corrections where they were not worn frequently meaning the condition and quality of the vest you receive will exceed traditional police surplus vests.

  • Designed for Female Officers
  • Made in America
  • Excellent Condition

Disclaimer: As with all expired body armor, we cannot make any guarantees or claims as to its current stopping power. If in doubt, we always recommend buying a new vest with a current manufacturers warranty.

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Overall Rating
Excellent (again)
Review by Grok
I have already reviewed these, but ordered more and wanted to share my findings. I ordered 3 more smalls and one more medium. The new order of 3 smalls all exhibited a bit of wear, but all are totally functional and in excellent and clean shape. I am very happy with them. The wear was once again in the form of obvious use of only one velcro closure, though a different one for each vest. It's clear that the women who used these were creatures of habit in terms of how they put them on and off.

The medium in this order was just like that in my last order, either unused or nearly unused. There was no sign of wear.

I mentioned before that the small would fit what I would consider a normally sized women and the medium a larger (but not necessarily BBW) woman. Hope that helps...

I am once again very pleased with these. I don't know if KS is checking them for velcro wear or not, but if they are and are issuing the best ones first, I want to emphasize that even the ones with worn velcro are an excellent deal since the kevlar is removable and the carrier itself could easily be repaired with new velcro. That wouldn't faze me a bit if it came down to having one that did need a bit of attention, or not having one at all.

I don't want to get pontifical here, but if you are armed and believe that circumstances may someday compel you to utilize your arms in defense, body armor is a no brainer.. and doubly so for the women in one's life, under these hypothetical circumstances. I have to thus applaud KS for getting these and making them available at a reasonable price. They'd be a good deal at double what they are charging.
Overall Rating
Great price
Review by Armor Me
I bought two of these because the panels were Kevlar, the NIJ level 3A equivalent rating and it was made by Second Chance. All of the panels were made in the middle of 2002. The Kevlar panels appear to be in excellent condition with no stains or odors. The Velcro were still functional. One carrier look almost brand new. The second carrier had a tear, but it will still be functional for the women in my family. I would buy these again.
Overall Rating
Made for a woman, but will fit a man.
Review by WLF_Oregon
I bought the medium sized vest to acquire some inexpensive Kevlar panels. The vest seemed to be in very good condition (little wear / no odor / but with the previous owners name written on the collar), so I tried it on. I'm a 5'9" man, I weigh 155 lbs., and have a 37" chest. The vest is a bit short for me (it doesn't extend much below my rib cage), but it seemed to be a good fit otherwise.
Other reviewers swear that these vests are designed well for women, and they may well be (not that I could tell by the cut). However, if you're a smaller than average man they may be a good fit for you as well. The price is certainly right, and the build quality is better than other armor I've seen.
Overall Rating
Excellent - a No Brainer Purchase for the Women in Your Life
Review by Grok
I ordered two of these, one in the medium size and one in the small size option. I had a couple of female friends try them on and would say they run a bit large. A woman I would consider to be more or less average in size is accommodated by the small size easily. I know this is subjective, but hopefully that helps.

The quality was very very good. The medium appeared to have been unused or sparsely used. The small was used but in very good shape. The armor itself was not frayed or folded in anyway. Unfortunately, the cloth covering which the velcro attaches to had been worn enough so that the velcro did not attach properly. This was on one side only so I surmise the user only removed that strap when taking it off and putting it on. KeepShooting quickly agreed to give me a refund for this unit, though I would be happy with an exchange (which means I will ordering a replacement first (in case these should sell out before I replace it), and then sending the other one back. Incidentally, as I communicated to them, this COULD be remedied by simply sewing or affixing (via hot iron) a cloth patch that the velcro would adhere to. My point in bringing this up is that, (a) KeepShooting appears to have excellent customer service, and (b) even if they were unwilling to refund or exchange this unit under these conditions, this is a remediable issue and I wouldn't have hesitated to make the repair and keep the unit.

In general then, they are in great shape and a very good deal for the money. I will probably buy two or three more of them on top of the replacement unit.

Incidentally, the two female friends of mine who tried these on said they were very comfortable. One of them works periperally in a corrections setting and has to wear stab resistant armor regularly. She said these were comfortable and of good quality.

I don't want to make this review too long but I want to add that I did do some research on degradation of body armor before purchasing these. I won't go into the details of my findings (you can do your own research on the net) but what I ascertained to be the primary factors/conditions attributed to degradation of it did not apply to these units. Put another way, if I were a woman, I'd definitely be comfortable with wearing one of these units, especially if cost considerations for new armor precluded purchasing a new set.
Overall Rating
Good body armour for females in your group
Review by Art
This is really nice used Second Chance female body armor. The armor is used to the point of being broken in where it contours to the body very well and is very comfortable right away. New body armor is stiff and uncomfortable until you wear it long enough to make it fit right.
My wife put this body armor on and loved it right away, she said it was very comfortable. Recommended for your female relatives or loved ones, you just can't beat a level III vest for $99.
Don't forget to purchase the trauma plate separate for an additional $8.
Overall Rating
Excellent product
Review by Charles
Excellent product , fit and quality workmenship
Overall Rating
Womens Vest
Review by Charles
Excellent quality, fit and protection
Overall Rating
Great price, excellent condition
Review by D&P
Vest arrived in excellent condition. It appears to be very well made, and exceeded our expectations from the standpoint of quality and condition. This vest was purchased for a woman and it is specifically cut for the female form. Fits a woman much better than a regular (men's) vest. Well worth the price and we would not hesitate to buy again.
Overall Rating
Get it now while you can
Review by USMC
If you have any reservations you better lose them, buy this now for the size small-medium ladies in your circle, they fit specific to the female frame my wife is 5'1 with 34DD and this fits, perfect, dont let the next run on gear make you miss this deal
Overall Rating
A must buy at this price
Review by William
I have purchased three sets of this body armor in order to give protection to the ladies in our extended family. All three sets look like brand new. One set had a name on it, but not the other two. No stains, no rips, tears, creases or other signs of abuse. My son is a Correctional Officer and I felt the need to provide off duty protection for him, and the girls. These vests fit the bill very well for the girls!!!!

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