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In these talks you and I share, we discuss a range of topics. Many times those talks entail ramblings of different arms manufacturers. Many times they entail the storied development of different firearm cartridges. But there is one manufacturer and one cartridge that for some reason have yet to garner much of our attention. That changes today. We need to talk about FN and the 5.7x28mm cartridge.

Fabrique Nationale Herstal, commonly known as Fabrique Nationale, or simply FN, is a Belgian arms manufacturer located in Herstal, Belgium. The company was originally established in 1889 as the Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre, French for "National Factory of Weapons of War," to produce 150,000 Mauser Model 89 rifles for the Belgian government. Soon thereafter, the manufacturer began a relationship with famed arms designer John Browning, who would go on to design one of their early successes in the Browning Hi-Power. Today, FN is known for their unique yet successful designs that have found homes in the armed forces of more than 100 different countries. They also have two American subsidiaries – FN Manufacturing and FNH USA.

One of the aforementioned unique designs also happens to be one of my personal favorite firearms – the FN P90. And well, if you want to shoot the P90, you will need a few boxes of 5.7x28mm ammunition. Consider picking up a few boxes of our new FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition. Designed for sporting and competition, each box of FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition contains 50 SS197SR cartridges, each of which is packed with a 40 gr polymer-tipped bullet.

Got a PS90 or a Five-seven? Then you absolutely need a few boxes of FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition – now available for $22.73 per box.

As noted, FNH USA is a subsidiary of Fabrique Nationale Herstal – one of the world's foremost arms manufacturers. Situated in McLean, Virginia, FNH USA was established in 1998 to manage the marketing, sales and service of all FN firearms, ammunition and accessories for both the commercial and law enforcement markets in the United States. As FNH USA is a subsidiary of FN, the same passion and innovation that is characteristic of the parent company is found in FNH USA.  

Unless I were to tell you otherwise, it would be safe to assume that all FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition is manufactured by FNH USA. Well, I am here to tell you otherwise, as the origin of this ammunition is actually a bit hazy. Not to worry, I can clear up any and all confusion.

FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition is manufactured by Fiocchi of America under contract for FNH USA at the United States production facility in Ozark, Missouri. To complicate matters even further, the cartridges are loaded with Hornady V-Max projectiles. And if that were not confusing enough, the ammunition is distributed in the United States by the Federal Cartridge Company.

All FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition is developed as accurate, high-performance ammunition specifically for sporting and competition usage. Each cartridge begins with an authentic Hornady V-Max bullet. The bullet itself is a hollow point, which provides for rapid expansion and fragmentation upon impact that results in increased tissue damage as well as controlled penetration. The Hornady V-Max bullet, however, also includes a polymer tip in the frontal cavity that gives the bullet a streamlined spitzer shape, which provides for flat trajectories and increased muzzle velocities. Finally, its match-grade jacket provides for uncanny accuracy. That said each box of FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition, as noted, contains 50 of the aforementioned SS197SR cartridges. This particular load boasts muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel in excess of 1,900 fps.

This was fun, you and I chatting about FN and FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition. We should do it more often. But for now, you should probably just order a box or two of the ammo. Consider this ammunition for:

- Sport shooting

- Target shooting

- Plinking

- Small-game hunting

- Law enforcement

- Much more…

Each box of FNH USA 5.7x28mm ammunition is available now for $22.73 per box.

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