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A person sprayed in the face with Freeze Tear Gas cannot effectively attack you. It acts fast and causes the attacker to close his eyes and struggle for breath. You have incapacitated him for about 20 minutes thereby permitting you to escape or have a policeman or guard arrest him. You can spray him the second time if you have any fear of further attacks while help is coming.

This Freeze C.S. Tear Gas has an ultra violet dye that cannot be quickly removed by the attacker. It will last over 24 hours for police identification under a black light.

Freeze Tear Gas penetrates greased or wet faces immediately. It is the most powerful C.S. Tear Gas available. Our C.S. meets U.S. Military specifications.

- Unlike other tear gas, Freeze contains 1% Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS) and 1% Oleresin Capsicum (OS).
- Direct Stream to face of attacker for best results.
- Can assist in the temporary incapacitation of an assailant for up to 20 minutes.
- Use for Defensive Purpose Only!
- With UV Identifying Dye
- Keep out of reach of children!
- Do not carry or transport on any passenger aircraft.
- Easy to use and convenient to carry!
- Manufactured in the USA.

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