French Army Alpine Backpack

The French Army Alpine Backpack is a large 70L capacity backpack that was designed for soldiers in the French Army Alpine Brigade. These elite soldiers in the French Army require their equipment to be the best, and these backpacks are a great example of the quality equipment issued to Alpine troops. Packed with features, plenty of storage capacity, and made from tough materials to ensure that these backpacks never fail when soldiers depend upon them.

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The French Army Alpine Backpack is a large backpack that was designed for use in the French Army Alpine Brigade. These soldiers operate in the remote Alpine regions of France where the environment and operating altitudes require nothing but the best equipment. With many operating areas being remote and requiring long hikes to reach, these soldiers require their backpacks to be tough and have the ability to carry everything necessary to be effective in the field.

With these backpacks you will be able to appreciate how well the French Army Alpine Brigade is equipped. Virtually all military forces have backpacks of this size, but few if any are as well designed and manufactured as this one. One of the best designed features of this backpack is the padded removable frame, which is one of the best we have ever seen from any military force. This padded frame will spread the weight of a fully loaded back across your entire back, providing an ergonomically designed carry load that results in less fatigue or back muscle stress. Recognizing an opportunity to add additional pockets, the padded waist band includes an external zippered pocket to complete the design.

For any backpack the cargo volume and storage options is essential in considering a new backpack. These French Army Alpine Backpacks have over 70L of storage space and multiple storage options for your gear. The first section to examine is the main cargo compartment, which for this backpack is enormous. Inside this compartment are multiple segmented pockets in addition to the main storage area so you can organize your load to match your own needs. There is a double drawstring style closure to keep water and debris out and your gear in with a large day pack sized top cover that folds over and buckles into place for security. On the outside of the pack there are two mesh style open compartments for storing things like bedrolls, or other large soft goods.

  • Fully Padded Back Support
  • Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Drawstring Closure Top with Buckled Lid
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Authentic French Army Backpack
  • CCE Camouflage - Close to Woodland
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French Army Surplus
Overall Rating
Excellent value
Review by BlackBelt
My French Army Alpine Backpack arrived used, but still with a lot of useful life left in it. Like everyone else's, there is no zip-on lid, but it's not really an issue. My backpack had a few dings here and there but nothing that will affect performance.
The woodland camoflauge doesn't really match my AO so I spray painted more tans and browns into the pattern until it matches my terrain.
I took the pack on a 7 mile adventure hike that involved carrying heavy ammunition and weapons and the support system of the backpack made carrying that load almost effortless. Actually it is the most comfortable backpack I've ever used, and I've used many, many different military packs in the past.
It took me a minute to figure out how/where the two aluminum support flats inserted to give the pack stiffness, but once I found the slots for them everything was good.
Overall this pack is a tremendous value for the money. The quality is top-notch military. It carries a large load comfortably and I recommend it highly.
Overall Rating
This is a very tough pack
Review by Paul
I really like mine its a very tough pack and a good value
Overall Rating
Excellent value!
Review by Wilson
The bag did come without shock cords to cinch the bag closed and also without the top portion of the bag that zips over mesh: None of this was of any real consequence as I easily replaced the shock cords and the missing part is not necessary. The bag easily holds 70 liters or more and has deep pockets on the inside and a compartment separator at the bottom. The most important component of a backpack is the hip belt: This bag has a very sturdy and comfortable belt that is very easy to tighten and adjust. The material on the inside of the bag has a rubber coating to keep your gear dry. Yes, the bag is used and does have some wear and dirty bits but I don’t mind at all. For the price, this is an unbeatable value and I know I will get a lot of use out of this backpack. Superb!
Overall Rating
Review by Enrico Fermi
This is a really well made and is at an amazing price. It's really comfortable to boot!
Overall Rating
Review by Valentino- Banat Wilderness & Urban Survival Training
What I can say then, "WOW"!
This pack its huge! Thanks God I don't bought this back when I was active on SAR ( the bigger pack you have the more you care with you). I used for SAR and on my daily hike a Lowe Alpine TFX Horizon 65 and this French pack took all the load from the other pack and still was left empty almost half from his all full extend capability. I got the pack in excellent condition thanks to the great customer service ( Toomas Goutt and another great miss that unfortunately I don't caught her name. Sorry! )
The pack its water proof on the bottom all the way to the zippers for sure if you don't have any hole/s on the pack. I filed the pack with water and the water was staying in with no problem all the way to the first zipper from the bottom ( the zipper was leaking just at the ends ) . By doing this, was possible to see how true water proof its the bottom of pack and to find any holes ... that are not visible just by a look ( I found just a small hole and will be a quick fix with J.. weld )
Another neat thing that I found at this pack its that you can attach on the pack our old style pouches that had a "wire hanger" on the back. My water canteen from 80's found a nice place to stay on the belt and I saw two attachment points on the side of the pack too.
This pack haves potential and are few things that are left for be discover on the way how was this pack when was brand new and with all the accessories, top lid and some pocket/s inside that most likely are missing ( "zippers male" inside that don't have a "female zipper" ... and other straps ) History its cool and mysterious ! :)
If your looking for a BOB on a low budget and not made in ....., then take a look at this French pack and most likely you will not fell sorry! Don't have all that molle straps like the new ones, but I am sure we all can live with out them and we can bugout. hunting or hike safe and happy with the system that the French came up! Plus, in the end our imagination can bigger then any designers of packs and bags and all this tactical gear...
Stays safe and get your gear ready!
Overall Rating
Nice pack!
Review by Scott
Bought two of these packs, one for me and one for the wife. We'll use them to keep in our cars as portable bugout bags. These are well thought-out bags, and very sturdy. As other reviewers have noted, they are used but have plenty of life left in them. I spent an hour going through one one night, just looking at the pockets, flaps, closures, and such, getting to know the bag and becoming more impressed as I went along. I found a couple of very minor repairs, but nothing at all that worried me. I must say, the French Army doesn't play around - everything about the bags is economical and clever. I haven't loaded one and put it on either of our backs to test balance or load yet but I did put one an empty one on my back and it felt ... well, RIGHT. Money well spent here, and I do recommend you grab two for you and your spouse before they disappear. Military surplus, it's just the smart way to go.
Overall Rating
Review by jrob
Once I reviewed the attributes of this pack I simply had to pull the trigger and purchase it. The waterproof bottom along with the adjustable frame were the selling points that won me over. After receiving the pack I was quite pleased that these aspects were indeed as advertised. Despite a minor rip the pack was a delight to behold. After making the necessary repair the pack was fully loaded and put to the test. A measured forty pounds felt like twenty. An additional strap made up for the lack of a quick release. The hip belt worked to perfection and was easy to adjust. This is the third French surplus item I have bought from Keepshooting and all have been exceptional. Like I said "The French Don't Play."
Overall Rating
Great Pack Almost New
Review by Edward
Glad this pack was back in. Just a little dirt. Everything was there as advertised. Pack is very burley. Vey generous padding and very adjustable also. Condition was very good. Please Keep Shooting, locate the zip off top lid please!
Overall Rating
Review by Nick
So I got this pack today...Yeah it was used, a bit dirty and little beat up but after a few minutes of inspecting it and checking it out I am very pleased. So many unique parts about this pack. Extremely spacious and well built. I wanted something durable/tough for the woods and I got it with this pack. This is definitely a budget friendly steal of a pack. Thanks KeepShooting.
Overall Rating
very good
Review by sam
this pack is very good , for the price . mind is dirty , one of the shoulder straps had ripped off but its been gluded and stiched . other reveiwer noted that the missing top zipp on piece, is for small items . the problems are very small ,and can be cleaned up in a few minutes . hopefully keepshooting will get the top lids in . over-all this pack is a winner .
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