French Army Alpine Polar Fleece Gloves

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The French Army Alpine Polar Fleece Gloves are an authentic pair of French Alpine Legion gloves. These military grade gloves are issued to soldiers in the French Alpine Legion who operate in some of the harshest climates in Europe. The gloves are constructed from warm polar fleece material and have a black sure grip material sewn into the palm and fingers. These gloves will allow you to use equipment safely and securely no matter how cold it is.

The French Army Alpine Legion is one of the specialized units of the French Army. These special soldiers are trained to be the best while operating in alpine conditions, where the weather can change and altitudes are extreme. Soldiers in this unit require the very best equipment to serve their needs as their area of operation is very remote and resupply is not an option.

These French Army Alpine Legion Polar Fleece Gloves are an example of the superior equipment that is issued to these soldiers. Far from being just a pair of combat gloves, these gloves are designed to be the very best for the best of the French Army. With the polar fleece construction, your hands will remain warm no matter how cold your area of operations is. The palms and fingers have a sure-grip surface sewn in which will make tasks like shoveling snow, shooting your firearm in the winter, or other complex tasks a breeze.

  • Authentic French Army Gloves
  • Designed for Alpine Legion
  • Polar Fleece Construction
  • Sure Grip Surface - Palm and Fingers
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