The French Army Bivy Bag is a waterproof bivy bag designed to offer French soldiers a cover for their sleeping bags. With their sleeping bags inside of this bivy bag, they will be protected from the wet ground and rain while sleeping in the field. The design of this bivy bag is very similar to the US military bivy bag, only the camouflage pattern is French CCE woodland.

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The French Army Bivy Bag is an excellent way to ensure you have a good experience camping in the field. Many camping trips have been ruined by the weather, and specifically the weather ruining the ability to sleep in the field. While your sleeping bag may be water resistant, it is not designed to have continuous contact with the wet ground which is where this waterproof bivy bag comes in.

Where a bivy bag can also be used is field storage of your gear while you go hiking. You can place your main equipment into the bivy bag and store it in the field. The bivy bag has a woodland camouflage pattern on it which will give it cover from any other hiker finding it and will also keep the contents dry should a storm hit while your hiking. Protection from the elements, waterproof storage, and field camouflage this bivy bag has you covered.

  • Authentic French Army Bivy Bag
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • French CCE Woodland Camouflage
  • Dimensions: 87"L x 32" W (approximate)

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Review by Joe K
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Been eyeing this for a couple yrs, price point purchase. Similar textiles as the MVP Foreign Legion jacket and pants. Color still in good hue and mine dated 1998. Zips a more than halfway down and has hood and straps to roll up with a bag inside or alone. Good quality , had to air out from storage, but good to go field gear

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