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The French Army Infantry Snow Shoes are a pair of military surplus snow shoes from France. These snow shoes are designed to work with combat boots or snow boots and would have been worn by infantry soldiers in the French army. The brands and types of snow shoes that were issued to these soldiers varies, all are however high quality and produced in Europe.

The French Army Infantry Snow Shoes are a great reminder of the range of climates the French Army operates in. With the French Alpine region having some of the harshest winter climates in Europe, the need for quality snow shoes for soldiers is clear. Mobility is one of the key factors for success on and off the battlefield and these snow shoes would have kept French soldiers on the move in deep snow.

These high quality snow shoes are designed to be lightweight and adjustable. The French military purchased these snow shoes from a number of different companies, so we have a variety of manufacturers and models available. What we can assure you with each purchase you will get a pair of snow shoes where the frame is made from a hard, rigid polymer. The brand of snow shoe will most likely be Baldas or one of the other French snow shoe manufacturers, all will be quality gear.

  • Authentic French Army Infantry Snow Shoes
  • Made from Polymer
  • Fully Adjustable for Sized Boots
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