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  • French Army Plaster Cutters French Army Plaster Cutters

French Army Plaster Cutter

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The French Army Plaster Cutter is an all steel tool that is used by the medical corps in the French Army. This tool is primarily used for cutting off plaster casts after bones have properly healed. The design of this tool and the degree of sharpness of the cutting blades makes it excellent for cutting a variety of materials, including hard plastic packing and wires.

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There is always a need for a good cutting tool, and these French Army Plaster Cutters should be high on the list of good cutting tools. They are produced for use by medical corps, so the purity of the steel used to make them ensures they will last a long time and can be resharpened when necessary.

  • Authentic French Army Medical Corps Tool
  • Made from Steel
  • Easily Cut Plaster, Plastic, Wires, and More

Additional Information

Manufacturer French Army Surplus
Free Shipping No
Construction Steel
Condition Surplus Used
  1. Cool cutters cut considerable cost! review by Michael on 5/19/2017

    These are well made snips at a great price. The build quality is great and they come nearly unused from what I could tell. These will be good all around snips that I'll keep handy - might pick up another!

  2. Yes! review by Jared on 3/27/2017

    These babies are sick! Solidly built! Feel like I can not only cut through anything at the hospital I'm a nurse at, but also if I need to cut through barbed wire if the occasion arose. These are awesome snips at a killer price! If you haven't bought any get some soon before they're gone!!

  3. Beautiful tool review by James on 12/30/2016

    I had to buy a few of these when I saw them, they remind me of a VAR cable cutter that I used to have in my bicycle mechanic tool arsenal. These just ooze quality, in the smooth action of movement, in the satisfaction of flicking away the little locking lever so the cutter can spring open. One of mine appears to be stainless steel, another is chrome-plated and stamped "Berlin", and I gave the third away to a fellow bike mechanic. All seem almost new. I was able to cut through a penny (not such a hard task, it's only zinc and copper) without a hiccup. Luckily, I don't cut casts in my daily routine, but I'd bet these would do it, no problem. Good for those pesky clamshell packages, too. Put away those $2 EMT shears; for a couple of dollars more you can have a REAL tool.

  4. Great tool review by George on 12/26/2016

    Very sturdy, sharp, and easy to use. In 40 years of working in the health field, both in and out of hospitals, you get to know when you have found something well made for use in your field. This cutter fits that description. Have some bad, recent experiences with 'cheap' paramedic scissors (that probably cost my hospital the same as these). Now I'll carry these in the ER and see if jeans get in the way again. Also, plan to see how they work on our splinting material (mostly fiberglass nowadays) as it hunks up some of our other scissors. Bought two, one for work, one for aid bag. So far cuts like a charm.

  5. Seems to be in good condition review by ben on 12/1/2016

    No rust, cracks or other obvious damage. Luckily, I haven't had to use it to cut off a cast yet.

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